Shopping at Walmart is already a great way to keep your household costs down, but did you know that there are tricks for saving even more?  Yep, check out these 5 tricks on how to save money at Walmart and see just how much more you can save at your next shopping trip!

 How to save money at Walmart. Learn how to save at Walmart each week and watch your Walmart savings add up! Save big at Walmart each week with these tips.

How to save money at Walmart

Is Walmart one of your go-to stores to shop for groceries and everyday household items? If so, keep reading to learn how to save money at Walmart. You will love saving even more to reduce your grocery bill! 

This retail giant has lots of ways to save on already low prices at your local store. From black friday to every day shopping, store prices are low.

Learn how to cut your grocery bill in half by menu planning. We try to save money any way we can!

How to save money at Walmart. Learn how to save at Walmart each week and watch your Walmart savings add up! Save big at Walmart each week with these tips.

1.Use Your Smartphone.  

Your smartphone is your friend in the saving money game.  This is especially true at Walmart.  

You can download rebate apps such as Ibotta and Checkout51 to get rebates back on popular items.  It’s as easy as snapping a photo of your receipt. Make sure you read my post on the best money saving apps for the grocery store. 

How to save money at Walmart. Learn how to save at Walmart each week and watch your Walmart savings add up! Save big at Walmart each week with these tips.

2. Shop Clearance.  

When shopping at Walmart, be sure to check the end caps for clearance deals.  Walmart stores also often have Clearance aisles. You’ll recognize them from the many bright yellow clearance balloons that you see rising above the aisle.  

Make sure you have your coupons ready as well.  Stacking coupons with Walmart clearance deals can score you some rock bottom prices.  

This is also a great time to stock up on clothing during the off season. You will find shirts, hats and shorts for as low as $.50 when marked down on clearance.

I love to shop ahead and put these away for when we will need them. I have some of the large plastic storage containers and just put my clearance finds in there.

It’s so nice to be able to just pull out what the kids need and not have to go buy it at full price. This saves me a ton each year. Kid’s grow so fast and it seems they are always needing new clothes.

I often find amazing clearance deals cheaper than second hand items. Last year I found boys shorts for only $1! I stocked up and when Summer rolled around they were set!

3. Does Walmart price match?

Walmart in store price match is no longer available. They did away with price adjustments or matching.

However, you can price match at

How to price match at

They do however offer price matching to  If the item you are shopping for has a Rollback price on the website, but not in store.  

Simply show your associate and they will match the lower price. They also offer price adjustments if the price on your item changes within the specified period.

They also will price match to select online retailers. You can see the list of valid retailers here. Note the item has to be sold and fulfilled by one of these online companies. 

4. Use Coupons.

I mentioned earlier about using coupons in combination with clearance prices, but you should use them on regular priced items as well! When you are shopping for groceries or household items at Walmart, coupons are a great way to save because the prices are already so low. 

Learn how to get free coupons in the mail! This is a great way to build your coupon stash and save a lot of money.

These companies will often send you higher value coupons than you can get in the Sunday paper or print online. So cool! 

5. Shop Online.

Online shopping is a great solution to save time and gas money! We already know that Walmart will price match their online prices, but if you are running low on time and don’t need the item instantly, you can do your shopping at

 It’s easy and you can choose to pick your items up in store or many items qualify for free two day shipping on orders of $35 or more. 

Try the Walmart grocery online and save $10 off your first purchase. I’m loving the walmart grocery  pick up.

It is so convenient. You just order online and they load your car up with groceries when you arrive. You don’t even have to leave the car. I’m in love with it!

We are in such a busy season of life and this grocery pickup has been amazing! It saves me so much money because there are no impulse buys or last minute items going into the cart.

I simple add what I want to my online grocery list and that is it! You select a day and time you would like to pick up your groceries. When you are on the way, simply check in on the app.

They will know when you pull in to the online grocery parking area and bring everything to you. I never have to leave my car and it’s all super fast and easy.

This is great also if you need groceries but have sick children and don’t want to take them out of the car. Truly, this is so handy.

Give it a try!  There is a minimum of $30 to use this service but I easily buy that each week and more!

You can give it a try right now and save $10. Sign up here and get $10 off your first purchase. I believe it is $10 off $50.

Walmart offers free grocery pickup and it is a great way to save money at Walmart.

Is Walmart still doing Savings catcher?

According to Walmart’s website, “Savings Catcher will be discontinued nationwide. The last day to submit a Walmart Pay eReceipt to Savings Catcher for processing will be May 14, 2019.”

If you need to scan your receipt from shopping at your local Walmart store, go ahead and do so by the listed day as the program is ending.

Give these tips a try and watch your Walmart Savings add up! 

We all can save money and it’s so fulfilling to watch those savings add up. What will you use your savings for? Some people are just trying to provide more wiggle room in their budget while others might be saving for a vacation.

Whatever you are hoping to do, give these tips and tricks a try! You will save money for sure!

We love to shop at Walmart or via the Walmart app. You can always find a great deal also at your local Walmart in the clearance sections.

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How to save money at Walmart. Learn how to save at Walmart each week and watch your Walmart savings add up! Save big at Walmart each week with these tips.

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