Try one of these DIY Air Fresheners to make your home and car smell amazing. 25 homemade air fresheners that are all natural and frugal. These ideas will leave everything smelling fresh without chemicals.

Collage of Homemade Air Fresheners.

DIY Air Fresheners

It can be a challenge to keep your house smelling fresh with kids. From the endless piles of shoes to their sports equipment and more, air fresheners are a must. Try these natural air fresheners to spruce up your house and keep everything smelling great.

These DIY air fresheners are perfect for your home, car and more!

Homemade Air Fresheners collage.

25 DIY Car Air Freshener

With a house full of kids, I’m always looking for ways to freshen the house. Air fresheners can get expensive if you frequently have to purchase them at the store.

Take a look at these DIY air fresheners to save time and money.

Mojito Gel Air Freshener in jars.

1. Mojito Gel Air Fresheners

These air fresheners smell so good you might want one in every room.

Air freshener in jar.

2. DIY Air Freshener Baking Soda 

Baking soda is the secret ingredient in these handy little air fresheners. The small mason jars make these portable which I love.

Reed diffuser in vase.

3. DIY Air Freshener with essential oils 

If you love essential oils as much as I do, these diffusers are the perfect way to keep things fresh. Plus, you likely will already have some of these oils on hand.

Hanging car freshener.

4. DIY Customized Car Air Freshener

Sports equipment, shoes and more strewn in the car can make for a less than pleasant commute. Make these customized car air fresheners to eliminate odors.

Bowl with ingredients being mixed.

5. How To Make A Room Smell Heavenly

Here is another great idea using essential oils to freshen up your house. The entire house will smell wonderful plus I love using essential oils for natural air fresheners.

Open Jar with air freshener.

6. How To Make Home Made Air Freshener

I love lemon and this is the perfect air freshener to use in the kitchen. It is perfect for helping with odors in the kitchen while cooking.

Jar for car with DIY air freshener.

7. How To Make Homemade Car Air Freshener

This DIY is simple and will have your car smelling great! No more mysterious smells with this handy DIY.

Star shaped air freshener.

8. How To Make DIY Essential Oil Air Fresheners

These Air Fresheners are portable and perfect for small spaces! From cabinets to lockers, these are ideal for places you need something small.

Gel air freshener in jars.

9. DIY Gel Air Fresheners

These remind me of the store bought gel air fresheners but for much less! I bet they smell better too.

Glass jar with baking soda.

10. Homemade Baking Soda Air Freshener

Combine baking soda and essential oils for an easy and budget friendly air freshener.

Natural hanging car air freshener.

11. Natural Essential Oil Air Freshener Recipe

This diy car freshener with drops of your favorite essential oils will freshen your car instantly. You can also hang these air fresheners in gym lockers or other small spaces.

Photo of inside of car.

12. DIY Car Air Freshener Recipes

Choose from 3 different options to keep your vehicles smelling great. You might want to keep one in the cup holder or near an air vent.

Lemon slices with fresh herbs.

13. Homemade Air Freshener Lemon

Simmer this lemon DIY on the stove to eliminate kitchen odors. This seems like a good one if you are cutting onions or cooking fish and other “smelly” foods.

Orange slices with cloves and cinnamon.

14. Home Smell Amazing

Oranges, cinnamon and cloves combine for a delicious aroma throughout your entire house. This one is especially nice around the holidays although I use it year round.

Air Freshener with ribbon.

15. DIY Air Freshener

This easy DIY work so well plus they are just darling! Coordinate ribbon to your decor and they will blend right in.

Rose petals spread out.

16. Naturally Frugal Tip Make Your Own Air Fresheners

Only 2 ingredients and you are set for this natural DIY! It can’t get any simpler than that!

Mason jar of air freshener.

17. DIY Air Freshener

Mason jars are all the rage right now! Turn them into air fresheners plus they are portable too!

An assortment of mason jars with room scents.

18. Natural Room Scents

This scent has options using herbs, fruit and more! This is great for those that like to switch things up frequently.

Bottle of Downy and spray bottle.

19. DIY Air Freshener Spray

With simple ingredients, this spray comes together quick and easy. It will freshen up your house.

Bottle of DIY Room Spray.

20. DIY Air Freshener Spray 

Some moments require the need for an instant spritz of freshness! This recipe for DIY Frebreze is perfect if you like febreze but not the price tag or the chemicals.

Jar of gel freshers.

21. Gel Freshener

Gel fresheners come with a hefty price tag! Make your own at home for a fraction of the price.

Coffee filter sachets with ribbon.

22. DIY Scented Coffee Filter Sachets

These Coffee filters look so vintage but for very little cost! They look like home decorations.

Jars of air freshener gel.

23. Homemade Air Freshener Gel

Learn how to make air freshener gels in an array of colors and scents! You can coordinate the colors to your room décor.

Living room couch and table.

24. Homemade Air Freshener

You can make this non toxic air freshener and feel good about what is in your house! No need to worries about chemicals in this.

25. DIY Natural Room Freshener

Choose from several options for natural room sprays using drops of essential oils. Feel free to choose your favorite essential oil.

The best Homemade Air Fresheners.

Collage of air fresheners.

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