Learn how to use Ibotta to save your family money. Try these simple steps that will help your budget without much work. Find everything you need to know to use Ibotta.

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What is ibotta?

Ibotta allows you to earn cash rebates on popular brands, products, stores, restaurants and more. This can be combined with manufacturer coupons and store coupons for a great deal.

It is an app and very simple to use. Ibotta is perfect for those that don’t have time to download a separate app for every store where you shop. Everything is in one place to help you get the most savings.

Since you can use save with Ibotta on top of coupons, your savings are really maximized.

Not only can ibotta save you money in store, it saves with online shopping too. You can save with lots of different online retailers as well.

Make money from Receipts:

You can easily make money from your receipts just by using ibotta. I promise it is super easy.

After you read this, you will not only understand how to use ibotta but you will also be able to make money from receipts.

Let’s start saving money with these easy tips and tricks. I think you will love using this app and quickly see how easy it is.

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How does Ibotta work:

You simply search the offers and select the items you want to purchase before you go shopping.  Offers can be found at 2,000+ retailers.

This is a great tool for those that live in less populated areas of the country that often miss out on some deals.

How to save money with ibotta. Photo of phone.

How to use ibotta app?

Here is a step by step guide to easily understand how Ibotta works. Use these tips to start saving money today.

1. Download the App

Download the Ibotta app, available on iOS and Android. The app is required to submit a receipt so you definitely need to get the app first.

2. Add offers

Choose from a huge list of retailers. Browse offers and add them to Your List by simply tapping + in the app. There are a lot of different retailers to choose from.

3. Go Shopping

Shop in store or online. Don’t lose your receipt. Ibotta has a browser extension if you do a lot of online shopping. It will help you to easily find offers online.

4. Submit Receipt

Each retailer has a page in the Ibotta app. Tap submit receipt and take a photo of the receipt. You are on your way to earning cash back.

There is another option if your grocery stores that you shop at have a store loyalty card. You can link your card and save yourself the step of uploading receipts.

Many stores have this option and it so handy. It saves time so make sure you link the cards.

6. Get Cash

That is it. Get cash deposited into your account. It really is that easy and you can watch the savings add up.

It is pretty effortless and an easy way to help with the rising cost of grocery prices. Every little bit helps for sure. and ibotta makes it easy.

How to save money with ibotta. Photo of phone.

How do you get your money from Ibotta?

Once you reach $20 in your ibotta account, you can transfer the money to your bank via PayPal. Other options include using your cash earnings towards gift cards. Some of these include: Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, Walmart and Target.

I like to use it for gift cards and save them for birthday or Christmas shopping. It helps our budget and the gift cards add up fast.

Of course, you can also get cash if you prefer. Either way, it is a nice little extra to use in the budget.

Can you use Ibotta after purchase?

You can submit your receipt up to 7 days from the date that you made your purchase. However, I usually try to do it right away. If I wait, I risk forgetting about it.

So, if you are like me, just go ahead and do it the same day you shop.

Start saving money today.

Ibotta is one of the easiest ways to save money purchasing things you need. You can earn money with cash back offers with very little work.

Just make your grocery list and search for any available ibotta offers. Redeeming offers is quick and easy. You will be on your way to a lot of ibotta earnings.

Don’t forget about online shopping as well. You can save money that way too with an ibotta rebate.

We really enjoy saving money with ibotta. It is simple, easy and hardly any work. If you have limited amount of time but need to save money, try using ibotta. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to save on things you buy.

The savings add up fast and make a difference in our budget. Let us know if you try ibotta and what you think.

More ways to save:

Learn how to use Ibotta app to save your family money. Try these simple steps that will help your budget without much work. If you’re new to Ibotta, check out these tips on how to use it to save the most money. #onecrazymom #ibotta #ibottaapp #moneysavings #savingstips

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