5 tips to help you learn how to save money at Old Navy. Get clothes for the entire family without spending a bunch of money.

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How to save money at Old Navy

Do you shop at Old Navy? We are going to give you the best tips and tricks to save even more money online or in store.

Old Navy is on the list of stores that we love. The entire store is very reasonably priced with cute and fashionable clothes. I always find something for everyone.

The prices are already great but these tips will help you save big on your next shopping trip. Let’s get started with these simple ideas to save even more money.

1. Search the Old Navy clearance sections thoroughly.

This is perhaps the best way to save at Old Navy.  Those clearance racks can get messy, so it really is difficult to spot all of the best deals.  

Attack those racks with patience though and you will likely find some hidden gems.  My last Old Navy clearance dive I spotted a cute v-neck top sporting our local university logo for $2. I also found some super cute sweaters for less than $4 each.  

It takes a little time and patience but you can get awesome clearance deals. You just need to dig through the clothes and see what you can find. It is rarely organized but definitely worth the effort.

2. Shop online and Old Navy Coupon Code . 

Shopping at Old Navy’s website is kind of awesome because they are one of the few retailers that allow you to stack Old Navy promo codes.  This is the same as stacking coupons at a brick and mortar store and can save you big bucks.

Old Navy allows you to stack 3 codes per online purchases. Clearance shopping is still a great idea when shopping online, only this way, it is more organized.

Just a note that Old Navy Super Cash can’t be stacked with other store coupons in a single transaction.

Photo of Old Navy store.

3. Register your email.  

This is a common tip for saving at most stores these days. The simple act of signing up for the Old Navy email newsletter will net you a coupon for 20% off.  You will also receive early notices of sales and discounts.

The coupon alone is worth signing up for emails from old navy store. They also have a rewards program

4. Know when the sales are happening.

Old Navy has some well know sales such as their $1 Flip Flop Sale, $10 Fleece Sale and other popular ones. Additionally, it is also helpful to know that Sundays and Mondays are Old Navy’s markdown days, which is when you will see new clearance items added.

If you can stop by your local store right after new markdowns, there are lots of great deals to score. The earlier you can get there the better the selection will be.

5. Old Navy Super Cash.

One of my favorite ways to save money is Old Navy Super Cash.  During a Super Cash sale, you will earn Super Cash with certain purchases.  

This “Cash” is given in denominations of $10 for every $25 that you spend. It can be used at a later date.  At redemption time, you do have to spend at least $25 to use it and you must use the Super Cash in specific increments such as $10 Super Cash when you spend $25.

Super Cash is unable to be combined with any other coupons during the redemption period. However, it still works out to a great deal.

Photo of Old Navy store.

Bonus tip: Consider an Old Navy credit card.

  • I don’t really like to push for credit cards, but if you can control your spending and pay off the card each month you can easily save some extra money. We have an Old Navy credit card that can be used anywhere.
  • However, we earn points for our purchases. Often, we can get double points like during the holidays and then earn FREE MONEY to use at Old Navy and Gap. Just recently I bought my girls $200 in clothing at Old Navy but I only paid $7.
  • That is because I had free Old Navy cash to use from my purchases on my Old Navy credit card. In fact, I put my fridge on there so I could earn those extra cash to get my girls some back to school clothing.
  • Remember, if you will not pay it off each month then don’t do it, but if you can… then consider an Old Navy Credit card.

So there are my 5 tips to help you save at Old Navy.

I know that Old Navy is a great place to shop for the entire family and still save a ton of money. Next time you shop at Old Navy consider these easy money saving tips to help you save big.

Also, if you happen to make a purchase and the price drops they will do a price adjustment up to 14 days.

As you can see the saving possibilities are endless. Get started today and watch the savings add up. You are going to love getting cute clothes for your family for a great deal.

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