Try these family games for outdoors for tons of fun for the entire family. Everyone in the family will have a blast with these 49 fun outdoor games for families!

Family games for outdoors for tons of fun at your next party, family reunion, gathering and more. 49 games that are easy and cheap to make. Everyone in the family will have a blast with these fun outdoor games for families! #onecrazymom #familygamesforoutdoors #games #familygames

Outdoor Games for Families

These family outdoor games include classic games and modern games that are perfect for any occasion. Everyone will enjoy these family-friendly games.

Family games for outdoors for lots of fun at your next party, family reunion, gathering and more. 49 games that are easy and frugal to make. Everyone in the family will have a blast with these fun outdoor games for families! #onecrazymom #familygamesforoutdoors #games #familygames

These games include family basketball, Marco Polo, and more games for adults and kids.

People playing basketball.

1. Family Basketball

There are a lot of basketball game ideas that everyone will surely enjoy. Games like H-O-R-S-E, Knockout, and Around the World are some games to try.

Frisbee golf in the field.

2. Frisbee Golf

If you have access to an open space in your area, try playing frisbee golf. It’s a fun game with simple rules where you take turns throwing frisbee discs into “holes”.

Hide and seek behind a tree.

3. Hide and Seek

Everyone knows and loves hide and seek. There are also hide and seek variations that you can try playing with your family.

Hacky Sack on a shoe.

4. Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack is a simple yet fun game that you can play almost anywhere. Playing it doesn’t take much space or equipment.

People playing tennis.

5. Family Tennis

Play a game of family tennis if you have a nearby tennis court in your area.

Boochie game in the grass.

6. Boochie Game

If you’ve heard of or played bocce before, then you’ll love the Boochie Game. his game includes tossing balls and rings with different challenges that will keep the kids entertained.

Girls playing jump rope.

7. Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great way to have fun and exercise with the whole family.

Child swimming in the pool.

8. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a classic water game that you can play with your family in the pool.

Family tag in the field.

9. Family Tag

Tag is a game where one person is “it” and chases the other players. There are so many tag variations that include different rules and challenges for this outdoor game for kids and adults.

Hula Hoop Contest with kids.

10. Hula Hoop Contest

Play hula hoop contests with the family and find out who the best hula hooper is. All you need to play this game is a hula hoop and nothing else.

Tetherball and a child.

11. Family Tetherball

Tetherball is a classic outdoor game that only needs minimal space. You can install a set in your yard and even make a DIY version of the game.

People playing lawn bowling.

12. Lawn Bowling

Playing a few rounds of lawn bowling is a great way to use your backyard space.

People playing Kan jam.

13. Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a fast-paced game where players will try to throw discs at other players’ goals.

Kids and adults playing kickball.

14. Kickball Game

Playing kickball with the family is a fun way to exercise and increase your bond and teamwork.

Family playing soccer together.

15. Family Pickup Soccer

If you have enough players, family soccer is a great way to bond with your family outdoors.

People playing spikeball.

16. Spikeball

Spikeball is a great game for outdoor parties or travel. It’s best played on fields or the beach because you’ll need a soft floor to play this game.

DIY Outdoor Family Games

Turn your yard into a fun family playground with these DIY outdoor family game ideas.

Kids playing hopscotch.

17. DIY Hopscotch Game

This is one of the simplest homemade outdoor games you can make. All you need for a DIY hopscotch game is a concrete floor and some chalk to draw the court.

Ring toss in the yard.

18. DIY Ring Toss

Using old empty bottles, rope, and other materials at home, you can make your own DIY ring toss game.

Volley ball four square with kids.

19. DIY Volleyball Four Square

Making a DIY Volleyball Four Square game is a quick and easy project that only needs basic and cheap materials.

Horseshoe pit ready to play.

20. Homemade Horseshoe Match

This homemade horseshoe pit will take time and effort, but it’s worth it once you start playing with your family.

Mini golf course in the backyard.

21. DIY Backyard Mini Golf Course

Make this DIY backyard mini golf course using your kid’s toys and other simple materials.

Hearts on the wall with children.

22. Homemade Heart Zap! Game

Heart Zap! The game is a creative outdoor family game where you throw balls at paper hearts and win points.

Giant Jenga board in the yard.

23. DIY Giant Jenga Board

Level up your regular game of Jenga by making a DIY Giant Jenga board and putting it in your backyard.

Pictionary with child.

24. DIY Outdoor Pictionary

You can make a DIY Outdoor Pictionary game by bringing your Pictionary set outside and playing it there. Divide your family into teams and start playing.

Bean bag toss in the yard.

25. DIY Bean Bag Toss

DIY Bean Bag Toss game is a fun family outdoor game that involves tossing a bean bag to plates.

Giant pick up sticks in the yard with child.

26. DIY Giant Pick Up Sticks

Use long bamboo yard stakes to make your own DIY Giant Pick Up Sticks game. This giant version of the board game is so easy to make.

Hula Hoops in the yard for tic tac toe.

27. DIY Giant Hula Hoop Tic-Tac-Toe

Making your own DIY Giant Hula Hoop Tic-Tac-Toe game is super easy and only uses simple materials.

Lawn Twister with kids.

28. Homemade Lawn Twister

Turn your backyard into a fun homemade lawn Twister board. This game will surely be a hit with the family for a great group game.

Minion Lawn Darts for a game.

29. Homemade Minion Lawn Darts

Set up your own homemade Minion lawn darts in your backyard. Your kids will love the Minion design on the darts that they can throw around anywhere in the yard.

Giant yard dice in hands.

30. DIY Backyard Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a dice game where you get scores depending on what combination you get on the dice. Make your own set of dice for outside.

DIY hook and ring hanging.

31. DIY Hook and Ring

DIY Hook and Ring is a simple and fun game you can recreate anywhere with the family. All you need is an area where you can attach the hook to a wall or a tree.

Outdoor Giant Kerplunk in the yard.

32. DIY Outdoor Giant Kerplunk

Try turning this old-school board game into an outdoor game by making a DIY Outdoor Gian Kerplunk setup.

Plinko in the yard.

33. DIY Backyard Plinko

DIY Backyard Plinko is a fun party game perfect for parties or if you’re just relaxing with your family outdoors.

Checkers on the sidewalk.

34. Sidewalk Chalk Checkers

Make a giant outdoor sidewalk Checkers board using chalk and the pieces using paper plates.

Giant Dominoes in the yard.

35. DIY Giant Yard Dominoes

Transform this fun game into an outdoor game by creating DIY Giant Yard Dominoes.

Matching game in the yard.

36. DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

Play an outdoor DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game using cheap materials you can find anywhere.

Outdoor Games for Family Gatherings

Whether you’re hosting a party or any kind of family event, these fun creative games are good for all ages.

Capture the flag game.

37. Capture the Flag

If you have a big family, we recommend playing Capture the Flag with them. Capture the Flag is a fun game where you divide yourselves into teams and steal each other’s flag.

Backyard obstacle courses.

38. Backyard Obstacle Course

Create exciting backyard obstacle courses using things you can find in your home. There are lots of obstacle courses you can make with different levels.

People playing sack race.

39. Sack Race

Everyone loves a classic game of sack race during a family party. You can also play variations of the game like relay races and three-legged races.

40. Tug of War

Have a battle of strength with your family with a fun game of Tug of War.

Scavenger Hunt with kids in the woods.

41. Scavenger Hunt

Liven up a family gathering with a good game of scavenger hunt.

42. Balloon Snatch

Balloon Snatch is a fun game where a player has to catch it before it falls to the ground.

Child playing egg and spoon race.

43. Egg and Spoon Race

You play Egg and Spoon Race by reaching the finish line while holding a spoon with an egg on it.

44. Family Talent Show

A family talent show is a great finale during a family gathering.

45. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Bean Bag Ladder Toss is a great party game where players throw bean bags to a ladder and win points.

Pinata chase in the field.

46. Humana Piñata Chase

Human Piñata Chase is a hilarious game you can play during family reunions.

Child on slip and slide.

47. Summer Relay Games

These summer relay games are perfect for family reunions. Create stations where players will play a unique challenge for every station.

Water balloons in bucket.

48. Water Balloon Dodgeball

Playing 13 water balloon dodgeball with your loved ones is a great outdoor summer activity.

Cornhole in the yard set up.

49. Cornhole

Set up a few cornhole boards in your yard and compete with your relatives. This old-fashioned game never fails to excite everyone.

Family games for outdoors for tons of fun at your next party, family reunion, gathering and more. 49 games that are easy and cheap to make. Everyone will have a blast with these fun outdoor games for the entire family! #onecrazymom #familygamesforoutdoors #games #familygames

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