There are lots of handy baby wipes uses that anyone can try. From the car to the house, check out these practical uses for baby wipes.

Baby wipes in a tub.

Baby wipes Uses

Baby wipes can be used for so many different things, besides cleaning your baby’s bottom. Once your kids are grown and out of diapers, you might still want to keep a couple of wipe packages around the house. I know I do. 

Below I will show you some alternative uses for baby wipes. You might want to try some today.

Once you see all the neat things you can use baby wipes for, you might just have to run out and buy a pack. 

Are baby wipes good to use?

Yes, they definitely are great to use. Even though my children are older, we keep a pack of baby wipes in the car, around the house, in the beach bag and pool bag and more.

Baby wipes are just so helpful to keep on hand. The ideas are endless and we use them on a regular basis.

Another bonus is the kids can help easily without worry over harmful cleaning supplies. This is a huge bonus as a parent.

I often worry about them using cleaning supplies and then touching their eyes or face. With baby wipes, it takes the worry out of it. Kids can quickly clean with a baby wipe.

Baby wipes in a tub.

7 Easy Uses for baby wipes

Let’s get started with these great ideas.

1. Makeup Removal

Have you ever bought makeup removal wipes? You can replace those with baby wipes. Just use a baby wipe to remove makeup.

They are gentle on your skin and do a great job at removing makeup. They work good on most skin types. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend trying a little area first. 

Not only will you save money but baby wipes work great to remove makeup.

2. Clean Leather Furniture

If you have leather furniture that needs to be cleaned, try using a baby wipe. Baby wipes are very gentle and are generally safe on leather.

I do suggest testing an area first, to ensure it doesn’t hurt your furniture. When testing an area, make sure it is something unseen. Just try a very small area.

3. Keep in Car

If you ever have had sticky hands or spilled something in the car while traveling, consider keeping a pack of wipes on hand. These work great for sticky hands after a sucker or ice pop.

They are great for spills and quickly wiping messes up. The ideas are pretty much endless for using baby wipes in the car. If your family is like mine, there is always a need for a baby wipe in the car.  

You can also use them to clean your steering wheel. Go ahead and put a pack of baby wipes in your glove compartment.

They are perfect for cleaning all sorts of things in the car.

4. Clean Shoes

If you are out and your shoes get pretty dirty, use a baby wipe to wipe them down. It works great on grass stains, dirt and mud.

Plus baby wipes are gentle enough that the kids can clean their own shoes. I call that a win-win.

I have found if you take care of little messes and dirt on your shoes as it happens, it is easier to keep your shoes clean overall.

They are also great to clean leather shoes.

Baby wipes in a tub.

5. Wipe Dogs Feet

Your dogs feet could get a little muddy after coming in from a big rain. You don’t want them tracking in dirt all over the house.

It is helpful to have baby wipes by the door and wipe your dogs feet. This will help your dog not track mud and dirt all over. 

6. Remove Stains on Clothes

If you are on the go and if you have a spill on your shirt, use a wipe. Most of the time it can help get the stain out right away, or lessen the mess.

It is great to help spot clean so the mess doesn’t fully set in your shirt or pants. Try using a baby wipe as the perfect on the go stain remover. We always spill something so this is so handy.

7. Clean Baseboards

If you need to clean dirt and grime from your baseboards around the house, use a baby wipe. They work great at wiping away dirt.

The dirt adheres to baby wipes helping to contain the mess. I think it works better than an actual cleaning wipes because they are usually thicker.

Try some of these helpful ways to use baby wipes.

Which one is your favorite use for baby wipes? Please share any ways that you use baby wipes. We love to hear about helpful ideas to try.

It seems the ideas are endless for great ways to use baby wipes. Occupy little hands and let them use baby wipes to clean plastic toys. You can even smooth flyaway hairs with a baby wipe.

As you can see, there are lots of helpful ways to use baby wipes.

Did you know you can make your own homemade baby wipes? These DIY Baby wipes are so crazy easy to make you might just be mad at yourself for not doing it sooner. You can add essential oils and customize the wipes how you prefer.

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Baby wipes in a tub.

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