We have 25 money saving tips for Disney World that you need to know. Learn how to save money at Disney World for an amazing trip.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

25 Easy Money Saving Tips for Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World can take a lot of work and can seem overwhelming. Today, I wanted to show you how to save money at Disney world quickly.

These tips are easy to put to use and don’t take a lot of effort. Try these tips and watch the savings add up. Just using a few of these tips will make a big difference.

Don’t let a trip to Disney overwhelm you. When you utilize these simple tips to save money, you can spend where it counts.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Between work and kids and activities, it’s hard to find the time to research and read a bunch of lengthy articles. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help.

This streamlined list of the best Money Saving Tips for Disney World will help you save money easily. Anyone can easily put these into practice without much work or effort.

Disney Characters on main street at Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

How to save money at Disney World:

There are lots of ways to save money at Disney World. These are just a few simple and easy tips to try without much work.

1. Pack snacks and meals.

Bring your own snacks and meals  into Disney Parks. This is an effortless way to save money and also saves time.

Not only will you not have to wait in very long lines but you will have food anytime you want it. Just take your lunch or snack out of your backpack.

If you do not try any other tips, give this one a try. The savings will add up.

2. Bring your own glow sticks and light up toys.

These are perfect for night time parades. You won’t be tempted to spend a crazy amount of money from the vendors walking around selling these toys.

The kids will be happy and everyone wins.

3. Go to Disney during the off season. 

This is the easiest way to save money at Disney World. The savings isn’t huge but it does help.

Utilizing this tip is an easy way to save money without any extra work.

4. Purchase souvenirs before you get to Disney.

Buy souvenirs for the kids before you even leave home. You can surprise them during the trip and save so much money.

This will save a lot of money instead of shopping at the gift shops.

5. Buy the refillable mug at your Disney Resort.

If you drink a lot of soda, this is a great way to save money. The refillable cups used to be included in the Disney dining plan. However, that is currently halted due to covid.

You can purchase these cups separately now and they are good for the length of your stay.

6. Plan a “Free Day” in your vacation.

This day of rest will be needed and you will save money by skipping the Parks one day. The extra time in your hotel rooms will help all around.

You can explore the resort pools, activities and more. Hop on the bus and check out Disney Springs. The options are endless of what you can do.

The savings will add up and everyone will feel more rested and ready to tackle the remaining week.

7. Bring Dress Up Costumes from Home.

Theme parks are packed with children dressed up in costumes. From the magic kingdom to Hollywood studios, you will spot kiddos dressed in an assortment of costumes.

Go ahead and purchase these in advance to save money on your trip. It will be a significant savings from purchasing these same costumes at the parks.

8. Keep kids on a budget.

Give each child a Disney Gift Card for souvenirs. This is something you can easily budget prior to the trip.

You can pick up a gift card every week or so. This is a great way to take care of this before you even leave.

9. Don’t pay for drinks inside the parks.

Pack water bottles or juice boxes. Disney World allows you to bring in drinks for an easy way to save money.

The cost of drinks can easily add up very quickly. This step alone will save a huge amount of money.

When you think about the cost of one drink and purchasing one for the entire family, it adds up. This is a very big expense.

Instead of spending all of that money on water, just pack a few bottles.

10. Save on the small things.

By saving on the smaller things, you can spend on the experiences that really matter. I would much rather take my family to a character meal.

You can easily spend a bunch of money on waters and over priced snacks during the week. Don’t do that and save that money for a special dining experience.

11. Skip the Park Hopper Pass.

The kids will be too tired to visit more than one park in a day. These passes are not cheap so save your money.

It is really difficult to attempt multiple theme parks in the same day without feeling rushed. For this reason, I do not suggest a multi day ticket.

12. Share meals if you do purchase inside the parks.

Portions are huge and can easily be split between 2 people. You will be left with a lot of excess food if you order everyone a meal.

This is an effortless way to save money without any work at all if you plan to eat at a quick service restaurant.

13. Pack your own Rain Ponchos 

It will rain because it is Florida. So pack a couple of rain ponchos for the trip. By purchasing them in advance, you will avoid paying $20 per poncho later.

14. Don’t fly.

Take a road trip instead of flying. Even with gas prices, the savings will be significant. Plus, you have the luxury of packing lots of snacks and other items for the trip.

15. Buy Autograph Books and Pens before your Trip.

Come prepared with an autograph book. You can order these for a fraction of the price of buying at the parks.

There is an assortment of fun Disney themed books to choose from. The kids will love them and the savings is an added benefit.

16. Consider staying at a Disney Value Resort

It might seem cheaper to stay off property. However, there are so many perks to staying on site that can save money. One big benefit is the ability to use Disney buses to get to the parks.

You won’t have to pay to park when traveling this way. Not only is this convenient but saves money too.

As an added bonus, kids love how highly themed these resorts are.

17. Plan your trip during Free Dining.

Currently the Disney Dining Program has been halted due to the Covid Pandemic. However, Disney hopes to bring this back in the future.

Keep your eyes open for Disney to bring this feature back.

18. Stay outside Disney Parks.

Rent a house off site if you have a large family. Depending on the amount of people going, this could be a cheaper route.

Just make sure to factor in travel costs, rental cars and parking fees if staying off site. You want to make sure you are saving the most money possible.

19. Bring your own strollers

Instead of renting a stroller, bring one. Even if you can’t take it back home because of flights or other reasons, it is usually still cheaper than renting one.

20. Save money by making lunch your “big meal” .

Prices are cheaper at lunch time. It can save money to make this your larger meal of the day.

By doing this several times, the savings will continue to add up.

21. Early Entry

Guests at Disney Resorts get extra time in the parks. This means an extra 30 minutes with early entry into Disney parks every day.

This is a completely free perk for guests and included in ticket prices of guests staying at Disney Resorts.

22. Buy Disney pins for trading.

If your child is into trading Disney pins, buy them before the trip to save. You can often buy them in bulk for a great price.

23. Look for local coupon booklets.

Keep your eyes open for coupon booklets that you can use in Orlando. You can often find great coupons for local restaurants and attractions outside of Disney.

24. Freeze Water Bottles

Not only will they help keep the other items cold but they will be so refreshing to drink. As the day goes on, the ice will melt and leave you with ice cold water.

25. Pack Flavored Water Packets

You can get these in lots of different flavors. They are easy to pack and perfect to add to water.

The best Money Saving Tips for Disney World!

Those are the easiest ways to save money at Disney World. Anyone can easily give these a try without much effort.

With a little planning, you can save money at Disney World. This is an expensive vacation so every little bit of savings is helpful.

And one last bonus tip is to look into Disney credit cards. You often can find deals that include extra savings for Disney. I only recommend this if you can commit to paying this off when the statement comes.

Make the most of your Disney park ticket as well as visits to the water parks. It is the best trip and saving money will make it even better.

Give these tips a try.

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