Enjoy Christmas breakfast ideas that are easy to prep, can be made in advance and taste amazing. Choose from over 40 Christmas morning breakfast ideas.

I love making a fun breakfast for my family to enjoy in Christmas Morning.  These are some of my favorite easy and delicious breakfast recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning. Check out our favorite sweet and savory recipes including easy casseroles that kids and the entire family will love.  #onecrazymom #christmasrecipes #breakfastrecipes #christmasmorning

Christmas morning breakfast ideas

Enjoy a fabulous breakfast on Christmas morning without taking any family time away. Many of these ideas will bake while you are opening presents on Christmas morning. These ideas are so easy and many can be made ahead of time. A few recipes even use the slow cooker.

From breakfast casseroles, to egg bakes, to muffins and cinnamon rolls, there are Christmas day ideas for everyone. We even included a few keto options. This is the best list of easy breakfast ideas for the entire family.

I love making a fun breakfast for my family to enjoy in Christmas Morning.  These are some of my favorite easy and delicious breakfast recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning. Check out our favorite sweet and savory recipes including easy casseroles that kids and the entire family will love.  #onecrazymom #christmasrecipes #breakfastrecipes #christmasmorning

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Enjoy one of these delicious breakfast casseroles that can easily be made the night before. Choose from savory or sweet for the perfect breakfast on Christmas morning.

1. Crockpot Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Everything you need for a great breakfast is in this casserole. Delicious eggs, sausage and hash browns come together for the best breakfast. The slow cooker makes it even easier.

CrockPot Breakfast Casserole Recipe
Try this easy Casserole Recipe for a delicious breakfast everyone will love that can be made in advance. This is perfect for holidays but easy enough for busy school mornings.

Check out this recipe

2. Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Sausage and eggs make a filling breakfast all together in one fabulous casserole. Make this the night before to save even more time. You can pop into the oven on Christmas morning.

Easy Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole Recipe
This will be an immediate family favorite. The simple ingredients make this simple sausage breakfast casserole the best!
Check out this recipe

3. Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

This tater tot breakfast casserole is made with bacon, eggs, veggies, potato tots and plenty of cheese. It is all baked together to create a hearty and delicious meal. 

Tater Tot Casserole
This tater tot breakfast casserole is a family favorite with crispy potato tots, smoky bacon and of course, melted cheese.
Check out this recipe

4. Blueberry French Toast Bake 

Christmas morning will be extra sweet with this decadent blueberry French toast bake. The sweet cream cheese mixture sounds amazing.

Blueberry French Toast Bake
An easy make overnight breakfast casserole recipe with a creamy custard mixture is tossed with bread, blueberries and a sweet cream cheese mixture. Everything is topped with a crunchy streusel topping.
Check out this recipe

5. Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Enjoy everything you love about bacon and eggs in a convenient casserole.

I’m always looking for easy breakfast ideas and this bacon egg and cheese casserole is just that. This simple casserole is easy to throw together and a filling breakfast idea.

Check out this recipe

6. French Toast Casserole Recipe

This decadent French toast bake is so simple and can be prepared the night before.

French toast casserole recipe is a delicious overnight breakfast casserole. This recipe is simple enough for busy mornings but so delicious that you will want to serve it to guests.
Check out this recipe

7. Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Cinnamon rolls make a delicious casserole and the slow cooker makes it so easy. Your house will smell amazing on Christmas morning.

This crock pot cinnamon roll casserole is amazing and perfect for any brunch, holiday, or even dessert. We have it every Christmas morning.
Check out this recipe

8. Eggs Benedict Casserole

Jazz up your traditional casserole with this Eggs Benedict breakfast idea. It is the perfect blend of everything you love about this classic eggs recipe.

English muffins, eggs, seasonings, and back bacon are made into a casserole. Drizzle with an easy hollandaise sauce (homemade or packaged) you can even top it with extra poached eggs if you’d like.
Check out this recipe

9. Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole Recipe

Cinnamon rolls and French toast combine into one decadent casserole for breakfast. This is a great recipe to enjoy tow tasty favorites for breakfast.

This quick and easy cinnamon roll french toast casserole recipe is amazing. I’m talking creamy, delicious, and impressive. Once you see how simple this cinnamon roll breakfast casserole recipe is you are going to make it all the time.

Check out this recipe

10. Overnight Croissant Breakfast Casserole

Use leftover croissants to make a casserole for breakfast everyone will go crazy over. Hearty eggs and cheese with the best gravy make this casserole the best.

Overnight Croissant Breakfast Casserole
Overnight Croissant Breakfast Casserole with sawmill gravy is a perfect way to start the day! Whip up this sausage, egg, cheese, and butter croissant casserole in the evening, then simply bake it the next morning and make the easy gravy and you have a hot, delicious breakfast to the whole family will love.

Check out this recipe

11. Sugar Cookie French Toast Casserole

Your kids will go crazy over this sugar cookie French toast for breakfast. It comes together in minutes and bakes in 30 minutes.

Sugar Cookie French Toast Casserole
This casserole is perfectly cooked with slightly crisp edges and is topped with the most spectacular sugar cookie icing and sprinkles. It is the perfect breakfast to create an extra special morning.
Check out this recipe

12. Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Toss this casserole together in minutes. Prep it the night before and Christmas morning bake and enjoy.

Christmas Casserole
Quick And Easy Christmas Breakfast Casserole Is Packed Full Of Savory Flavor. The Best Part Is It Doesn’t Require Many Ingredients or time.
Check out this recipe

13. Sweet Potato Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

The combination of sweet potatoes, sausage and egg make a hearty breakfast casserole.

Sweet Potato Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole
Sweet Potato Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole – a healthy breakfast casserole perfect for a large breakfast or brunch with your whole family.

Check out this recipe

14. Crock pot bread pudding recipe

One of my favorite things to make when we have extra bread is this bread pudding in the slow cooker. It is so easy and delicious for breakfast, brunch or to serve as dessert. Drizzle maple syrup on top for the perfect brunch idea.

Crock Pot Bread Pudding
Crock pot bread pudding recipe could not be any easier and tastes so creamy and delicious. The slow cooker makes this recipe super easy and you can have warm bread pudding with very little work.
Check out this recipe

Christmas baked breakfast recipes

Sit back and enjoy Christmas morning with your family as these delicious recipes bake. Your house will smell amazing and everyone can enjoy a wonderful breakfast.

15. Easy Coffee Cake Recipe

The crumb topping is definitely a show stopper. Add a cup of coffee and you are set for the day.

Easy Coffee Cake
This Easy coffee cake recipe will be a hit at breakfast, weekend brunch or your next gathering. It is simple and delicious with crumb topping. Add a cup of coffee and you will be set.

Check out this recipe

16. Overnight French Toast

If you love French Toast but don’t have time to stand over the stove, make this baked French Toast instead. Christmas morning will be a breeze with this recipe.

Overnight French Toast Recipe
Whip up this amazing Overnight french toast recipe and all you have to do in the morning is bake and enjoy! It is that easy. Try this recipe for busy school mornings, holidays and more.

Check out this recipe

17. Cinnamon Pecan Pull Apart Bread

This reminds me of monkey bread with a delicious cinnamon and pecan filling. Kids will love this easy breakfast.

Cinnamon Pecan Pull Apart Bread
Cinnamon Pecan Pull-Apart Bread is a fusion of your favorite pecan sticky buns and the most tender cinnamon rolls, rolled together to create an undeniably addictively breakfast.
Check out this recipe

18. Lazy day cinnamon biscuits

Turn biscuits into a fabulous breakfast with lots of cinnamon and the best glaze. This comes together in just minutes.

Lazy day cinnamon biscuits
Lazy day cinnamon biscuits take only minutes to prepare and make a delicious and frugal breakfast idea. Each bite has tons of cinnamon and sugar and the glaze is decadent and amazing. Only 5 ingredients needed.

Check out this recipe

19. Baked Pancakes

Feed a crowd with these easy baked pancakes. This is the way to go when you are busy on Christmas morning but still want pancakes.

Baked Pancakes
Enjoy pancakes for a crowd with this easy baked pancakes recipe. My family loves having pancakes for breakfast but I have a large family so it can take forever to prepare them on the griddle. This recipe is a game changer.

Check out this recipe

20. Easy Quiche Recipe

You can add any veggies you like and customize this quiche for your family. It is very filling and so easy to make.

Easy Quiche Recipe
Try this Easy Quiche Recipe for a delicious way to sneak in veggies and serve a fabulous meal. It is the perfect idea for brunch, dinner or any meal of the week.
Check out this recipe

21. Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe

The kids will think you are the best for serving cake for breakfast. Everything you love about cinnamon rolls is in this delicious cake. This also makes a delicious dessert after Christmas dinner.

Cinnamon Roll Cake
This easy Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe is everything you love about a cinnamon roll, but without all of the work. You’ll be sharing this recipe will all of your family and friends. They will be impressed that you made this from scratch.

Check out this recipe

22. Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Not only is this cake moist and delicious but it looks so easy to make. It uses frozen blueberries so even better.

Blueberry Cake
Sweet and tender Blueberry Cake. This is made with frozen blueberries so you can enjoy this tempting treat year round. It has a moist and delicious crumb and a perfectly satisfying flavor.
Check out this recipe

23. Cream Cheese Banana Bread

Slices of banana bread make a great Christmas morning breakfast. The cream cheese swirls make this extra special.

Cream Cheese Banana Bread
Take banana bread to the next level with this delicious Cream cheese banana bread recipe. Moist banana bread with swirls of cream cheese make this amazing.
Check out this recipe

Christmas Muffins recipes

Muffins can easily be made in advance and served on Christmas morning. They make a great snack as well.

24.Chocolate chip muffin recipe

Make these muffins ahead to enjoy chocolate chip muffins on Christmas morning. You will save time and everyone can enjoy a great breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Muffins
Enjoy a decadent and easy treat for breakfast when you make this Chocolate chip muffin recipe. Throw this together in minutes for muffins that taste like you brought them home from the bakery.

Check out this recipe

25. Cranberry Muffins with Orange Glaze

Sweet and tart cranberry muffins have a decadent orange glaze. This is a festive and tasty breakfast idea.

Cranberry Muffins with Orange Glaze
These light and tender cranberry muffins are filled with fresh berries and orange zest, then topped with streusel and a simple orange glaze. A delicious treat that’s perfect for breakfast or after school snacks, and also makes a festive holiday dessert.

Check out this recipe

26. Easy Cranberry Muffins

Perfect for Christmas morning or Christmas brunch, these are the perfect muffins. They look festive too.

Cranberry Muffins
Everyone will love these delicious cranberry muffins and they are super easy to make. We love them for breakfast and they also make a great snack.

Check out this recipe

Kid Friendly Christmas recipes

If you have super picky kiddos, these are the recipes for you. They are kid friendly and sure to be a hit.

27. Breakfast pizza recipe

Pizza for breakfast is a fun idea for any holiday morning. This breakfast pizza is so easy.

Easy Breakfast Pizza Recipe
Enjoy pizza for breakfast when you make this easy and tasty Breakfast pizza recipe. This simple breakfast idea bakes in just 20 minutes for a great meal. Use your favorite breakfast toppings and be prepared for everyone to love this recipe.

Check out this recipe

28. Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is so fun and starts with canned biscuits. This delicious breakfast dish super simple to whip up Christmas morning.

Easy Monkey Bread Recipe
Learn how to make this Easy Monkey Bread Recipe for a quick and delicious breakfast idea your family will love. Monkey bread is so inexpensive to make and you will be amazed how little time it takes to make this this tasty recipe.

Check out this recipe

29. Blueberry Pancakes

Jazz up traditional pancakes with this easy blueberry recipe. It is so flavorful.

Blueberry Pancakes
Enjoy light and fluffy pancakes when you make this Blueberry pancakes recipe. It is so easy to make homemade pancakes. This is the best blueberry pancakes recipe.

Check out this recipe

30. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

There isn’t much better than made from scratch cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Everyone will love this tradition.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
Make these easy homemade cinnamon rolls for a decadent breakfast idea. They are light, fluffy and topped with the best cream cheese frosting.

Check out this recipe

31. Stuffed French Toast

The cream cheese filling is so rich and decadent. This is definitely the best French toast.

Stuffed French Toast
Stuffed French toast recipe is so decadent with the best strawberry cream cheese filling. You will love how easy it is and the results are so delicious.

Check out this recipe

32. Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Make cinnamon rolls the easy way in the waffle maker. They are quick and easy on Christmas morning.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles
It doesn’t get any easier than these Cinnamon Rolls in Waffle Maker. They are quick and easy and oh so delicious. Your family will ask for these again and again. These cinnamon rolls are amazing.

Check out this recipe

33. Mini Donut Muffins

Enjoy donuts the easy way when you make mini muffins. These are so fun and yummy too.

Mini Donut Muffins
Do you love those delicious old fashioned sugary donuts but hate all the work? You can make these easy Mini Donut Muffins instead that are just as light and fluffy and covered with cinnamon and sugar.

Check out this recipe

34. Rudolph Pancakes

This is such a fun and festive breakfast for Christmas. It looks easy too.

Rudolph Pancakes
The perfect breakfast to make the kids on Christmas morning & it’s so easy to make.
Check out this recipe

35. Lazy Day Homemade Donuts

Make donuts with canned biscuits for a great treat. They take just minutes.

Lazy Day Homemade Donuts
Have you been hesitant to make homemade donuts? We have an easy Homemade Donut Recipe that is absolutely delicious and very simple. These little donuts are soft and fluffy and amazing.

Check out this recipe

36. Air Fryer Donuts

These only take a few minutes making them perfect for Christmas morning.

Air Fryer Donuts
Enjoy air fryer donuts in just 5 minutes. Everyone will love these light and fluffy donuts coated in cinnamon sugar mixture.

Check out this recipe

37. Gingerbread Pancakes

The absolute perfect treat to enjoy on Christmas morning. Gingerbread pancakes look amazing.

Gingerbread Pancakes
They’re perfectly spiced and flavorful, and it’s like a treat for breakfast and no once can resist.

Check out this recipe

38. Air Fryer Bacon

This is a game changer on Christmas morning. Make crispy bacon in minutes without the mess.

Air Fryer Bacon
Air fryer bacon recipe takes just minutes to make and you can enjoy crispy and delicious bacon. Gone are the days of standing over a hot stove frying bacon. Put your air fryer to work making this super easy bacon recipe.

Check out this recipe

Keto breakfast recipes

Not to worry if you are eating low carb. We have keto friendly breakfast ideas for you as well. They are so tasty and delicious.

39. Keto Waffles

These are so light and fluffy that the entire family will want to eat them.

Keto waffles
Are you doing Keto but miss waffles? We have the most delicious and fluffiest Keto Waffles Recipe ever that is sure to impress the entire family.

Check out this recipe

40. Keto Bread

No need to miss out on bread with this easy keto recipe. This is a game changer.

90 Second Keto Bread
If you love bread but are following a Keto diet, you are going to go crazy for this 90 Second Keto Bread Recipe. In literally just seconds, you will have amazing bread that is keto friendly to make sandwiches, keto toast and more.

Check out this recipe

41. Keto Breakfast Bake

Enjoy a keto breakfast bake similar to a casserole.

Keto Breakfast Bake
On the hunt for a breakfast recipe that you can create ahead of time so that it’s ready to bake in the morning? This Keto Breakfast Bake is 100% breakfast made simple.

Check out this recipe

Which of these Christmas breakfast ideas will you try?

I love making a fun breakfast for my family to enjoy in Christmas Morning.  These are some of my favorite easy and delicious breakfast recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning. Check out our favorite delicious, sweet and savory recipes including easy casseroles that kids and the entire family will love.  #onecrazymom #christmasrecipes #breakfastrecipes #christmasmorning

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