We have the best cloud slime recipe with just 4 ingredients. If your kids love slime, they are going to love to learn how to make cloud slime. Make it today for a really fun activity.

Blue cloud slime in a ball.

Cloud Slime is so fun to make.

The slime craze is everywhere and kids will love to make this cloud slime recipe.  This slime activity uses instant snow powder so it really takes slime DIY up a level. Kids go crazy over this stuff.

Don’t worry though. It is still very simple to make. The DIY is not hard at all and super fun.

You don’t need much instant snow as a little goes a long way. The supplies will enable you to make many batches.

Blue cloud slime in a ball.

How do you make cloud slime?

Glue, liquid starch and instant snow get mixed together to make cloud slime. You can also add food coloring to make it more colorful.

Instant snow is the secret to cloud slime and gives it that cloud like texture. It is really fun to use in slime. Plus, a little instant snow goes a long way because it expands.

This is so much fun and also makes a great sensory play activity. If you have been hesitant to let your kids make slime, give it a try.

You can even learn How to get Slime out of Clothes so you don’t have any worries.

Container of instant snow.

What is cloud slime?

Cloud slime looks like a fluffy cloud and it is a ton of fun to play with. The instant snow gives it a different texture than other slime recipes.

It is so much fun to make and super soft. Adults might even want to play with the slime for stress relief.

Hands pulling apart blue cloud slime.

Let’s get started.

The slime really does look like clouds.  I even had fun helping the kids with this slime making activity.

Give this fluffy cloud slime a try and let us know how your cloud slime turned out. I have a feeling you will make this again and again.

No shaving cream needed and just 4 ingredients. Anyone can make this simple DIY.

Ingredients for cloud slime: liquid starch, school glue, instant snow, food coloring.

Ingredients for cloud slime recipe:

You can let each child choose a color and make their own cloud slime. This is so fun and sure to be a hit.

With just a few slime supplies, it is quick and easy for kids to make.

Blue cloud slime being pulled apart with a hand.

How to make cloud slime step by step:

  • First, put the white glue in a small mixing bowl.
  • Then, stir in the food coloring if you want your slime to be colored. This is completely optional.

    If you prefer that the slime resemble snow, just leave out the food coloring. We have made it both ways so just do what you prefer. Today, we made the cloud slime blue for a change and it turned out so pretty.
Bowl of glue with food coloring.
Glue and food color mixed together.
  • Mix in the liquid starch until the slime is formed.  Once the glue starts pulling away from the edge of the bowl or sticking to the spoon, remove the slime with your hands.
  • Then knead with your hands until the slime is the consistency that you prefer. This is so fun to do and the kids love kneading the slime.
Bowl with glue and liquid starch mixed together.
  • In a separate bowl, mix the instant snow with warm water based on the package instructions to form the snow.
2 bowls for mixing togetlher instant snow.
Bowl with instant snow.
Instant snow being mixed into slime.
  • Mix in the snow with the slime to create your beautiful cloud slime.
Hands mixing slime together.

Pro Tips

  • You can mix the food coloring in with the glue or the instant snow whichever you prefer.  Just do what is easiest for you.
  • Buy the white school glue in gallon size containers if you plan to make a lot of slime. You will save money and not have to buy a bunch of small glue jars. If you have kids that love to make slime, you definitely need to just buy the large size.
Hands pulling apart cloud slime.

How long does slime last?

It will last a few weeks but the texture might change some. Try to keep it clean and free of debris so it will last as long as possible.

Blue cloud slime in a ball.

How to store cloud slime?

Store the slime in an airtight container. You can use either a plastic or glass container.

We have even used mason jars before. Just anything that will prevent the slime from spilling or drying out.

It is important to store slime properly or it will dry out and harden quickly. The texture will no longer be soft and fluffy to play with.

ball of cloud slime.

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Blue cloud slime being pulled apart with a hand.

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