DIY luigi and mario costume

I hope you have been loving the DIY costumes that we have been showing you. This costume idea was submitted by reader, Kristin. She had a great idea on how to make Luigi and Mario Costumes.

I just LOVE this idea because you don’t really need to be very crafty at all!

Items needed:

  • Green and Red Sweatshirts or Long sleeve shirts
  • White gloves (2 for $2 at Walmart I believe)
  • Overalls (check goodwill or borrow from a friend)
  • Paper Star – print it off the internet
  • Red, Green and White felt to make the hats
luigi and mario costumes

How to make:

The only thing you really need to make is the hats. I found a tutorial here on how you can easily make the hats out of felt.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.38.29 PM

If you don’t have any sewing experience, ask a friend. Maybe you can clean her kitchen while she makes the hats. Or you could just buy plain green and red baseball hats and clue the circles and the letters on directly to the premade hats.

I also found on Amazon that you can buy a  Super Mario Bros Hat & a Luigi hat for only $6.15! Even if you just buy the hats, you are still getting a great deal for the costumes by creating the other pieces yourself.

The cheapest premade costume that I found was $19, but they range up to $38.
Thanks so much for sharing Kristin! Kristin e-mailed me several great ideas, so stay tuned for more fun and frugal halloween costumes!

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