This Smarties Teacher Gift is so fun and really easy to make. We have a free printable gift tag to complete the gift.

Thank you for making us smarties jar with candy.

Smarties Teacher Gift

I have another fun and frugal teacher gift idea. This smarties teacher gift is so fun! The entire idea is really adorable.

We have included a free printable tag that states “Thank you for making us smarties”, but it is also very frugal. You can find everything at the dollar store.

The entire gift is so frugal but has tons of thoughtfulness packed into it. Another fun idea is this easy Pencil Vase.

Supplies for Thank you for making us smarties jar with candy.

Supplies you need:

  • 16-22 oz Glass Jar (you could even use a small vase that you find at Dollar tree)
  • 10-16 oz Smarties Candies
  • Ribbon. Choose from a coordinating color in the printable to bring the look together.
  • smarties printable tags. It is free and looks so cute on the jar.
Printable for Thank you for making us smarties

How to make this Smarties teacher gift:

  • Step 1. Fill jar with candies. The candy should be filled to the top for a nice full look.
  • Step 2. Add the lid to the container so it is nice and secure. You don’t want to lose any of that yummy candy!
  • Step 3. Print the free printable label. You can attach this with tape, glue or glue tabs.
  • Step 4. Decorate with a bow and attach the printable tag. Add a ribbon that coordinates with the free printable. If you know their favorite color, you can choose that color and complete the jar.

Smarties printable

Get the free printable to add to this super cool Teacher Gift. It really completes the look and brings everything together.

You can print this using regular printer paper. Since it will be applied to the jar, it is not necessary for it to be cardstock.

I would use white paper and not different colors so you can see the design best.

Thank you for making us smarties jar with candy.

Teacher appreciation quotes with smartie candy

Anyone can make this for just a few dollars. It is so cute and the free printable makes it even better.

Not only will your child’s teacher love how cute the jar is but the candy will be the perfect treat.

It does not take much to brighten someone’s day. You don’t need to spend a ton of money or time for a great gift. This comes together in just minutes for a really fun and sweet gift.

Thank you for making me a smartie.

This fun little gift will definitely brighten someone’s day. Your child’s teacher will feel loved and appreciated.

Get the kids to help make this and you will also spend quality time together.

Teacher Appreciation Week will be here before you know it! You can find lots of creative Teacher Appreciation gift ideas that you can make.

Teacher appreciation quotes with Smartie candy variations:

  • Container. Feel free to change the container. You can easily make this in other style containers. Some ideas include: tumblers, coffee cups or other size candy dishes.
  • Ribbon. We used a thin ribbon but you can use a thicker cut ribbon if you prefer.
  • Printable. Instead of gluing the printable to the jar, you can thread it through a ribbon and tie it around the container.

As you can see, there are several different options for making these Smartie Candy Gifts. You can easily adapt this based on preference or what you have on hand.

The entire project is effortless and results in such a fun and thoughtful gift.

Thank you for making us smarties jar with candy.

Print the instructions for this “Thank you for making us Smarties Teacher Gift”

Smarties Teacher Gift

Prep Time3 minutes
Active Time7 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Keyword: Smarties Teacher Gift
Author: One Crazy Mom


  • 16-22 oz Glass Jar you could even use a small vase that you find at Dollar tree for just $1
  • 10-16 oz Smarties Candies
  • Ribbon
  • smarties printable tags


  • Fill jar with candies.
  • Replace lid.
  • Print the free printable label.
  • Decorate with a bow and attach the tag (print the tag here).

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