I wanted to share with you these free printable chore charts for kids. I feel like it is really important for the kids to share in the household chores.

Not only does it give them a sense of accomplishment but it’s a nice contribution to the family. This easy chore charts for kids will help to simplify this task.

Photo of chore charts.

Printable chore charts for kids

We have a couple of free printable chore charts that you can use. This year we are changing it up a bit regarding how we do chores.

We are assigning small chores to each family member that they will complete each day. Once the week is over they are rewarded for their efforts. We are doing small rewards, like a quick treat, or maybe ice cream or a movie night as a family.

I have two printable chore charts for kids for you. One is for girls with a cute little girl and one is for boys with a cute little boy on it.

Teach your kids with these chore list ideas. Our kids actually think the chore chart is a great idea. I think it helps them to see in writing a list of what they need to do.

It makes it very easy to read and check off upon completion. The chore chart template is free and helps to keep everyone organized. Once it is written down, the kids know what they are responsible for so there isn’t any confusion.

Photo of chore charts.

Download the easy chore charts for kids:

Age appropriate chores for kids

I thought I would give you an idea of what we are doing for daily chores. Of course, you can easily do weekly chores, but we want daily chores that they do every single day.

You can do this however you feel is best for your family. Do you prefer a weekly chore chart or daily chart?

The responsibility charts make it simple to adjust the chores based on children’s ages.

Here is a list of household chores that kids can do.

  1. wipe down the table after dinner
  2. wipe down kitchen counters
  3. take out trash
  4. pick up living room
  5. sweep
  6. pick up room
  7. make bed
  8. pick up the front yard (we play a lot in the front yard with our scooters and playing basketball)
  9. pick up back yard toys
  10. wash dishes
  11. unload dishwasher
  12. wipe down toilet

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. We have  over 100 ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids for more ideas.

The list is broken down according to kids ages. It is a great starting point if you are beginning to do chores in your home. I like to refer back to the list every so often as the kids get older.

Or maybe you just need ideas of chores that different ages can do. Either way, it is a great resource.

What ideas do you have for some household chores for your kids? Get started with these chore charts printables.

Turn these chore charts into dry erase charts.

We bought these dry erase pockets on Amazon. Sometimes you can also find them at the dollar store but they don’t always carry them.

You simply place your printable chore charts inside the pocket and you can easily use a dry erase marker to check off your days and to change your chores.

That ways you don’t have to print a new chore chart each week.  I just think these dry erase pockets are so neat to use with a simple chore chart.

If you don’t want to print new ones each week, this is a great idea. I love things that save money and I can keep reusing.

I think it is always nice to mark things off my list. This way kids can cross off the chores once completed but you can keep reusing the same chore chart.

It is also handy if you switch chores frequently.


Photo of chore charts.

Let us know what you think.

How do you handle chores at your house? Leave a comment with any ideas you might have.

More helpful printables:


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