We have 30 Easter egg decorating ideas that are so easy and the kids will love. Gather the family together and make lots of sweet memories with these fun ideas to try.

We have 30 Easter egg decorating ideas that are easy and the kids will love. Get the entire family together and try these fun and creative ideas. You will love these simple DIY egg decorating ideas. #onecrazymom #easterideas #eastereggs #DIY

Easter egg decorating ideas

If you are like my family then you look forward to decorating Easter eggs with the kids each year and trying new decorating ideas.  I thought it would be fun to give you some decorating ideas that won’t break the bank.

All of these ideas are super easy to do and very inexpensive. We like to keep things simple around here while still having tons of fun!

Each year the kids want to do something different, from coloring designs before they dye them to doing a little mod podge.

We have 30 Easter egg decorating ideas that are easy and the kids will love. Get the entire family together and try these fun and creative ideas that will make the cutest eggs. You will love these simple DIY egg decorating ideas. #onecrazymom #easterideas #eastereggs #DIY

How to cook eggs for decorating

We like to make a big batch of hard boiled eggs. We have a trick for that too.

Both of these ideas work great and allow you to make a large quantity of boiled eggs at once. You don’t get that yucky hard boiled smell from using the stove top and you can do a lot at once. It is a win-win!

Mother and child dying eggs.

How to decorate an egg for Easter?

There are so many ideas from dyeing your eggs with kool aid and shaving cream to painting and more.

You can use temporary tattoos, permanent markers, paint pens and drops of food coloring to decorate eggs. The ideas are endless for colored eggs.

Just make sure to let them dry completely. Keep reading for so many fun and creative ideas to decorate eggs.

Is it safe to paint Easter eggs with acrylic paint?

Yes, the eggs are just for decoration so it is fine to use acrylic paint. Plus, this type of paint covers well and is inexpensive.

What kind of vinegar do you use to decorate eggs?

White vinegar is typically used to decorate eggs. Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used but can change the color hue so keep that in mind.

Kool Aid eggs in a bowl.

1. Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

Try this fun and not so messy way for you and your little ones to color Easter eggs this year! Use Kool-Aid to decorate your eggs and the kids will love seeing all of the pretty colors.

Tie Dye eggs on grass.

2. Tie Dye Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Learn how to tie dye Easter Eggs with shaving cream. It is so simple and very frugal to make shaving cream eggs!

Water color eggs sitting on counter.

3. Water Color Easter Eggs

Turn eggs into your canvas when you bring out the water color paints. Kids will love to decorate eggs with lots of pretty water colors.

Tisue paper eggs on pink easter grass.

4. Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Use tissue paper to decorate eggs and create fun designs. I bet you could also use washi tape for more ideas.

Glittered easter eggs in basket with moss.

5. Glittered Easter Eggs with Mod Podge

Turn eggs into a glittered masterpiece with a little help from mod podge. It is so pretty!

Button and lace eggs in glass jar with lid.

6. Buttons and Lace Easter Eggs

Lace and twine look so pretty on these dainty Easter eggs. Not only is this a fun activity but you have gorgeous eggs to use as decor. It is so easy to make these pretty eggs.

Glitter dipped eggs in bowl.

7. Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs

If you love all things glitter, give these dipped glitter eggs a try. This is a fun spin on a traditional decorated egg and a ton of fun.

Rainbow eggs on clear stand.

8. Rainbow Easter Eggs

These eggs are so bright and cheerful and just a blast to make. Find out how to make these gorgeous Easter eggs.

Chalkboard eggs with designs.

9. Chalkboard Eggs

Use chalkboard paint to decorate Easter eggs. You can write cute sayings on these eggs for lots of fun.

Decoupage eggs in white bowl.

10. Decoupage Easter Eggs

Turn plain eggs into a masterpiece with these decoupage eggs. Get the simple and fun DIY instructions.

Hot Glue Easter Eggs sitting together.

10. Hot Glue Easter Eggs

Use hot glue to create really cool techniques on eggs. You probably already have what you need on hand to make these cool eggs.

Easter egg with bling in hands.

11. Easter Egg Bling

Everything is better with bling and these fun ideas for Easter eggs will have lots of dazzle.

Marbled Eggs on stand.

12. Marbled Easter Eggs

Grab some wooden eggs and acrylic paint to make these adorable marbled eggs. The eggs here are so fun to make and the perfect decor to use.

Eggs with jewels in egg container.

13. Decorative Easter Eggs

Plastic eggs get a fun makeover with lots of jewels and stickers. This is such an easy and mess free idea to decorate eggs.

Art designed eggs with swirls.

14. Artsy Egg Decorating

This idea is so fun with a white out pen. Get creative and make a ton of fun designs.

Fuzzy eggs with pastel colors.

15. Fuzzy Eggs

Not only are these Fuzzy Eggs so fun to make but they look precious. You can put these in Easter baskets or use as decor.

Eggs in crate decorated with melted crayons.

16. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

This method is a creative way to decorate eggs and use old crayons. Everyone will love this fun technique.

Eggs decorated with crayons on white tray.

17. Crayon Egg Decorating

Use crayons to dry on eggs while they are still hot to make a really fun design. This technique results in such pretty Easter eggs.

Eggs in carton with googly eyes.

18. Googly Eye Eggs

There is always something so fun about googly eyes. Use them to decorate Easter eggs for a fun activity for kiddos.

Mosaic egg with blue and white in carton.

19. Mosaic Easter Eggs

In just a few easy steps, you can make mosaic eggs for an impressive craft. The idea is super easy but tons of fun.

Emoji eggs in carton.

20. DIY Emoji Eggs 

Let everyone choose their own emoji and make these fun eggs. Find out how to make these super cool emoji eggs.

Pipe Cleaners around eggs for bunny years.

21. Pipe Cleaner Bunny Eggs

This whimsical Egg design is so fun and a hit with younger children. The kids can choose their favorite colors of pipe cleaners.

Neon eggs against black background.

22. Neon Egg Dying

These swirled Neon colored eggs look so cool. You can also use glow in the dark paint and have a night time egg hunt.

Monster eggs in assorted colors.

23. Silly Monsters

Turn plain eggs into Silly Monsters with a few easy steps. This is definitely a kid approved and popular design to try.

Star Wars eggs in basket.

24. Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars fan will go crazy over these cool designs on Easter Eggs. They are so fun and easy with step by step instructions.

Emoji Eggs in carton.

25. Emoji Easter Eggs

Make a set of Emoji Eggs in an assortment of fun designs. They are super fun and sure to bring lots of smiles.

Chick eggs in egg carton with green Easter grass.

26. Chick Easter Eggs

These adorable little Chick Easter Eggs are so bright and whimsical. You will have a blast making these and they turn out fabulous.

Ice Cream Cone easter eggs with sprinkles around it.

27. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

These delightful ice cream cone eggs are so pretty and pastel. Choose the flavors you want to create by choosing an assortment of paint colors.

Speckled eggs in container.

28. Speckled Eggs

It is so fun and easy to make speckled eggs using rice. The design is so neat and a blast to create with the kids.

Drip dyed Easter eggs.

29. Drip Dyed Easter Eggs

These dry dyed eggs are so bright and vibrant. The process is really cool and the results are amazing.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs on fabric.

30. Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Learn how to tie dye eggs using paper towels. It is very easy to do and requires simple supplies.

Easter egg decorating ideas.

There are so many great ideas. Which one do you plan to try?

More Easter Ideas:

We have 30 Easter egg decorating ideas that are easy and the kids will love. Gather the family together and try these fun and creative ideas. You will love these simple DIY egg decorating ideas. #onecrazymom #easterideas #eastereggs #DIY

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