Find over 20 Glow in the dark party ideas that are easy and budget friendly. Your next party will be fabulous with these decorations. From cool decor ideas to tasty snacks, we have ideas to make your party complete from start to finish!

Find over 20 Glow in the dark party ideas that are easy and budget friendly. Your next party will be fabulous with these glow in the dark party decorations. These ideas are great for a party for teens, for kids or even a sweet 16 party!  You’ll love these easy party ideas. #onecrazymom #partyideas #glowinthedark

Glow in the dark party ideas

Glow in the dark parties are a ton of fun and easy to put together. With just a few simple decorations and food ideas, your party will be a success.

These party ideas will be a blast for kids of all ages. Everyone will love these glow in the dark party supplies.

Photo collage of glow in the dark table, glow ring toss and glow mason jars.

What do you need for a glow in the dark party?

Go ahead and make sure you have a good black light for the party. This will make the party extra fun and you will love black lights glow.

How do you decorate for a glow party?

The beauty of this type of party really is that you can do as much decorating or as little decorating as you want. Even just a few glow in the dark decorations go a long way for very little money.

You will be amazed at the impact a few well placed glow in the dark necklaces or bracelets have on the table. These things do not cost much at all but leave a big impact.

Let’s get started with these party ideas!

Glow in the dark balls.

1. Glow in dark bouncy balls

Everyone will have so much fun making DIY Bouncy Balls that glow!

Glow in the dark centerpiece.

2. Glow in the dark centerpiece

This amazing centerpiece idea is so simple to make and makes a gorgeous neon glow focal point for parties.

Glow in the dark cupcakes

3. Glow in the dark Cupcakes 

Step things up a level when you make these clever cupcakes that also taste amazing.

Bags of glow in the dark candy.

4. Candy that glows in the dark

Get some of the candy that glows in the dark for the food table or the favor bags.

Glow in the dark jello.

5. Glow in the dark Jello

This is such a clever snack idea and very inexpensive to make.

Glow in the dark donuts.

Everyone loves donuts and these are perfect for the party since they illuminate.

Glow bar with selection of glow in the dark items.

7. Glow Bar

Make a glow bar full of items kids can choose for the party. Include items such glow necklaces, glow sticks, bracelets and more.

Fluorescent balloons in a pile.

8. Fluorescent Balloons 

Every party needs balloons and these are so cool because they are fluorescent balloons!

Glow in the dark bowling.

9. Glow Bowling

Most everyone likes to bowl and it is even more fun in the dark when everything glows!

Glow in the dark centerpiece with balls.

10. Glow in dark balls Centerpiece Idea

This centerpiece idea is so simple and easy but really clever. This comes together in just minutes.

Free printable neon party invitations.

11. Printable Neon Party Invitation

Send out party invitations with a coordinating theme to get party guests excited for the party.

Bottles of glow in the dark bubbles.

12. DIY Glow Bubbles Recipe

Make bubbles that glow in the dark to use as party favors or to play with at the party.

Bottles of UV Face Paint.

13. UV Face Paint

This really cool UV face paint will be the hit of the party! Everyone will want to get their face painted.

Glow in the dark nail polish in a hand.

14. Glow in dark nail polish

This nail polish is super cool. This would be a fun activity station at the party.

Glow in the dark ring toss.

15. Glow in the dark Ring Toss

Ring toss is always a fun idea. Use glow necklaces as the rings and this game is perfect for your party!

Stacks of glow cotton candy.

16. Glow Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is the perfect party food! Take it to a new level with this glow in the dark version.

Glow tic tac toe set up to play.

17. Glow Tic Tac Toe

You can use glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces to make this fun game.

Glow in the dark pinata hanging.

18. Glow in the dark Pinata

Make this easy pinata idea that actually glows in the dark.

Glow in the dark mason jars lit up.

19. Glow in the dark Mason Jars

Mason jars are so popular and even better when they light up! This idea is perfect to set the mood of the party and makes the perfect decorations.

Glow in the dark chandelier hanging.

20. Glow Chandelier

This chandelier looks fancy but it is really simple to make. This idea will really be the focal point of the party and look awesome.

Glow in the dark party table with decor.

21. Glow Party Table

Use glow necklaces and glow bracelets around plates and cups to really make the party table festive.

Glow in the dark drinks.

22. Glow in Dark Drinks

Learn how to make these neat cups that glow in the dark.

Glow in the dark sign on the outside of house.

23. Glow Sign

This easy sign idea is perfect for birthday parties and more.

Try these fun ideas!

Neon parties are so much fun and easy to plan!  You can easily put together these ideas for a birthday party for the kids. From tonic water and ice cubes that glow to festive party decorations, the ideas are endless.

This party theme can include neon colors and fun glow in the dark party decorations. Try some of these party tips.

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Find over 20 Glow in the dark party ideas that are easy and budget friendly. Your next party will be fabulous with these glow in the dark party decorations.

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