We have all of the tips and tricks so that you can learn how to make Butter Slime. This easy butter slime with clay is super fun and really simple to make for a great activity for the kiddos.

Butter slime stretched with a hand.

How to make Butter Slime

The slime possibilities seem to be endless and today we are showing you how to make butter slime. This slime is a little bit different because it uses modeling clay with the other ingredients.

It is a lot of fun to make and you get that smooth butter slime consistency that kids love. You are going to love making this.

The texture is so soft and a ton of fun to play with. It is also a blast to make as well.

Butter slime stretched with a hand.

How do you make butter slime?

It is not hard at all and very simple to make butter slime. Just like with any slime, you have to work with it a bit to get the desired consistency.

Keep reading to see how fun and easy this is. This is one of our favorite slimes to make and I think you will love it too.

Butter slime smoothed with a knife.

What kind of clay do you use for butter slime?

It is super important that you use Model Magic clay to make butter slime.  We have tried other types of clay products and they just didn’t work or mix into the other slime ingredients well.

Model Magic is definitely key in this slime recipe and the best clay for butter slime.

Let’s make this fun and easy butter slime recipe.

Everyone will enjoy making this easy and fun kids craft. This diy slime only takes a few steps to make and then kids can play with it.

Ingredients for DIY: glue, lotion, shaving cream, clay and contact solution.
Modeling clay

DIY Clay slime ingredients:

  • ½ Cup of White school Glue 
  • 1 Tablespoon Contact Lens Solution (Must contain boric acid so the slime activator will work. Plain saline solution is not the same.)
  • ½ Cup of Foam Shaving Cream
  • 1 oz of Model Magic Clay 
  • 1 tsp Lotion (as needed)

How to make Butter Slime:

  • First, in a small mixing bowl, combine the glue and shaving cream until it’s well combined.
Bowl with shaving cream.
  • Next, slowly stir in the contact lens solution until the slime is formed. Make sure that you are using a brand that has boric acid in the solution or it will not work.
  • While mixing, once the white glue starts to pull away from the bowl and stick to the spoon, remove the slime from the bowl and knead with your hands. This step will help make the slime soft and pliable.
slime being stretched.
  • Then place the model magic clay in the center of your slime. Mix with your hands until well combined and the slime changes the color to the color of the model magic clay that you chose. Kids love to choose the color of clay and watch it turn the slime that same color.
Modeling clay in slime.
Butter slime stretched with a hand.
Butter slime stretched with a hand.
  • Then add lotion to make the slime more stretchy.  We added a small amount (1 tsp) and mixed it in with our hands until the slime was stretchy. You might even want to start with ½ teaspoon because you can always add more.
  • If you want your slime more stretchy, mix in more lotion until the slime is consistency that you desire. I would add the lotion gradually a little at a time. You don’t want to add too much but you can always add more.
Lotion added to slime and stretched.
Butter slime stretched with a hand.

How to store homemade butter slime:

I like to store the slime in a mason jar or ziploc baggie to keep it fresh. You can use what you prefer so that you don’t air dry clay. The slime definitely needs to be stored inside an airtight container so that it stays soft and does not harden.

This slime is so fun to make to make and play with. The texture is soft and smooth just like butter.

If stored properly, it will stay soft and provide many hours of fun.

Butter slime smoothed with a knife.

Now you know how to make butter slime with clay.

Get started today with this easy slime DIY. With just a few easy ingredients, anyone can make this for a fun activity.

Butter slime smoothed with a knife.

Why we love Butter Slime:

  • This is such a fun DIY and the kids always love making butter glue slime. It is so soft and easy to play with for even more fun.
  • Just remember to use crayola model magic and not a dollar store brand. Kids love this basic slime recipe and can learn and have fun.
  • Slime is a polymer and they learn about polyvninyl acetate and borate ions for a science lesson as well.
  • Slime is also really great sensory activity. If you have been hesitant to make slime with the kids, don’t be. This easy DIY is so simple and no food coloring, liquid starch or baking soda needed.
Butter slime stretched with a hand.
Butter slime stretched with a hand.

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We have all of the tips and tricks so that you can learn how to make Butter Slime. This easy butter slime with clay is super fun. #onecrazymom #slimerecipes #easyslime #slime #butterslime

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