If you are looking for some clever and easy ornaments that you can make on your own, we’ve rounded up over 30 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments. These easy homemade Christmas ornament ideas are also fun to make with the family for a fun family craft night.

Collage of Christmas ornaments.

Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Whether you are wanting to add more decorations to your own tree or make some unique gift toppers, you will find your favorite homemade Christmas ornaments. Plus, Homemade Christmas Ornaments make great gifts.

With so many unique ideas, you will have tons of ideas to get you started. You might also like to try these Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids.

Collage of Christmas ornaments.

How to make homemade Christmas ornaments:

Homemade ornaments are simple to make. Many of these handmade ornaments use items you probably already have at home.

If not, they are just simple supplies you can buy at the craft store. DIY ornaments include paper ornaments, glass ornaments, star ornaments and more.

With a little acrylic paint, pipe cleaners, pom poms and more, it is easy to make homemade ornaments. While the supplies vary for each ornament, they are all very simple.

Not only are these pretty but they are frugal. You don’t need to break the bank or spend a ton of time to have gorgeous ornaments that everyone will cherish.

How to store homemade ornaments:

Homemade ornaments are easy to store. We like to use the large ornament storage boxes with dividers inside.

This keeps each ornament safe and prevents them from breaking.

Get more ideas for Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas.

How long will DIY Christmas ornaments last?

Homemade ornaments can last for years and years. As long as they are stored properly, these ornaments can last a lifetime.

You can pass them down to your children to use on their Christmas tree.

Collage of Christmas ornaments.

30 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Embellished ornament on tree.

1. Hot Glue Embellished Ornament

Jazz up plain old ornaments with a little glue and spray paint. You will be amazed at how fancy the embellished ornaments turn out!

Ribbon wrap ornament.

2. Ribbon Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a great way to use old cookie cutters and turn them into sparkling new ornaments. The kids will love helping with this DIY.

Cinnamon star ornament hanging on tree.

3. Cinnamon Ornaments

Not only do these Cinnamon Ornaments look pretty but they smell amazing. Let the kids pick out cookie cutters and make their own shapes.

Wine corn snowman on tree.

4. Wine Cork Snowman

Save up those old wine corks or purchase some at the craft store to make these fun ornaments. If just a few minutes, you will have cute snowman for your tree.

Ribbon tree ornament on tree.

5. DIY Ribbon Tree Ornament

Use scraps of ribbon to make these festive Christmas Tree ornaments. This is a great way to use up ribbon and the end result is a gorgeous ornament.

Star ornament with washi tape in tree.

Turn cookie cutters into something spectacular with washi tape. With so many designs of tape to choose from, the ideas are endless for ornaments.

Glitter candy cane ornament in tree.

7. Glitter Candy Candy Ornament

Nothing says Christmas like glitter! Turn ordinary candy can ornaments into sparkly little jewels here.

Photo transfer ornament hanging.

8. Photo Transfer Ornament

This is simpler than it sounds and you can have a lasting keepsake. Everyone will love looking at the pictures each year.

Clear glass ornament filled.

9. Create Personal Life

This is a great way to use art work, invitations and more for a really cool ornament idea. Grab some clear ornaments from the Dollar Store or the craft store.

Keepsake ornament in tree.

10. Keepsake Ornaments

Remember special dates or little finger prints with this fun keepsake idea. We like to keep fragile ornaments like this in an ornament box for storage during the year. 

Scrabble ornament in tree.

11. Scrabble Letter Ornament

Do you have an old Scrabble game that is missing pieces? Don’t throw it away and use it instead to make Christmas ornaments.

Washi Tape cookie cutter ornament in tree.

Cookie Cutters get a new look with washi tap. This DIY for ornaments is perfect for little ones when you need something simple.

Mason jar wreath ornament.

13. Mason Jar Ring Wreath

Don’t toss those old mason jar lid rings. Make a Christmas wreath with them with twine like the ones here and hang on the tree.

Nativity ornaments in tree.

14. Simple Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids

Keep the real meaning of Christmas at the center with these precious Nativity ornaments. You can likely use things you already have at home.

Gingerbread man in tree.

15. Easy 3-Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments

It can’t get any simpler than these 3 ingredient ornaments with fun cookie cutter designs. Plus, the cinnamon smells heavenly!

Bottlecap snowman ornaments.

16. Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

Save bottle caps or order some inexpensively online to make a snowman ornament. This is a great idea for ornaments using what you already have and turning into something special.

Owl ornament on counter.

17. DIY Owl Christmas Ornament

This is the perfect craft for the kids using coffee filters and other items you already have! Owl Ornaments are so much fun for toddlers or young children.

Rosette ornaments in tree.

18. Rosette Christmas Tree Ornament

Make this darling rosette ornament with very little effort. It looks so classic and perfect for a rustic but pretty touch on your tree.

JOY ornaments on wall.

19. Pottery Barn Knock Off Glitter Letter Ornament

No need to pay Pottery Barn prices when you can make this knock off version at home. Try your hand at making this Glitter Ornament that is really oh so simple!

Melted Snowman Ornament ready to hang on tree.

20. Melted Snowman Ornament

Grab some more of those clear ornaments at the Dollar Store or order online to make melted snowman ornaments. This is so clever and cute.

Snowflakes in tree.

21. Snowflakes from Recycled T-Shirt

You just need old t-shirts for this fun craft project! Save old shirts or outgrown clothes to make the most precious snowflake ornaments.

Crystal Diamonds candy cane.

22. Borax Crystal Ornaments

If the kids haven’t used all the borax making slime, they can make these crystal ornaments. The red and green crystals look stunning against the tree lights.

String Ornament in tree.

23. Dollar Store String Ornament

Grab some string and balloons and you are on your way to making these frugal string ornaments. The kids will love popping the balloon!

Decoupage ornaments grouped together.

24. Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to decoupage ornaments with these fun ideas. My favorite is the one dipped in glitter. Make your own Mod Podge to save a ton of money.

Repurposed ornaments in Christmas tree.

25. Repurposed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Love wallflowers or other fragrance plug-ins? Save them to make Christmas ornaments in an array of styles.

Crocheted mitts for tree.

26. Crocheted Christmas Mitts Ornaments

Learn how to crochet mitten ornaments with this simple DIY. Even those with little to no sewing experience can pick this tutorial up quickly.

Hot Cocoa ornaments ready for gift giving by the tree.

27. Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Need a gift that doubles as an ornament? Mix up some hot cocoa and marshmallows to make this neat treat in inexpensive clear ball ornaments.

Chalkboard ornament in tree.

28. Homemade Chalkboard Ornament

This ornament is perfect for teachers, dance teachers, Grandparents or anyone you need a thoughtful but inexpensive gift idea for. Grab some chalkboard paint and get started.

Sheet music ornaments

29. Sheet Music Ornament

Make sheet music look old and vintage for these fun and classic ornaments. This is a great way to use up old sheet music or you can grab some here.

Santa DIY ornament ready to use.

30. DIY Santa Claus Ornament

Get the kids excited about Santa with these fun and festive Santa ornaments. You can pick up clear ornaments so inexpensively and they make the best crafts.

Nativity ornament with washi tape on tree.

31. Washi Tape Nativity Ornament

Turn a washi tape creation into a nativity ornament with just a few supplies needed. This is a great way to teach kids about the true meaning of Christmas.

Cinnamon Stick ribbon tree ornament.

32. Easy DIY Ribbon Tree Ornament

Fragrant cinnamon sticks combined with ribbon make the cutest Christmas tree ornament. Plus, it smells SO good hanging on your tree.

Collage of ornaments

33. Spruce Up Ornaments with Scrapbooking Supplies

Learn how to use items you have in your scrapbook supplies to turn plain ornaments into something magnificent. This is great to use up excess supplies.

Collage of ornaments

Which Christmas ornaments are your favorite?

I really love the ones that can be made with things I already have on hand. All of them are super easy to make and we plan to try quite a few of these handmade Christmas ornament ideas.

Give these DIY Christmas tree ornaments a try. Use what you have from a styrofoam ball to hot glue and acorns to have a blast with your kids!


Collage of ornaments

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