20 Gift Wrapping Hacks to wrap a present perfectly for all occasions. Learn how to add creative finishing touches to any shaped gift. We have the best tips for wrapping gifts for Christmas, birthdays and more.

20 Gift Wrapping Hacks to wrap a present perfectly for all occasions. Learn how to add creative finishing touches to any shaped gift. We have the best tips for wrapping gifts for Christmas, birthdays and more. Learn how to make a gift bag and frugal wrapping paper ideas. #onecrazymom #giftwrappinghacks #giftwrappingtips

Gift Wrapping Hacks

Everyone loves to get a pretty wrapped box or gift. We have 20 gift wrapping tips to spruce up your gift with gift tags, tulle, nature and much more. There are so many fun and creative hacks for wrapping gifts.

You will also find tips and tricks for using what you have when you run out of supplies and more. Give these fun hacks a try and your gifts will turn out gorgeous. These creative ideas will work for items of all shapes from little gifts and large gifts to oddly shaped gifts.

20 Gift Wrapping Hacks to wrap a present for all occasions. Learn how to add creative finishing touches to any gift. We have the best tips for wrapping gifts for Christmas, birthdays and more. Learn how to make a gift bag and frugal wrapping paper ideas. #onecrazymom #giftwrappinghacks #giftwrappingtips

1. Tulle for Ribbon

Tulle can instantly transform a gift during the holiday season and year round. There are so many colors to choose from and tulle is very inexpensive. We are a fan of doing this year round to jazz up any platform into something spectacular.

How to Use Tulle for Ribbon for Gifts
Learn how to use tulle ribbon for gifts. It is so pretty on presents and very inexpensive. This is perfect to use year round.
See the Recipe

2. Christmas Gift Wrap

Get creative and use coloring sheets for wrapping paper and crayons for a topper instead of a bow. This is so clever and you won’t have any waste.

We love to pick up several packs of crayons during back to school when they are cheap. It’s one of our favorite deals and you can attach with a loop of regular tape.

5 Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas
Today we are going to learn how to wrap gifts creatively. Learn a new Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea to use this year as you start wrapping your gifts.
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3. Tapeless Gift Wrapping Method

If you ran out of double sided tape to hold down the side of the paper, learn this tapeless technique. It is so handy and you will love this easy trick with a triangular flap.

Can you really wrap a gift without tape?
A better question: Can you wrap one well without tape?
According to TikTok, the answer is a resounding yes. Holiday hacks have been popping up all over the app lately, but for the last-minute gift-planner, one stands out above the rest.
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4. Gift Wrapping for $1 or Less

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a brown paper bag and how it can transform a gift. Tie with bakers twine and attach pine cones, berries and more. The ideas are endless and brown paper goes with every occasion.

Beautiful DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for $1 or less (So Easy!)
So true. Who needs fancy gift wrapping supplies when we have something so timeless? The humble brown paper and a few things gathered from nature can offer us endless possibilities when it comes to Christmas DIY gift wrapping and beyond!
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5. Gift Wrap with Snow Covered Pine Cones

These easy to make snow covered pine cones will be so pretty on the top of your gift. You can easily attach to the top flap with string. Feel free to add a long piece of ribbon or festive ornament as well.

It is easy to attach using the top hole of the ornament. Make sure you are using a clean plastic ornament.

3-Minute DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones & Branches
Want some winter magic or dreaming of a white Christmas? These DIY snow covered pine cones & branches will instantly transport you to an enchanted snowy wonderland!
See the Recipe

6. Potato-Stamped Gift Wrap

Get out a potato and some paint to spruce up the sides of the box and all around. You can do different designs, shapes and more. This is fun for small items and large items. Save the remaining paper to use for other occasions.

How to Make Potato-Stamped Gift Wrap
Instead of purchasing a roll of wrapping paper at the store, bring your kids around the table to make custom hand-stamped paper with potatoes and paint. This old-school craft project is still a great way to get kids involved in the season of giving.
See the Recipe

7. Paper Straw Stars

You probably already have some paper straws at home and you can turn them into the perfect gift topper. It is a fun way to decorate a gift.

 I love this last wrapping idea because you don’t need glue or tape to make it happen — just string and straws and some mad cool folding skills.
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8. 2 Minute Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper

If you need a gift bag but don’t have one, transform wrapping paper into a bag. Just add tissue paper to the top of the bag and you are set.

This unique way is budget friendly and cute. You can also use a festive handbag for a gift bag when you come to the end of the paper.

The Fastest & Easiest DIY Gift Bags from Gift Wrap or Any Paper {in 2 Minutes!}
Remember all those times when we wished there was a gift bag handy for a spontaneous moment of gift giving? This FASTEST, never-seen-before way to make gift bags of all sizes, from gift wrap or any paper is the perfect hack for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day etc!
See the Recipe

9. Washi Tape Christmas Tree Treat Bag

Round up your collection of washi tape and use it to make the perfect design on a gift bag or treat bag with diamond shape sequins. You can also use washi tape to hold down the flaps on packages or for an extra strip to secure the bottom corners or backside.

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to package up a simple treat or gift card have I got something for you!  This literally takes seconds to make and is oh so cute! 
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10. Gift Bow

Learn how to make a gift bow that is full and gorgeous. Your packages and gifts will look stunning with this simple DIY.

How to make a gift bow
We’re definitely in full-on holiday spirit over here at the 100LC headquarters! Shopping, wrapping, baking, the works.
See the Recipe

11. Trader Joe’s Holiday Shopping Bags Gift Wrap

Do you love to shop at Trader Joe’s? Turn an old bag into the perfect gift wrap. You can add snippets of curly ribbon, washi tape, baker’s twine or any embellishments you love.

Think outside the box and use toilet paper tubes and more to hold gifts and then wrap. You can even use cotton balls to arrange into a snow globe design on the paper.

Trader Joe’s & A Little Red See the Recipe

12. Gift Wrapping with Buttons

Buttons come in an assortment of colors and can easily be used to jazz up a gift. The finished product will be gorgeous.

Gift wrapping with buttons
Buttons can be so pretty and why not use them for a gift wrapping out of the ordinary? I got the idea from a picture I saw over at Blank Supplies, an Australian online store with inspirational images and DIY’s. It’s not difficult at all. 
See the Recipe

13. Viral Gift Wrapping 

Try these viral tips and tricks to wrap the perfect gift. You might be surprised how easy it is.

Viral gift wrapping hacks for this holiday season
Wrapping gifts is an essential part of celebrating Christmas. There’s nothing more special than coming down on Christmas morning and finding a bunch of presents under the tree.
See the Recipe

14. Wrap a Gift Box Like a Pro

With a few simple embellishments like ribbon, candy and more, a plain gift is transformed into something magical. You will use less wrapping paper and save money.

How to Gift Wrap a Box to Look Like a Pro
‘Tis the season for trying to figure out how to wrap a present or two! Despite how tempting it is to pop everything in a gift bag, there are plenty of hacks that will take your wrap job from drab to fab.
See the Recipe

15. Gift Wrapping Trick Geometry

If you love the science behind things, check out this hack on how to cut the perfect amount of paper. You will never ben left with 4-5 strips of paper that is not big enough.

Try This Gift-Wrapping Hack to Cut Back on Wasted Paper
Not sure how to wrap a present? Consider learning the diagonal gift wrap hack, which is age-old wisdom in some circles—a graduate student even wrote a paper about the math of the perfect gift wrap in 2007, and it’s how Subway sandwich artists already wrap your lunch.
See the Recipe

16. Tiktok Gift Wrap Hacks

These hacks will make you look like a gift wrapping professional without hardly any work. You don’t need a ton of extra supplies and might already have what you need for the sides of the accordion style and more. This ribbon handle hack is so cool.

12 Gift Wrapping Hacks on TikTok That Will Turn You Into a Holiday Gifting Pro
Seeing loved ones eagerly open their gifts during the holidays is such a joy, but the same can’t be said for when it comes wrapping the gifts.
See the Recipe

17. Tiktok Wrapping Paper

From ribbon and simple paper ideas, these tricks will have you well on your way to being a master gift wrapper. This is the best basic wrapping hack.

11 TikTok Wrapping Paper Hacks That Make Wrapping Presents An Art Form
Wrapping presents can be unnecessarily difficult at times, with all the ribbon, tape, and wrapping paper that you have to deal with all at the same time. Even when you know how to do it, it can be hard to actually make it look good! So instead of just telling you ideas for keeping your gifts looking sharp, we thought we'd show you with these 11 hacks found on TikTok.
See the Recipe

18. Holiday Gift Wrapping

Save money on gift wrapping by using some of these ideas.

Holiday Gift-Wrapping Hacks
Your holiday shopping might be done, but now you're faced with a pile of gifts to wrap. (The average American spends three hours wrapping each year, according to Consumer Reports, and collectively, we spend $3.2 billion on wrapping paper, according to Hallmark.)
See the Recipe

19. One Grandma’s Gift Wrap

Assign everyone a gift wrapping color, pattern or theme but wait to identify it until later. The suspense is inevitable and will be a breeze to do.

One grandma’s gift wrapping hack to end frustration & build suspense
Christmas time was always fun for me as a kid because my mom put so much thought and effort into not only the gifts she bought, but also into how she wrapped and distributed them. 
See the Recipe

20. Gift Wrap with No Tape

I hate running out of tape when wrapping presents. This easy trick will help you avoid frustration and get the whole thing wrapped.

Easy gift wrap hacks that are all pretty and no pressure
We’ve all been there: You think you have what you need to wrap that gift at home, but turns out you’re woefully short on tape. Or someone used the last of the wrapping paper and didn’t tell you. Or you do indeed have a gift bag ready and waiting, but it’s wayyyy smaller than you thought.
See the Recipe

Skip the store and try one of the best hacks for wrapping gifts.

20 Gift Wrapping Hacks to wrap a present perfectly for all occasions. Learn how to add creative finishing touches to any gift. We have the best tips for wrapping gifts for Christmas, birthdays and more. Learn how to make a gift bag and  wrapping paper ideas. #onecrazymom #giftwrappinghacks #giftwrappingtips

More easy hacks to try:

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