how to make candles

I am a true lover of candles and have them all around my home.  I also have a lot of Champagne flutes lounging around my home so I decided to take my favorite glassware and turn it into candles to be used in my home.

Did you know making candles is a very easy process and you can really get creative on what you make your candles in?  Take an old mug, candy dish, candle votive, champagne flute or anything else with a solid base and turn it into a fantastic DIY Candle.

I thought this would be fun for our Day 4 of our Homemade Christmas gift ideas. Enjoy.

How to Make Candles – in almost anything!

how to make candles - ingredients

What you need:

  • Champagne Flutes (if you don’t have any check your local thrift store)
  • Soy Wax
  • Candle Wicks
  • Dixie Cups

How to Make Candles:

1. Grab your champagne flutes and rinse them out with warm water.  Dry your glasses and set on a flat surface to air dry for a few moments.  I’m sure yours are dusty like mine. (Don’t judge! 😉 )

how to make candles - wax

2. Now grab your Dixie cup and fill it with just a little bit of your soy wax and place in the microwave for 1 minute.

3. Remove your cups from the microwave and pour in the bottom of your champagne flutes.  Quickly place your candle wicks into the wax and it will harden around the base of the wick within seconds.

place in the wick

4. Once the wax has hardened it’s time to make up the rest of our candle.

5. Grab 3 dixie cups and fill them to the very top with your soy wax and place in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Once your 2 minutes are up remove the Dixie cups from the microwave and immediately pour it into your candle base.

how to make candles - wet wax

6. 3 Dixie Cups were enough for each champagne flute, so you’ll need a total of 6 full cups to complete this project and that’s it.

champagne flue candles

Aren’t these just perfect!? They would be fun to add to any decor or special occasion.

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  1. Lovely. A word of caution though, not all glass containers are as heat resistant as others and could shatter when you pour in hot wax or later when the even hotter flame is going in it.