Find over 20 DIY Christmas Table Decorations sure to set the mood for your holiday dinner. Each idea is simple and budget friendly while being festive and easy to make.

Create Christmas table top decorations with these easy ideas. 15 DIY Christmas table decorations anyone can make. Simple Christmas table decoration ideas.

DIY Christmas Table Decorations

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, decorating isn’t just about the lawn ornaments or how perfect your mantel looks. It’s also about your Christmas table decorations.

When your guests come through the door, your dinner table will set the mood for your entire meal. There are so many great ways you can decorate your own Christmas table by making DIY decorations. 

Create Christmas table top decorations with these easy ideas. 15 DIY Christmas table decorations anyone can make. Simple Christmas table decoration ideas.

The best Christmas DIY table decorations.

Many of these ideas use what you have at home to make  your Christmas dinner table special. No need to buy fancy supplies when you can make gorgeous table decorations using items you have at home or inexpensive items at the store.

These diy christmas centerpieces ideas are simple but stunning. You won’t find expensive ideas or hard to make projects. 21 ideas that are easy and festive to make.

Let’s get started with these table top decorations.

Glass candle holder with votive.

1. DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder 

Set the ambiance at the dinner table with these easy to make candy holders using dollar store supplies. They are so festive and inexpensive to make for the holiday season. Anyone can make these budget friendly candle holders.

Mason jars lined up with greenery.

2. Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece

Utilize mason jars and spruce them up with paint, greenery and more. You might have everything you need for this DIY at home. Let the kids help and turn this into a fun activity for everyone.

Table decor with candles and greenery.

3. Simple Table Decor

Fresh cranberries and simple white votives make a gorgeous table scape. These simple items easily transform a plain table into a festive holiday setting. You can normally pick up bottle brush trees at the dollar store.

Candles with greenery on a tray.

4. Christmas Coffee Table

Learn how to decorate a gorgeous coffee table for Christmas. With a few easy steps, your coffee table will be ready for the season using wreaths, candles and more. There are several options to utilize that will be perfect for any home decor.

Mason jars with snow and candles.

5. Snowy Mason Jar Centerpieces

Turn plain mason jars into snow filled centerpieces. This simple DIY transforms mason jars into a winter wonderland with pine cones and berries. The candle inside completes the look for your holiday table.

Scandinavian table setting with black candles.

6. Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Table Setting

Taper candles, greenery and more will give your table a gorgeous Scandinavian theme for Christmas. With just a few easy steps, you can pull this look together. This idea is perfect for those looking for something different.

Gold and white table setting with ornaments and flowers.

7. Gold and White Christmas Tablescape

If you are looking for an elegant table scape, this gold and white themed decor is stunning. While it looks elegant, the entire setting is very easy and budget friendly. This idea is easy to put together and very pretty.

Glass vases with holly and floating candles.

8. Easy Holiday Centerpieces

Fill clear vases with holly and water. Then, add a floating candle to each vase for a beautiful centerpiece. You can use any type of clear vases around the house to complete this look.

Black and white placemats and greenery table runner on table.

9. Neutral Christmas Table Setting

DIY garland with simple supplies will transform a dining table into a neutral table for the holidays. It is so pretty and doubles as a table runner. Put together this neutral look effortlessly.

Candy Cane centerpiece with flowers.

10. Candy Cane Centerpiece

Learn how to make a double vase packed with peppermints and candy canes. The red and white is so festive. Kids will love the candy cane theme. It is just so fun.

Santa hats grouped together.

11. Santa Hat Craft

These Santa hats are so cute! It’s amazing what you can do with Styrofoam for a fun and whimsical centerpiece. These adorable Santa’s take minutes to make for a festive centerpiece.

Figurines painted as Rudolph.

12. Rudolph Inspired Figurines

Turn figurines into Rudolph! Your house will be so festive for the holidays and these make a pretty table scape too. Use what you have and display these on cake stands.

Stemware turned into snow globes.

13. Stemware Snow Globes

Stemware from the Dollar Store can make an amazing snow globe! Your table will look amazing for Christmas and kids love to help make this DIY. The snow, trees and more complete the look.

Mobile made out of ornaments.

14. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Extra ornaments become a gorgeous mobile in the shape of a Christmas tree! You can use the color that matches your decor best for a unique display. Try this idea for a great way to use leftover ornaments you no longer use.

Red and Green table setting with greenery and candles.

15. Traditional Christmas Table

Pretty linens, fresh greenery and more make this traditional table setting so festive! Head out to your yard to grab more fresh greenery right before your party or holiday dinner.

Decorative glass jar with greenery, berries, water and floating candle.

16. Christmas Luminaries

Lighting can really set the tone for a special Christmas dinner. Fresh cranberries, greenery and floating candles make a stunning centerpiece. Shop your home and use any spare jars you have on hand or mercury glass.

Santa Hat chair covers on a white table.

17. Santa Hat Chair Covers

These Santa hat chair covers will make your dining room table a hit! Even better, they are child friendly and easily washable. This idea will definitely add a bit of cheer to your home this Christmas season.

Napkin holders made out of twine and greenery.

18. Napkin Holders

I love simple ideas that look so elegant and classic. Combine greenery for this simple but stunning napkin holder. Try making this for a dinner party for a special touch.

Ornament tree made out of red and gold ornaments.

19. DIY Ornament Tree

Make a tree out of ornaments. This idea can easily use unused ornaments you have around the house. Create this ornament tree in just minutes for such a pretty centerpiece.

Origami trees displayed on the table.

20. Origami Paper Christmas Trees

If you like origami, turn paper into works of art! Love this idea for Christmas trees and you can make many different designs with various paper assortment.The ideas are endless for these paper trees.

Glitter candles on a tray.

21. Glitter Candles

Turn simple dollar store candles into glitter candles that will set the tone for your table. So easy and fun while very budget friendly. Don’t underestimate the impact candles have on a table setting.

Wine bottles transformed into snowy vases.

22. Wine Bottle Christmas Display

Use old wine bottles for a Christmas display on your table. The white and silver create a contrast that is beautiful. This idea is so clever using spray adhesive and Epsom salt for snow.

Snowman decorated table scape.

23. A Snowman Table

Arrange plates to make a snowman out of your place setting. The table will look great with all the snowmen. It is perfect for a snowman themed breakfast or dinner.

This would be a really fun idea to do with the kids or to surprise them with.

Easy Table Top Decorations for Christmas

These cheap simple Christmas table decorations are festive but simple. There is something for everyone. The ideas are endless for Christmas table decor diy.

Try these Christmas centerpieces for tables ideas.

Which of these ideas do you plan to make? There are so many pretty table decorations to choose from.

It is fun and easy to decorate your home for the holidays. You do not have to spend a ton of time or money for pretty decorations.

From elegant options to natural settings, there are easy and stunning ideas for everyone.

Create Christmas table top decorations with these easy ideas. 15 DIY Christmas table decorations anyone can make. Simple Christmas table decoration ideas.

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