Over 30 Easy Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas. From food ideas, table decor and more, these are the best ideas for a Harry Potter theme.

Over 30 Easy Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas. From food ideas, table decor and more, these are the best ideas for a Harry Potter theme that will make a fun and affordable birthday party.  #harrypotter #birthdayideas #birthdayparties

Easy Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

Party guests will love these fabulous Harry Potter party ideas. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is so enchanting and a fun theme. Not only are these ideas amazing but they are easy and budget friendly.

Over 30 Easy Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas. From food ideas, table decor and more, these are the best ideas for a Harry Potter theme that will make a fun and affordable birthday party for a Harry Potter fan.  #harrypotter #birthdayideas #birthdayparties

Harry Potter Party Foods

Squares of butterbeer fudge on a platter.

1. Harry Potter Butterbeer Fudge

This easy copcyat recipe is a popular party food. Enjoy the rich flavor of butterbeer in a decadent fudge.

2. Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks

Pretzel sticks and string cheese come together for this super fun broomstick snack. It is so easy to make and looks perfect for a Harry Potter themed party.

Cones of butterbeer ice cream

3. Butterbeer Ice Cream Recipe

No need to take a trip to Universal Studios to enjoy the famous Butterbeer Ice Cream. This ice cream is easy to make and perfect for a party.

4. Harry Potter Butterbeer

Butterbeer is a must have at any Harry Pottery themed party. Everyone will go crazy over this easy to make copycat recipe.

Gryffindor Popcorn in a bowl.

5. Gryffindor Popcorn

Fans of the Harry Potter books will enjoy this tasty recipe for Gryffindor Popcorn. The simple mix of popcorn, candy and chocolate make a delightful treat.

6. Sorting Cupcakes

This cupcake recipe is a sweet and tasty way to get sorted into your house during a Harry Potter party. No one can tell which house colors are inside until they take a bite.

Glasses of pumpkin drink with straws.

7. Pumpkin Juice Recipe

With the perfect blend of spice and sweetness, this pumpkin drink is a magical recipe and yummy too.

8. Harry Potter Cake

This stunning layer cake is an easy Harry Potter recipe. Everything can be made in one bowl and you don’t need eggs or milk.

Butterscotch cake on a pedestal.

9. Butterscotch Cake with Butterscotch Drip

Party guests will love the yummy butterscotch taste in this moist and delicious cake. The butterscotch drip is so pretty and tastes great too.

10. Kawaii Harry Potter Cake

Follow these easy instructions to make this gorgeous Kawaii Harry Potter Cake. It looks fancy but is actually simple to make.

Platter of butterbeer cookies.

11. Butterbeer Cookies

There is so much butterbeer flavor in these tasty cookies.

12. Sorting Hat Cake

This cake looks just like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter. It is so cool and the perfect dessert.

Party favors

Favor bags with Harry Potter silhouette.

13. Favor Bags

Add a simple silhouette of Harry Potter to transform plain bags into the perfect tote for favors.

14. Treat Bags

Treat bags made with pretzel sticks and a surprise in the middle make the best party favors.

Wooden wands side by side.

15. Homemade Wands

Turn plain wooden dowels into homemade wands for the party guests to enjoy during the party and take home.

16. DIY Harry Potter Wands

This will be fun for kids of all ages. Everyone will enjoy getting their very own wand to play with.

Glasses and wands for party favors.

17. Wands, Pencils and Glasses

Order this assortment of party favors for an easy goody bag kids will enjoy.


18. Potion Jar Centerpieces

Make these fun jars complete with free downloadable jar labels. They make a great potions class themed centerpiece.

Hanging letters for backdrop.

19. Photo Booth Backdrop

Re-create the movie scene where Harry Potter gets all of the acceptance letters from Hogwarts. It is such a fun backdrop for photos and can easily be hung with fishing lines.

20. Felt Harry Potter Flags

Create flags in house colors for party decor. It will set the tone for a great party.

Harry Potter cape, tie, scarf and wand.

21. Harry Potter Cape

Take the party to the next level and dress up in a Harry Potter Cape.

22. Decorations Kit

These party supplies include balloons, tablecloths, banners, plates and more.

Games and Activities

Origami sorting hat printable.

23. Sorting Hat

Find out what Hogwarts House you belong to with this free printable. This Origami Sorting Hat is a fun way to find out.

24. Printable Spells

Make a spell book with free printable spell pages.

Danger game printables in a pile.

25. Danger Word Game

Teammates have to guess a word without guessing the danger word in this fun party game.

26. Harry Potter Inspired Bingo

Kids will have so much fun playing this Harry Potter inspired Bingo game. The free printable pack is perfect for a party.

Minute to win it game

27. Harry Potter Minute to Win It Games

Choose from several minute to win it games to make the party even more fun.

28. Pin the Glasses on Harry Potter

You can use a simple poster to draw the Pin the Glasses on Harry Potter game.

Scavenger hunt idea sheet

29. Scavenger Hunt

Put together a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt with very little effort but tons of fun.

30. Would you rather

There are 50 Harry Potter themed questions in this Would you Rather party game. It will be challenging but fun for Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter Word Search

31. Harry Potter Character Word Search

This free printable has 20 character names that are a blast to find.

32. Playing Cards

Enjoy your favorite games with these Harry Potter Playing Cards.

Frame for photo booth.

33. Photo Booth

This framed Harry Potter inspired photo booth frame is perfect for everyone to use in pictures.

33 Ideas for a Harry Potter Party

Choose from 33 easy and fun ideas perfect for a Harry Potter themed party. These ideas are simple to put together but turn out great.

Everything you need for a complete party is in this list. From the food and decor to games and favors, the ideas are amazing for a Harry Potter themed birthday.

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Over 30 Easy Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas. From food ideas, table decor and more, these are the best ideas for a Harry Potter theme that will make a fun birthday party that is affordable too.  #harrypotter #birthdayideas #birthdayparties

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