Learn what to buy at Sam’s club. We have the best tips and tricks to save money all year long. Is Sam’s club worth it? Find out below.

Learn what to buy at Sam's club to save you the most money. We have the best tips and tricks to save money all year long. Is Sam's club worth it? Find out! These are our favorite things to buy at Sam’s club to get the most bang for your buck with your membership.  #onecrazymom #moneysavingtips #savemoney #samsclub

What to buy at Sam’s club

Are you a Sam’s Club shopper? Do you ever wonder if it is worth it to get a Sam’s Club membership?

Maybe you have a membership but wonder what to buy at Sam’s Club to save you money. I get this question all the time.

Today I thought I would share with you what I buy. These are the must have items to save the most money.

I have several items that I always buy at Sam’s because they are usually cheaper there, then anywhere else.

No more wondering what to buy at Sam’s Club to save you money. We are going to give you all the secrets.

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Here are my favorite Sam’s Club buys:

1. Cheese

I buy all types of cheese at Sam’s Club. Block cheese, shredded cheese and even string cheese are often cheaper at Sam’s then any other stores, even with coupons.

The block and shredded cheese is sold in 5 pound increments. The price per pound comes to only about $1.15, so that is way cheaper then prices in the store.

Now, 5 pounds is a lot of cheese, but it freezes great. You can learn how I freeze cheese. Once you learn how to freeze it, it is a game changer.

You will love stocking up and saving money.

2. Meat

I love buying meat at Sam’s Club. They really do have low prices. I especially look for “reduced for quick sale” meats for the very best prices around.

See how I saved over $150 on meat. Whether you are in the market for fresh chicken, pork or beef, Sam’s Club is a great place to find the lowest prices.

Remember, if you do buy “reduced for quick sale” meats, that simply means you need to cook it or freeze it soon. If you freeze it soon, it will still be fresh as the day you bought it when you go to cook it.

Don’t forget about the Rotisserie chickens in the deli. These are cooked and ready to go. They are very reasonably priced and lower than other stores in my area.

They make a quick and easy dinner idea and leftovers can be used for quesadillas, soup and more. We pick up these quite a bit and even my picky eaters love it.

It is also perfect to pick up for someone that you need to take a meal too. Just add a few sides and a pack of rolls.

3. Salad and Produce

I buy a lot of salad and produce at Sam’s Club. Since I have a family of 10, we go through a lot of fresh food quickly.

If you have a smaller household, you may not want to buy salad or other items that will go bad quickly. However, you can still find nice deals on produce items like bananas, apples, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and more.

I like to get the organic spring mix containers of lettuce. It stays fresh awhile and makes it so easy to fix salads during the week. You can also get bags of iceburg salad mix for a great price.

If you prefer to buy just the heads of iceberg lettuce, they come 2 to a pack. They are usually priced great.

The bags of pre-cut fresh broccoli florets are normally a good deal as well.

4. Nuts

One of our favorite treats is trail mix. Of course, a trail mix isn’t healthy if it doesn’t have a variety of nuts in it! We like buying almond and pistachios in bulk at Sam’s Club.

These can be so expensive in the stores and we rarely get coupons for nuts. Also be on the lookout for dried fruit in bulk at Sam’s Club.

We don’t buy a lot of it, but I have had people tell me the prices on dried fruits are good at Sam’s too. You could add that to trail mix as well.

5. Milk & Eggs

Milk by the gallon is cheap at Sam’s Club. It is just as cheap as Aldi if not cheaper. We always grab a gallon because we through a ton of milk.

They also have a good deal on almond milk if you prefer to drink that. While we are talking about the refrigerated section, coffee creamer is another good buy.

It is the large bottles and they last quite while. They normally stock the Member’s Mark brand and International Delight.

I also like to buy eggs at Sam’s Club. They are usually very inexpensive and great prices.

6. Prescriptions

This isn’t a grocery item, but I recently learned that I can save a lot of money on prescriptions just by using the Sam’s pharmacy. This is so nice to know because prescriptions can get very expensive.

Talk to the pharmacist about your specific prescription to see if Sam’s might be a cheaper alternative for you. It never hurts to ask and you might find that the price tag is significantly lower.

I think you might be pleasantly surprised with the savings. Every little bit helps.

7. Toilet Paper and Paper towels

You can get a great deal by purchasing toilet paper in bulk. They have a good assortment of brands. I have actually tried their brand of toilet paper and was pleased.

It breaks down to under .25 per roll and often much less. The price can vary but it is almost always less than buying the smaller packs at the grocery store.

Paper towels are another good buy. I can buy their brand of the bounty equivalent for less than .99 per roll. It lasts forever and holds up well.

I definitely would suggest getting these items if you have the space to store them. I don’t have a large pantry so I keep items like this in the basement. Anytime, I need a new roll of paper towels, it is easy to grab one.


  • Look for monthly instant savings on certain products to save even more. The savings is usually really nice and it automatically comes off at checkout.
  • Most Sam’s Club locations also have gas stations near by that offer additional savings on gas on your shopping trip.

Is Sam’s club worth it?

In conclusion, I feel it is worth it for our family to shop this warehouse store. There are so many things that we purchase and it saves us money. Plus, I like not having to go to the store as frequently.

You may not find it is worth the price to purchase a Sam’s club plus membership if you do not shop often. Although it often has added perks such as free shipping for shopping online.

You may just want to get a basic membership that has a lower annual membership fee then the higher membership level.

Hopefully, I have helped you answer your question of what to buy at Sam’s Club to save you money. I’m curious… what do you buy at Sam’s Club that would be more expensive to buy in the grocery store?

Please share your thoughts so others can save, too. Once you know the ins and outs of shopping at a wholesale club, it is really easy.

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Learn what to buy at Sam's club to save you the most money. We have the best tips and tricks to save money at Sam’s Club. Is Sam's club worth it? Find out! These are our favorite things to buy at Sam’s club to save the most money with your membership.  #onecrazymom #moneysavingtips #savemoney #samsclub

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