how to make a pacman costume
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OK, I have another super easy and cute Homemade Halloween Costume idea for you! This costume was submitted by Chenea!

Last year, my three boys weren’t sure what they wanted to be (we like to try and keep them within the same theme), so we came up with Pacman. This wasn’t too “old” for my little one and not too “baby-ish” for the big boys. I spent MAYBE $4-5 per costume and barely an hour of my time.

Best yet, my boys loved them!

DIY Pacman costume

How to Make a Pacman Costume


  • Felt – about 2 yards per costume (we had yellow for Pacman and red and blue for the ghosts)
  • Felt remnants in black, white and light blue
  • Fabric Glue or Matching thread

Instructions For Pacman:

  1. Decide which child will wear this and then you can fit your large yellow felt circles. I had the bottom of the circle come just to the bottom of my son’s knees.
  2. To get the “perfect” circle follow these instructions (you can just do it by hand if you’re that good – I’m not). Measure from the shoulders to the knees (my measurement was 36″). Half your measurement (mine is now 18″). Cut a length of string (or thread or yarn) about an inch longer than your measurement (mine string was 19″). Fold your felt in half lengthwise (hamburger style ;-)). Secure on end of your string in the middle (doesn’t have to be exact) of your fabric. Secure the other end of your string to a marker. Stretch your marker away from the center of your fabric and draw a circle! (You basically just made a huge compass.)
  3. Cut your circles out.
  4. Now, I like to sew, but you can just as easily use fabric glue. When you join the front and back of your circle, leave a gap at the top big enough for your child’s head and a gap at the bottom large enough to not make it difficult for your child to walk. Either sew along the edge or glue it!
  5. For the neck – I made a straight cut so the top of the circle wouldn’t bother my son’s neck. Also, in the back of the neck I cut a slit about 5″ down from the top so his head wouldn’t rip the fabric when he put it on.
  6. For the mouth, cut a big black wedge (like a triangle, but the small part of the triangle will be rounded instead of straight). I went from about the middle of the circle to the edge. It is better to cut this too big and trim it later. 😉
  7. For the eye, cut a small black circle and then cut a small triangle out of it (see the picture).
  8. Secure the eye and mouth by sewing or with fabric glue.

It is really that easy!!

DIY Pacman Ghost costume

For the Ghosts:

  1. Fold your fabric in half – and trim the bottom so it comes just below the child’s knees. I did not trim the sides of the ghost. It was a wide as the fabric was.
  2. For the top of the ghost, use a marker to round the top. Cut. For the neck, I cut it straight and then cut a 5″ slit at the back of the neck to make more room for my son’s head.
  3. Secure sides and top (except for neck hole) by sewing or with fabric glue.
  4. For the bottom of the ghost, cut small triangles out to make it look jagged. This does not have to be exact!
  5. For the eyes – cute two white ovals. Just ball park what size looks good on your size ghost. Also cut out 2 small light blue circles (the Pacman ghost eyes are blue :-)).
  6. Secure eye color to white background, then secure that to the ghost (again, sew or glue).

You are done!

I hope your kids love these as much as mine did! If you have a larger family than mine, just add more ghosts – there is a pink ghost and an orange ghost. Have an even bigger family than that? No problem!

How about adding Mrs. Pacman (just need a red bow and a little red for the tips of the mouth) and even ‘Junior’ (just need a little red and blue hat with a white pinwheel on top) or come up with your own fun colors for ghosts.

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