Learn how to make this DIY Green Army Soldier Costume for Halloween. Skip the store bought costume and make this easy DIY costume.

Learn how to make this adorable green army soldier costume.  You only need a few easy supplies to make this adorable costume that is perfect for Halloween! #onecrazymom #halloweenideas #diycostumers

DIY Green Army Soldier Costume

It can be difficult to find creative Halloween costumes for boys. This easy to make solider costume is such a neat idea. It is really easy to put together a toy army man and so creative.

You do not need to get a fancy dress costume at the store when you can make this super cool green army man. If you have children that love toy story and the toy soldiers, this will definitely be a hit with them.

Whether you are looking for a Halloween costume or pretend play for dress up, this DIY is the way to go.

This costume is so creative and sure to be a hit. Everyone will love seeing it as you go trick or treating and to Halloween parties. It is so nostalgic and surpasses many generations. Lots of people have played with green army men.

What do you need to make this costume?

  • Elastic waistband pants. Athletic type pants, joggers or anything similar would be perfect. They shouldn’t be tight so make sure they are slightly big.
  • Button up shirt. This needs to be one size too big.
  • Rain boots. Any color is fine because they will be painted. Don’t worry about what condition they are in since the paint will cover it.
  • Safari hat
  • Cardboard. This is to make the base to complete the look.
  • Duct tape. This gives the costume the shiny appearance. Don’t omit this step in the costume.
  • Spray paint. You will need enough for 2 coats of spray paint.
  • Two toilet paper rolls. This creates binoculars for the costume.

Most of those you can snag at your local thrift store for cheap! Remember, it is going to be painted so you don’t care what they look like or even what condition they are in.

You definitely want to look for deals or even clothes you already have that are stained. The spray paint will cover everything thoroughly. This costume is extremely inexpensive due to the ease of selecting clothing.

How to make a Toy Soldier Costume at home

  • Cover everything in duct tape. Cover the shirt and pants and cardboard with duct tape completely. The duct tape gives the clothes the plastic look similar to green army men.

    Due to this, it is a crucial step in the costume process. I do not recommend skipping the duct tap.
  • Spray paint the costume. Now, spray paint everything with green spray paint. Try to paint with even strokes and be careful that it does not drip.

    No worries if you have a few drops, just rub them in before they dry. It should blend right in. However, once it dries, it will be difficult to fix.
  • Tape the toilet paper rolls together. Duct tape two toilet paper rolls together and spray paint those for the binoculars. This looks great with the costume.
  • Allow to try. Let the costume dry over night and then paint a second coat. You might initially think a second coat is not needed. However, it really completes the look and gives it a finishing touch.
  • Use Halloween makeup to finish the soldier costume look. Then use Halloween makeup to paint the face and hands. The face paint completes the Green Army Man look for a great Halloween costume. It is so fun to make and wear.

Variation ideas

  • Gloves. Instead of using Halloween makeup to paint your child’s hands green, use gloves instead. You can use household cleaning gloves as it does not have to be anything special.

    These can easily be spray painted as well. Try this idea if you prefer not to paint your child’s hands. This is a good option for younger children that might put their fingers in their mouth.
  • Costume Accessories. Feel free to add any accessories such as belts, toy guns, army helmet or anything you want.
  • Base Plate. Spray cardboard green to create a baseplate to stand on for the toy soldier. This would be amazing for pictures to complete this army costume for kids soldier. The options are endless for poses for these pictures.
Learn how to make this cute green army soldier costume.  You only need a few easy supplies to make this adorable costume that is perfect for Halloween! #onecrazymom #halloweenideas #diycostumers

It is that simple.

No sewing needed at all for this role play set costume.  I think it cost between $10-20. If you have the clothing items at home, the final price would be even less. You would only need to purchase spray paint to make this costume.

Now, it took a few days to make because you have to let the paint dry, but this is one costume you could make in a pinch! It would be so fun to use the cardboard bottom for cute photo props opportunities.

I am sure heads will turn when you are trick or treating in this costume. This is WAY cuter than the ones I found on Amazon for $35 and more.

Get started today making this creative army man costume. It is one of the most creative costume ideas I have seen for military costumes. Everyone will absolutely love this clever DIY. It turns out great and it is all very frugal.

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