Keep the kids entertained with these Free Summer Games for kids. 6 fun ideas that do not cost anything. The best Summer Games for kids.

Children playing with chalk.

Free Summer Games for kids

If you have kids that are home for the summer, you already know the difficulties that come along with it. A bored child can cause all kinds of havoc with your daily activities and life.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to pay for loads of activities to keep them busy. Thank goodness for free games.

What games can kids play for free?

There are several fun games and activities that do not cost a thing. Some of our favorite outdoor games for kids include: treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, water games such as a water balloon fight, tag and more.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on Summer Camp when these game ideas and activities provide so much fun.

From homemade bubbles to a DIY Game or bean bag toss, there is so much fun to have this Summer.

The best Summer Games for kids

Here are several fun summer games for kids that do not cost anything. Each of these ideas make a wonderful way to keep your kids active while on break from school. All of these options cost absolutely nothing.


1. Hopscotch

Summer fun begins with hopscotch. Use a piece of sidewalk chalk and a yardstick to help your kids create the perfect hopscotch board. If your kids are a little older, they can create the board on their own and decorate it as they see fit.

That alone will be a ton of fun. Once it’s set up, the kids just need a couple of rocks and they are ready to go.

This fun game helps to promote gross motor skills and keeps them moving all summer long. Join in the fun to see if you still have what it takes to make it to “Sky Blue.”

2. Four Square

Four Square is a super fun game to play. You need atleast 4 kids to play, but it is a ton of fun.

If you have chalk and a ball, then you can play! Head on over to see this great tutorial on how to play four square. This was one of my favorite games as a kid.

3. Musical Sprinklers

This is the perfect game for a hot summer day—especially if there isn’t a pool or beach nearby. Set up a regular garden sprinkler in the middle of your yard.

Have the kids run and dance around the sprinkler while it is off. Once it is turned on, everyone has to freeze in place.

Those closest to the sprinkler will get drenched. Musical sprinklers gives everyone the chance to cool off and beat the heat. It is such a fun outdoor activity to do with the kids.

Children playing with chalk.

4. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is ideal for playing in swimming pools, but you can also adapt this game if you don’t have a pool. In the pool, a person is designated as “Marco.”

He or she is blindfolded or keeps his or her eyes closed during the game. This player will say “Marco” and other players will respond with “Polo.” The player must find everyone else in the game just by listening to where the voices are coming from.

Outside of the pool, this game can be played in an enclosed yard. Be sure there are no tripping hazards around, as your Marco won’t be able to see them as the game is played.

5. Tag

Outdoor games don’t get any more simple or fun than a basic game of tag. Kids can keep busy for hours running away from the player tagged as “it.”

Since this game doesn’t have a real way to determine a winner, it can go on for as long as the kids have the energy to play. As an added bonus, everyone will be pretty tired when they are done.

That means quiet time for you as they nap or recover from the game. You can also adapt this game for nighttime play.

Add a flashlight and let the kids who aren’t “it” hide from the other players for a late-night game to wear everyone out before bedtime. It is so fun and might just become one of your favorite Summer games.

Child blowing bubbles.

6. Make Bubbles

Did you know that you can actually make your own bubble solution? Check out the easy steps to make homemade bubbles.

The kids will have a blast. You probably already have everything in your house needed to make these.

Which one of these Fun Summer Games are you going to try?

After playing these games, your kids will realize that summer games for kids that cost nothing are actually some of the best activities around. Join in the fun with them or just let the kids play while you take a few minutes to unwind from the hectic pace of being a parent.

These game are not only fun but allow you to spend time together. You will make lots of great memories.

Everyone will look back on the time together playing games with so much fondness. The precious time spend together is priceless.

Get started making memories today. All of these ideas will provide hours of fun.

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Children playing hopscotch.

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