Learn what to buy in after Christmas sales. These simple tips and tricks will save you money year round.

Here are the best 10 items to look for in the day after Christmas sales to save the most money. No just Christmas decorations! Check out these things that you’ll want to wait until AFTER Christmas to buy to find the best deals! #onecrazymom #afterchristmas #sales #moneysaving

What to buy in after Christmas sales

Any frugal shopper knows that the day after Christmas sales is one of the best days to shop. You can save tons of cash simply by stocking up.

There are lots of opportunities to look for, but some are better than others. These sales are worth waiting until after the holidays to buy. Shopping after Christmas is a great time to buy.

In fact, you can start holiday shopping for next year on December 26.

What usually goes on sale after Christmas?

Items such as a holiday gift set, holiday décor, winter clothing and more typically go on sale after Christmas. It is the time for deep discounts and better than black friday.

Here are the best 10 items to look for in the day after Christmas sales to save the most money. No just Christmas decorations! Check out these things that you’ll want to wait until AFTER Christmas to buy! #onecrazymom #afterchristmas #sales #moneysaving

What to buy in after Christmas sales?

1. Candy

I love grabbing candy right after the holidays when they put them on sale and I even freeze the chocolate for future use. For example, I take the Christmas M&Ms and use them for other holidays.

Simply separate your green and reds and use them for St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day respectively. You can get these holidays candies for as much as 90% off during after holiday sales.


2. Wrapping Paper

Many types of wrapping paper can easily be used for other things throughout the year. Not all of the designs are focused on Christmas.

Try to find wrapping paper that can be used for birthday, Valentine’s day and other events. Last year a bought a ton of solid red and solid green wrapping paper and used it for birthdays too.

You will find wrapping paper as much as 80% off.

3. Christmas lights

These twinkle lights, both indoor and outdoor, will be deeply slashed in price after Christmas. You can literally find them for next to nothing.

Why not stock up and be ready for the following seasons? Nobody likes paying full price for something like this. Last year I bought a TON of outside lights for half price and now my house looks beautiful at night.

4. Food and Baking Supplies

When the Christmas season hits, all kinds of cool seasonal cakes and supplies hit the shelves. Inevitably, these items will not sell out and be on the clearance shelf at the first of the year.

Grab cake mixes and frostings for a discounted price and get creative with how you use them. Don’t always check the holiday sections. You will often find these items in the regular grocery aisles during the holiday season.

5. Small Toys

These stocking stuffers are always really inexpensive and they are absolutely perfect to buy in advance. They don’t take up a ton of storage space and you will have plenty of uses for them throughout the year.

Birthdays, last minute gifts and even charities are all in need of this type of thing so stock up when you get the chance. We love to do the Operation Christmas Child boxes and these are just perfect.

6. Bakeware and Cookies

These are always overstocked for the holidays and you can grab some great bargains right after Christmas. Why not get them while they are at their cheapest? Sure they might have red handles, but they will still work great.

7. Gift Sets

This is a huge category but a very viable savings opportunity. Gift sets for the holidays are always going to be cheaper right after the holiday and many of them will go half price or better.

Grab them and toss out the packaging. The items inside are often packaged individually and it is like getting things for free. Why not grab them and break them down for savings and gifts through the year?

From fragrances to razors to lotions you will find these gift sets for half price or more.

8. Containers of all types

If you are like me, you use containers all year long. From Tupperware to simple bins, they will be cheaper at the end of the season. Yes, some of them might have a picture of Jolly old Saint Nick on them but they can still be used.

In fact, some nicer bins can be painted and have the holiday parts removed. Always check the grocery aisle for holiday ziplock containers for cheap.

9. Tape and Packing Supplies

This is one of my favorite things to stock up on simply because you will use them all year long. When you buy something at a super cheap price that you know you will use, it is a great feeling.

10. Holiday Decorations

What list would be complete without the decorations? Wreaths, ornaments, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, tinsel, ribbons, bows and countless other holiday items are slashed dramatically.

Find the ones you truly love the most and get them while they cost hardly nothing. If you do it right, you will never have to pay full price again for Christmas decor.

Those are my top 10 items to buy in the day after Christmas sales.

What items do you always snag post Christmas? Leave a comment and let us know what you buy post holiday.

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More Ways to Save Money:

Here are the best 10 items to look for in the day after Christmas sales to save the most money. These items are not just decorations that you will find cheap. Check out these things that you’ll want to wait until AFTER Christmas to buy! #onecrazymom #afterchristmas #sales #moneysaving

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