Learn how to make the cutest Cookie cutter ornament craft. Get the kids involved making easy cookie cutter Christmas ornaments with washi tape.

Homemade cookie cutter ornament hanging on the tree.

Cookie cutter ornament

If you are following along with our Homemade Christmas Ornaments series, you know we love easy and frugal craft projects. Today’s homemade ornament is really simple and so fun to make. The kids can help and make their very own ornament decorated with washi tape.

I am always on the hunt for vintage metal cookie cutters at yard sales and thrift shops. The only issue is they often have a layer of rust on them.

What can I do with old metal cookie cutters?

These are not so good for pressing into food but make great Christmas ornaments. They can be picked up pretty inexpensively. Plus that same layer of rust and time can make for a beautiful vintage decoration on your tree.

Add a touch of washi tape to brighten them up a bit and they are really eye catching. You can make so many different color combinations or patterns.

It is ok if you can’t find any old cookie cutters. You can get some for really cheap on Amazon.

They are so pretty tied on a Christmas gift or used as holiday decoration. I think it adds a special touch to gifts without much time or money.

Homemade cookie cutter ornament with string.


  • Vintage (or not so vintage) metal cookie cutters. You can get a huge set of cookies cutter for cheap on Amazon. 
  • washi tape Amazon has some cute ones for really inexpensive. We normally have some in our craft bin so you might check to see what you have at home first.
  • alcohol and cotton balls
Homemade cookie cutter ornament hanging on the tree.

  • First, wash the cookie cutters. Make sure to dry each one well to remove any loose rust.
  • Second, wipe them down with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. This will remove any oils and create a clean surface for tape to adhere to.
  • Then, pick up traditional Christmas colored washi tape or use unique colors to mix modern and vintage together. Decorate in any pattern you like.

    Sprucing up your metal cookie cutters with washi tape is pretty straight forward, you can cover them completely or add one stripe around the middle. I personally like just the one stripe.
  • The last step is to tie a knot with the twine or ribbon. This will be used to hang on Christmas tree or to attach to gifts as decoration.
Homemade cookie cutter ornament decorated as a Christmas tree.


Cookie cutter Christmas ornaments are fun.

The next time you are browsing in the junk shops don’t pass over that bag of metal cookie cutters. Instead, bring them home and give them a new life on your tree ¬≠or tie them on to swags, packages, or wreaths.

Everyone will think you are martha stewart with these fun craft ideas. If you have children that have Christmas trees in their rooms, they can make ornaments to match their color scheme.

It is a really fun and frugal way to decorate your Christmas tree and have a fun activity.

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