35 Easy Christmas Crafts for Teens that make great Christmas gifts for friends and family. Explore these ideas for inexpensive Christmas ornaments, gifts, and more.

35 Easy Christmas Crafts for Teens that make great Christmas gifts for friends and family. Explore these ideas for inexpensive Christmas ornaments, gifts, and more. These crafts are so much fun to make and perfect for Teens. #onecrazymom #christmascraftsforteens #christmascrafts

Easy Christmas Crafts for Teens

If your teen loves to craft, we have over 30 Christmas Craft Ideas. These Christmas themed craft projects are perfect for older kids. Try these DIY Projects for an easy craft for Christmas decorations or gifts.

It is a win win because they are so much fun to make. For even more ideas, try these easy Crafts for Teens.

35 Easy Christmas Crafts for Teens and Tweens that make great Christmas gifts. Explore these ideas for inexpensive Christmas ornaments, gifts, and more. These crafts are so much fun to make and perfect for Teens. #onecrazymom #christmascraftsforteens #christmascrafts

This DIY Christmas Birdseed Ornament is the perfect gift and so much fun to make. It is useful and will look so pretty hanging outside to feed the birds. You can make several of these for lots of great gifts.

DIY Cookie Cutter Birdseed Ornament
These easy DIY birdseed ornaments make a perfect homemade gift at Christmas. They also make a nice ornament for your tree and serve a functional purpose by feeding hungry songbirds in winter. And all you to make them is a bit of birdseed, some gelatine and a little water.
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2. Vintage Button Wreath Ornaments

This Vintage Ornament is created with buttons. Grab your glue gun and get started with this fabulous ornament with simple supplies.

Vintage Button Wreath Ornaments See the Recipe

3. Styrofoam Ball Fabric Scrap Ornament

If you have scrap fabric, use it to transform a plain styrofoam ball. It makes an incredible ornament with very little expense.

Styrofoam Ball Fabric Scrap Ornament
If you love having homemade Christmas ornaments for the tree then you are in for a real treat today. These beautiful Styrofoam Ball Fabric Scrap Ornaments will look amazing on your tree! 
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4. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

These darling snowflakes are actually popsicle sticks. Teens will have so much fun painting and putting these together.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes
These popsicle stick snowflakes are perfect winter crafts for kids (and adults!) that you can display in your home
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5. DIY String Art Christmas Tree with Wire

You do not have to spend a bunch of money on gorgeous art work. Learn how to make string art for a really cool focal point.

DIY String Art Christmas Tree with Wire
Have you ever wanted to try String Art? I have but today I’m going to share a twist on string art with this String Art Christmas Tree.
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6. Pinecone Reindeer 

Gather pinecones from your yard and make Reindeer with them. They are so cute with googly eyes and red pom poms for a nose.

Pinecone Reindeer
Now that Halloween is over, we can officially get into the Christmas mood without feeling like we missed fall, right? These cute little reindeer are the perfect way to ease your way into holiday crafti
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7. Macrame Candy Cane Ornaments

It is so much fun to create macrame crafts and this is themed for the holidays. You can make red and green candy canes for a really pretty ornament.

Macrame Candy Cane Ornaments
In the second in my series of handmade, macrame ornaments, we have the Christmas classic – Candy Canes! Christmas DIY’s really get me in the spirit. I pop on Elf or play some carols and at the end I get to hang my ornament on the tree.
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8. Melting Snowman Ornament 

Pick up a few of those clear plastic ornaments and create melting Snowman Ornaments. These easy step by step instructions make it easy to create.

Melting Snowman Ornament
These melting snowman ornaments are absolutely darling and totally easy to create. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make these DIY Christmas ornaments with the kids!
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9. DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments

Embroidery hoop ornaments looks festive and add a vintage touch to your Christmas tree.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments
Making handmade Christmas ornaments is a family tradition we enjoy as a family. We choose a new theme every year, so it keeps things fresh. This year we are making embroidery hoop ornaments in the colors of a candy cane.
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10. Easy Winter Gnome DIY

If you love gnomes or know someone who does, this is the perfect craft to do. There are two options to choose from that are both so much fun.

Easy Winter Gnome DIY
Let’s make simple DIY winter gnomes today. We’ll be making two versions using both a mason jar and a sock. Just in time for Christmas and holiday decor!
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11. Mason Jars

You can use acrylic paint to transform jars into adorable reindeer, snowmen and more. This is so easy and a ton of fun to create.

Mason Jars
 First, on my list was this adorable set of Christmas mason jars. I didn’t want to keep it to myself, so I created this tutorial on how to paint mason jars for Christmas.
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12. DIY Unicorn Ornament with a Mason Jar Ring

This is the best gift for unicorn fans. It starts with a mason jar ring and transforms into this darling Unicorn with yarn.

DIY Unicorn Ornament with a Mason Jar Ring
Making your own ornaments is always a fun Christmas activity and it’s even better if it’s a DIY unicorn ornament!
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13. Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers

Jazz up your pencils with Christmas tree toppers for an adorable gift for teens to hand out.

Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers
This Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers craft is a cinch to make, but the glittery foam makes them look super festive. What makes me feel even more festive is to think about how hard my daughter worked on these pencil toppers
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14. Sew Rice Hand Warmers 

Follow these easy steps to make Rice Hand Warmers. You can use scrap fabric to make several of these for practical gifts.

Sew Rice Hand Warmers
Rice hand warmers are quick to sew, affordable, and make wonderful gifts for the holidays. This tutorial will show you how to create them in a few easy steps.
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15. DIY Snow Globe Mason Jar

Snow Globes are so pretty and whimsical. Gather your mason jars and create snow globes for such a pretty gift that is a blast to make.

DIY Snow Globe Mason Jar
My point is that Christmas isn’t remembered in gifts, but rather memories of time spent with loved ones. I’m going to try to slow down this year and participate in more fun activities with my kids. This easy DIY snow globe from a mason jar will be the first!
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16. Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

This ornament is a precious keepsake that is perfect for parents, grandparents and more. It will be so sweet to look back over the years and see this on the Christmas tree.

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments
They were so cute to see as I unpacked them this year that I knew we had to do a new version this year.
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17. Felt and Pine cones Owl Ornaments

With the combination of nature items and a little bit of felt, these Owl Ornaments come together fast and easy. This craft is inexpensive and so cute.

Felt and Pinecone Owl Ornaments
Time for another kid’s craft! A couple weeks ago we shared our felt and pine cone turkeys with googly eyes. And today we bring you our pine cone owl ornaments. Though we’re making these as holiday tree ornaments, they’re a hoot to craft any time of the year.
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18. Felt Vintage-Style Christmas Baubles

Felt is so simple to layer for a gorgeous ornament. This craft is colorful and pretty.

Felt Vintage-Style Christmas Baubles
It’s not too early to start planning and making Christmas crafts, and here’s a fun felt project from Laura of Bugs and Fishes that would make a great kick-off craft for the season.
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19. Melted Bead Ornaments

Pony Beads are easy to use to make ornaments. Choose the colors you love the most and let your imagination run wild.

Melted Bead Ornaments
These melted bead ornaments are SO MUCH FUN. I could get addicted to making these! Using simple pony beads, you can make cookie cutter shapes, beautiful free handed patterns, sun catchers, or anything you like! 
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20. Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments are shimmery and stunning. Choose your favorite colors and make an assortment of snowflake ornaments.

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments
Add a touch of magic to your Christmas tree with a few sparkling beaded snowflake ornaments
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21. DIY Quilled Nativity Scene

This simple Nativity Scene is the perfect reminder of what the season is really about.

DIY Quilled Nativity Scene
This DIY Quilled Nativity Scene makes adorable decor, and is a perfect Nativity Christmas craft for your family! Simply place the finished craft in a frame (without the glass) and display it in your home. 
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22. DIY Nativity Ornament

Learn how to make a Nativity Ornament with felt and only minimum sewing involved with thread and needle. It is a great keepsake to keep or give away during the Christmas season.

DIY Nativity Ornament
This adorable DIY Felt Nativity Ornament Craft is the perfect hand sewing project to make this Christmas.
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23. Button Christmas Tree Stack Ornament

Stack buttons to form a Christmas tree complete with a star on top. It is so pretty and a great gift.

Button Christmas Tree Stack Ornament
Make an adorable stacked Christmas tree out of buttons! You can hang it up on your Christmas tree or attach to a gift bag for the holidays. 
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24. Wooden Slice Rudolph Ornament

Rudolph Ornaments made with wooden slices are so cute and festive to make.

Wooden Slice Rudolph Ornament
A fun Rudolph craft for kids, these Wood Slice Rudolph Ornaments are super simple to make with just a few everyday craft materials and make a cute addition to your Christmas decor.
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25. Wooden Slice Snowman Ornament

These snowmen are made from wooden slices and simple embellishments added for the perfect touch. You can use any type of fabric you have to create the scarves.

Wooden Slice Snowman Ornament
A fun snowman craft for kids, these Wooden Slice Snowman Ornaments are super easy to make and add some rustic glamour to your Christmas decor.
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26. Burlap Christmas Wreath

Simple burlap is rustic and charming on this Christmas wreath. With a few simple berries and embellishments, it is the perfect wreath for Christmas.

Burlap Christmas Wreath
It’s that time of year when we want to spruce up our homes for the holidays! We are going to learn how to make a burlap wreath for Christmas and it is so simple to do.
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27. Mason Jar Ring Wreath

Don’t toss those old mason jar rings. Instead, turn them into a wreath ornament for your tree. Simple twine wrapped around the rings make it easy to create a wreath ornament.

Mason Jar Ring Wreath Ornament
You probably have several mason jar lids in your drawer. Learn how to transform them into a festive mason jar lid ornament.
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28. Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments

Customize these Chalkboard Ornaments for the perfect gift for teachers, friends, neighbors and more.

Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments
Learn how to make Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments for a festive personalized gift idea. With a few craft supplies, anyone can make this DIY to enjoy during the holiday season.
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29. Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece

With a little bit of paint and scrap burlap, teens can easily transform them into a rustic centerpiece. Add a bit of greenery and tuck in cinnamon sticks for added charm.

Mason jar centerpiece ideas
Are you looking for mason jar centerpiece ideas that are simple but pretty? This rustic Christmas centerpiece is so charming and just perfect for the holiday season.
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30. Christmas Potpourri

Not only does this smell amazing with orange slices and more but it is easy to make. Potpourri is the perfect gift to hand out. You can make a large batch easily without much work or expense.

How to make Christmas potpourri that smells amazing!
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31. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Tie ribbon on cinnamon sticks to create the perfect Christmas tree ornament. It is stunning and smells great too. DIY Ornaments are so much fun to make.

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament 
This DIY Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament is quick and easy. The cinnamon scent is festive and your house will smell amazing.
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32. Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder

Pick up a glass candle holder at your local dollar store or find one at home. Attach red and green embellishments to make this perfect for the holiday season.

 DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder 
Looking to jazz up your holiday decor on a budget? Try this DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder that takes only minutes to make and leaves a festive glow for your home.
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33. Christmas Garland

Learn how to turn plain garland into rustic and gorgeous garland for your mantle. This is a fun craft and will save you money from buying the expensive ready made garland with Christmas lights.

Easy DIY Christmas Garland
Garland makes your home so festive for Christmas. This DIY Christmas garland is perfect for the mantle or anywhere you need a festive touch. Plus, it's so easy to make even the kids can help.
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34. Cinnamon Ornaments

Let the scents of the season warm your home with these amazing Cinnamon Ornaments. Teens can make any shape and design for an assortment of ornaments. It is a fun way to make ornaments and one of the best ideas for the whole family.

Cinnamon Ornaments
These Cinnamon Ornaments are so easy to make and they smell amazing. Your family will love making these cinnamon applesauce ornaments each year!
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35. Salt Dough Ornaments

This timeless craft is always a fun activity to make. You can use cookie cutters for specific shapes or make handprints for lasting memories. the ideas are endless and these certainly make great gifts.

Homemade Salt Dough Ornaments
Salt Dough Ornaments are so easy to make and super fun for kids. They also provide lasting memories that you can cherish for years to come. Learn how to make salt dough ornaments for the perfect afternoon craft activity.
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35 Easy Christmas Crafts for Teens and Tweens that make great Christmas gifts for friends and family. Explore these ideas for frugal Christmas ornaments, gifts, and more. These crafts are so much fun to make and perfect for Teens. #onecrazymom #christmascraftsforteens #christmascrafts

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