These Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas are creative and easy. 15 Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas for any occasion.

These Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas are creative and easy. 15 Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas for any occasion. Ideas include hostess gift, holidays, birthday and more. Choose from simple homemade packaging ideas that anyone can make. #onecrazymom #winebottlegiftwrappingideas

Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas

It is often difficult to wrap a bottle of wine creatively. Sometimes, you want to make it look extra special and wrap the wine bottle but need ideas. We have 15 creative wine bottle gift wrapping ideas that you can easily do.

From holiday themed ideas to simple gift tags and more, wine lovers will love these clever gift wrap ideas for wine bottles. We also love to use these gift wrapping hacks.

These Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas are creative and easy. 15 Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas for any occasion. Ideas include hostess gift, holidays, birthday and more. Choose from simple and easy homemade packaging ideas that everyone will absolutely love. #onecrazymom #winebottlegiftwrappingideas

1. DIY Deco Mesh Bottle Wrap

Turn a store bought gift into a cute presentation for friends and family. Simply wrap the entire bottle of wine in deco mess. Tie with a bow or piece of burlap to hold everything together.

DIY Deco Mesh Bottle Wrap
Festive and fun, using deco mesh to wrap that special bottle of wine, beer or champagne will wow your giftee and make your gift that much more special.
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2. Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Learn how to make a fabric gift bag for wine bottles. This is easy to make and reusable. Gift recipients will love this.

Wine Bottle Gift Bags
This gift bag can be made from fabric scraps from other projects and will add a festive flair to your bottle. Our step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how to make a DIY fabric gift bag.
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3. Wine Gift Basket

Choose a pretty basket and create an assortment of wines and snacks. Make sure to add lots of filling to the basket so the bottles will not break. You can snacks and accessories that pair well with the wine you are giving. We love these cake mix cookies or this Garlic and Onion Cheddar Cheese Ball.

Wine Gift Basket
A wine gift basket makes an excellent gift for many occasions. Whether you want to congratulate newlyweds, celebrate a co-worker or dote on the wine lover in your life, the combination of wine, foods and accessories offers both practical and experiential delights.
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4. Holiday Wine Bottle Bouquets

Turn a wine bottle into a holiday bouquet with kraft paper. This DIY idea is very simple to do and looks great. You can easily adapt this to other occasions. Wrap the wine bottle in tissue paper and then in the brown kraft paper.

Holiday Wine Bottle Bouquets
Domestic Daddy's 'Holiday Wine Bottle Bouquets' are the perfect gift for craft lovers. The DIY gift wrap design is inexpensive and easy to design in a haste before birthdays, Christmas parties or New Years events.
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5. Wooden Box

If you desire something more stable and permanent, place the wine in a wooden box for gifting. This can be used again and again.

Wooden Box
Best of all, learning the right way to build a wooden box is helpful for many future wood projects, as the fundamentals have a lot of crossover with more complex projects like furniture building. 
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6. Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Repurpose a sweater sleeve into the perfect gift bag for wine. It is will protect the top of the bottle as well as the neck of the bottle. Plus, it looks so festive for winter parties.

Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Gift Bags
These are perfect for those bottles of wine you are gifting this year as well as for host/hostess gifts, housewarming parties and special occasions!  The Sweater Sleeve just makes it “cozy” for the holidays!
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7. Tea Towel

Wrap the wine in a tea towel to protect the bottle and serve as another gift. You can choose a towel for the occasion or match the event. Add a pretty ribbon and the look is complete.

Tea Towel
Make a two in one hostess gift with this easy tutorial showing how to wrap a wine bottle in a tea towel for gifting!
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8. Tiktok Wrapping Hack

There are several ideas to choose from that will make the bottle of wine look fancy and gorgeous. Choose the one that works best for you.

Tiktok Wrapping Hack
Chantel Mila, a TikTok user from Melbourne, recently shared the ultimate hack for wrapping bottles to make them look super fancy.
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9. Flower Wine Gift Bag

This gorgeous bag is adorned with a flower and can be used over and over. It is the perfect bag for wine and so pretty.

Flower Wine Gift Bag
I’m back with another Valentine’s day gift idea! And in my quest to think of gift ideas that are actually useful and not just additional junk, I thought of one gift that I know I would LOVE to receive any time of year. A bottle of wine!
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10. Fast & Easy Way to Gift Wrap

If you are looking for a really simple and fast gift wrap method, try this idea. You won’t need much time or supplies to accomplish this look.

Fast & Easy Way to Gift Wrap
When you are invited to dinner or a party and want to bring a bottle of wine to take as a hostess gift, here is a way to make the bottle look more festive.
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11. Sock Gift-Wrapping

Wrap the bottle of wine in a pair of socks and attach this cute printable and a bow. It is a lovely gift and the recipient will love the comfy socks along with the wine. The printable completes the look for a fun gift idea.

Sock Gift-Wrapping
My gift package consisted of a bottle of wine, a pair of socks and a crochet star.  To complete the gift, I designed and printed a Wine/Whine poem to thank them for all their hard work and for putting up with the little whiner in our family.  The whole thing was then tied with a pretty ribbon.
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12. DIY Wrapping Paper

Learn how to make gift bags out of a piece of wrapping paper. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on gift bags when it is so easy to make your own. This project is easy to make using supplies you probably already have.

DIY Wrapping Paper
Get creative with wrapping gifts and make your own gift bags out of wrapping paper. Beautiful packaging makes opening a gift that much more exciting and special, even more so if it's handmade! 
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13. Cloth Gift Wrapping

Scrap cloth is the perfect way to wrap and present a bottle of wine as a gift. You might already have some at home or you can buy remnants at the craft store. Feel free to match the fabric to the occasion to make it extra special.

Cloth Gift Wrapping
Learn how to wrap a bottle of wine with cloth! Gift wrapping a bottle with cloth is a great eco-friendly and creative idea to gift wrap a wine bottle.
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14. Mother’s Day DIY Wine Gift Wrap

Add a personal touch with this gift wrap method. It only takes a few minutes and the gift wrap idea will be personalized.

Mother’s Day DIY Wine Gift Wrap
Mother’s Day is coming up and, as always, organic wine is the perfect gift for the occasion. And to give it a more personal touch, here’s a wine gift wrapping DIY that will make your present look even better in just a few minutes.
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15. Crepe Paper Wine Bottle Wraps

Crepe paper and flowers easily transform a bottle of wine into a stunning gift. It is so pretty topped with the flower and makes a lovely hostess gift and more.

Crepe Paper Wine Bottle Wraps
This fun crepe paper amaryllis flower is surprisingly simple to make and turns a traditional host or hostess gift into something rather wonderful.
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These Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas are creative and easy. 15 Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Ideas for any occasion. Ideas include hostess gift, holidays, birthday and more. Choose from easy DIY packaging ideas that everyone will love. #onecrazymom #winebottlegiftwrappingideas

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