Easter Slime is super easy with only 3 ingredients. The kids will have a blast making Easter egg slime and it looks so cool.

Easter Slime in eggs.

Easter Slime

Spring is around the corner so we thought it was a great time to make Easter Slime. With only 3 ingredients, this is one of the easiest slime recipes ever and your kids will think you are the best.

You do not need contact solution or boric acid to make this easy DIY recipe. It is so easy to make and a great family activity.

Once the slime has been made, get ready for lots of sensory play.

Easter Slime in eggs.

It is so fun and festive and just looks super cool. This is probably one of my favorite slime recipes because it is so easy and tons of fun.

How do you make Easter slime?

It is so easy. You only need 3 basic ingredients and you can make this Easter slime. This simple recipe does not even call for any contact lens solution or baking soda.

By simply combining glue, liquid starch and food coloring, anyone can easily make slime.

The kids will have loads of fun and the entire DIY is very inexpensive and simple to make. Keep reading for all of the fun details and slime supplies needed.

Ingredients: liquid starch, glue, dye

Ingredients for Easter Egg Slime

How to make slime for Easter

  • First, place the white glue in 2 separate mixing bowls.
2 bowls of glue
  • Next, add the pink food coloring to one bowl and the yellow food coloring to the other bowl. Then stir thoroughly.
Food coloring going into glue.
  • Slowly stir in the liquid starch into each bowl and stir until the color is well distributed.
Starch going into glue.
Bowls of slime mixture.
  • Stir the mixture. Once the glue starts to pull away from the bowl or stick to the spoon, remove from the bowl and mix with your hands.  If the slime is too sticky, add more liquid starch until it’s the consistency that you prefer.
2 colors of slime.
  • You will do this with the other color as well.
Slime in a hand.
Playing with slime.

It is so easy to make Easter slime.

I told you it was very simple to make. This is a blast to make and I bet the kids will want to make this an annual tradition.

If you have a yearly Easter egg hunt, this might be something fun to add to the list of activities. It is simple, frugal and also serves as a party favor.

We always have fun making slime but this slime is just even more fun. Once the slime forms, the kids will get so excited.

Easter Slime in eggs.

How to store:

We stored the slime inside Easter eggs to make this DIY even more festive. It takes it up a level and makes it even cuter.

Just make sure if you use Easter eggs, they are airtight and do not have holes or cracks. The slime needs to be inside a tight fitting container.

Other ideas include a mason jar or tupperware type container.

How do you make slime cute?

Since this is Easter slime, it is so much fun to actually store the slime in Easter eggs! The kids will absolutely love this!

There are tons of cute ones here.

You could also add glitter to the slime. This Easter slime is just a blast to make!

How do you make bunny slime?

You can also use this slime recipe to make bunny slime. Use old baby food containers or other small jars and put the slime inside.

Use construction paper to make ears and a cotton ball or pom pom for the nose. You can either draw whiskers or use pipe cleaners on the jar.

This would be fun for parties or to hand out to friends as an Easter gift. Everyone will go crazy over this cool slime recipe.

Easter Slime in eggs.

Bunny Slime Tips

  • Add more liquid starch if needed. Sometimes, the consistency can vary and more may be needed. Continue to add gradually until the slime is no longer sticky.
  • Make sure to use an airtight container to store slime or it will not last as long.
  • Try other colors. You can use any color of dye you like to make this Easter Slime. Let the kids choose their favorite colors and get creative.
Easter Slime being stretched.
Easter Slime being stretched.

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Easter slime being stretched.

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Easter Slime in eggs.

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