Easter is just around the corner. Check out this HUGE list of 50 Easter basket stuffers that are fun and budget friendly.

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Easter Basket Stuffers

I don’t know about your family but our kids love to wake up to find their Easter basket filled with goodies. We normally do one small toy, an outfit or clothing item, two different toys and maybe one trinket.

However, those can all add up if you are not careful. This list will help you fill that basket with frugal Easter basket stuffers. Your kids can enjoy a full basket without you breaking the bank.

No need to wander the store aisles when you can shop from the comfort of your home. This list has the best ideas to save you time and money.

An Easter Basket that has fallen over and candy and Easter eggs have fallen out of the basket.
Plastic easter eggs by nest filled with candy in a Easter basket on a wooden background

The best Easter basket stuffers for kids

You don’t even have to leave your house to fill your child’s Easter basket for less. Scroll through this list and snag a few that you know your child will love.

1. Play-Doh Spring Eggs Easter Eggs

Instead of candy eggs, surprise your kids with Easter eggs full of play dough.

2. It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny Book

Encourage a love of reading in this board book perfect for Easter.

3. Sidewalk Chalk

Kids love playing with sidewalk chalk. This is a guaranteed hit for Easter baskets.

4. Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt Book

Peppa Pig fans will go crazy over this Peppa Easter themed book. Plus, kiddos will love having family time reading a story.

5. Easter Egg Stampers

This is perfect for crafting and letting little ones stamp on paper. Everyone will have fun with egg stampers.

6. Easter Coloring Book and Crayon Set

Everything kids need to start coloring is included in these activity packs. There are several coloring books and crayons included if you have several kiddos.

7. Happy Easter, Mouse! Board Book

Board books make a great gift for younger children. This Easter themed book looks super fun.

8. Portable Travel Game

These 6 on the go travel games will make trips super fun. The game includes 2 separate notepads for lots of fun.

9. Bath Crayons

Kids will love playing with bath crayons in the tub. They can make all sorts of fun art work.

10. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter Board Book

Tuck this cute Easter board book into your child’s Easter basket. They will have a blast turning each page.

11. Egg Shaped Porcupine Balls

Get a set of 12 fun egg shaped balls for tons of fun. These are super cute.

12. Bag of Bunny Farts Cotton Candy

I bet kids will get a kick out of this bunny farts cotton candy.

13. Kinder Joy Eggs

Candy eggs with a toy inside make the best Easter basket filler. Kids will love these eggs.

14. Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure Book

Give this fun and whimsical Pete the Cat book to your child. It will provide tons of fun and make a great Easter gift.

15. Hoppy Clubhouse Easter Board Book

Kiddos that love Mickey Mouse will love this board book full of clubhouse fun.

16. Crayola: Washable Neon Sidewalk Paint

Provide hours of fun with this neon sidewalk paint kit. The colors are so vibrant.

17. Emoji Easter Eggs

Toss a few emoji eggs into your child’s Easter basket.

18. Smarties Candy Necklace

These candy necklaces are so much fun. What could be better than candy and jewelry.

19. Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

Bubbles always make such a fun gift. Parents will love these no spill tumblers.

20. Slinky Walking Spring Toy

This slinky is such a classic toy and provides tons of fun for kids.

21. Trucks Match Up Game and Floor Puzzle

Get the kids playing games with this combination of a puzzle, memory game and matching game. So fun.

22. Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game

Easy to store and fun to play with, this inflatable ring toss will be a hit.

23. Melissa & Doug Plush Bunny

Every Easter basket needs a soft and fluffy bunny in it.

24. Llama Llama Easter Egg Board Book

You can’t go wrong with Llama Llama books and this Easter book looks so neat.

25. Crayola My First Crayola Scribbled Egg Crayons

Younger kids will love these egg shaped crayons.

A little girl holding an Easter Basket with Easter eggs in the basket

26. Happy Easter, Little Critter Paperback Book

Grab this Little Critter book for an inexpensive Easter basket stuffer kiddos will enjoy.

27. Easter Rubber Ducky Party Favors

So many rubber ducks come in this set. It is perfect to split between multiple baskets.

28. Jumbo Easter Eggs

Fill these huge eggs with candy and more.

29. Kangaroo’s Easter Eggs with Toy Cars Inside

Each Easter egg has a fun surprise inside.

30. Easter Pop it

Easter themed pop its will be a huge hit with kids. These are so popular and kids will go crazy over these.

31. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Playing Cards

Play your favorite card games.

32. Bouncy Ball

These colorful bouncy balls are so fun.

33. Dinosaurs Eggs with Mini Toy

Each egg has a fun surprise inside.

34. Silly Putty

Every kid loves playing with silly putty.

35. Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny

Grab this board book for tons of fun.

36. Easter Egg Shakers

Get a 12 pack of musical percussion eggs. This is one of the best ideas for toddlers.

37. Stuffed Bunny Rabbit

Adorable bunny plush with floppy ears make a great gift.

38. Have a Silly Easter: Mad Libs

Mad libs provide so much fun and laughter.

39. Kids Fizzy Bubble Bath Bombs with Toy

Bath bombs themed for Easer look so fun.

40. Hog Wild Bunny Popper

This chocolate bunny shoots a foam ball up to 20 feet.

41. Shopkins Surprise Egg

Get a fun egg with a surprise inside.

42. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

Order this fun Lift-the-Flap Book. This interactive book will prvodie so much fun.

43. Slap Bracelets

Choose from an assortment of cool slap bracelets.

44. Easter Bling Necklace

Hide this pretty necklace inside an egg.

45. Flarp Noise Putty

Always a favorite with kids! This noisy putty is so fun.

46. Duck Plush

Soft and fluffy, this Easter duck plush is so adorable.

47. Pull Back Racer Cars

Choose from lots of fun race cars.

48. Minnie Easter Bonnet Parade Book

Includes Stickers and a book.

49. Mini Power Spiral Football

Keep the kids active with this cool football.

50. Dinosaur Wooden Puzzle

Educational and fun, this puzzle is a great basket stuffer.

Which one of these Easter basket stuffers do you like best?

There are numerous Easter basket ideas for babies toddlers and children of all ages. Everyone will love these ideas for kids that will make the best Easter basket gift.

Furthermore, each idea is budget friendly. These ideas are all around a hit. There are lots of different options if you are looking for non candy alternatives too.

From Easter toys and a stuffed animal, give these ideas a try. We have taken all of the work out of making the best Easter basket for your kiddos.

More fun Easter ideas:

Easter is just around the corner. Check out this HUGE list of 50 Easter basket stuffers that are fun and budget friendly. You are going to love these easy and affordable Easter Basket stuffer ideas for kids! #onecrazymom #easterideas #easterbasket #easterstuffers

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