We have over 15 creative ways to give money. Some people are hard to shop for and you need clever Money Gift Ideas to make giving cash special.

We have over 15 cute ideas for giving money. Some people are hard to shop for and you need creative Money Gift Ideas to make giving cash special. 

Clever Money Gift Ideas

We have a ton of really cute ideas to give money as a gift. Whether you are giving cash for birthdays, graduation or the holidays, these ideas are easy but fun.

You will have a blast giving cash in one of these creative ways and the recipient will have just as much fun being surprised with one of these creative money gift ideas.

Is it OK to give money as a birthday gift?

Sometimes, it is hard to shop for certain people and cash is the gift of choice. However, it does not have to be boring when you use one of these creative ideas for jazzing up your gift.

What is the best way to gift money?

From cakes and umbrellas to pizza boxes and wreaths, there are some really clever ideas here. You are going to love these ideas for giving cash as a great gift.

We have over 15 cute ideas for giving money. Some people are hard to shop for and you need creative Money Gift Ideas to make giving cash special. 

Fun Ways to give Money as Gifts

Roll of money as a gift.

1.How to give money creatively

Save your toilet paper rolls and make this fun roll of money. Wrap it all together with cute wrapping paper and ribbon for a fun surprise for anyone to receive.

Pizza Box full of money.

2. Money Pizza Pie Gift

Get a pizza box and make a “pizza” out of cash. The “toppings” can be coins that you tape down to the pizza.

Layer Cake made out of money.

3. DIY Money Layer Cake

Everyone loves cake and this layered money cake is sure to be a hit!  Each layer has more money to make a tiered cake that will be a blast for anyone to receive. This is one of our favorite money gift ideas for birthdays.

Money rosette on top of gift box.

4. Money Rosette 

Make a rosette out of cash and surprise someone with this on their gift instead of a bow. I bet they will love it and be really surprised by this fun way to give money!

Money wreath for graduation.

5. Money Wreath

Individually roll money to make a wreath made out of cash. You can add a bow or ribbon to match the party theme or school colors if it is for graduation.

Chocolate gift box of money.

6. Chocolate Box of Money

Fold money into different sizes to fill a gift box of “chocolates” for a really clever gift. I bet they will never look at a box of chocolates the same again after this cool gift.

Tissue Box of money.

7. Kleenex Cash Box

Save a Kleenex box to put cash in for a cute way to gift cash. Write a catchy note on the outside such as, “Don’t blow it all in one place.”.

Confetti and cash balloons.

8. Money Balloons

Fill a balloon with confetti and cash to celebrate the next birthday or other event you need a gift. This looks so festive and is a really cool surprise inside the balloon.

Candy jar with cash in the center.

9. DIY Candy Jars for Money Gift

Fill a mason jar with their favorite candy and hide money in the middle.  You can use a small tube or roll up paper to create a place in the middle to hide the money.

Card with cash rolled into candle shapes.

10. Money Candle Birthday Card

Roll money together to make candles and display on a birthday card. This is an adorable way to give money for someone’s birthday.

Cash bouquet in vase.

11. Money Flower Bouquet 

Make a bouquet or money tree out of cash to form a bouquet. You can add ribbon in their favorite color or to coordinate with the party colors.

Money Lei around neck.

12. Money Lei

Put together this lei made out of money for a cool gift idea. This would be so cute for graduation, birthday parties and more for a super cute gift.

Cake with money inside.

13. DIY Money Cake (DIY Fun Cake with Money Inside)

I love the idea of a birthday cake and gift all in one. Hide money inside a cake for a surprise the birthday girl or boy will love.

Umbrella with cash hanging down.

14. Money Umbrella Surprise

Give someone an umbrella and hide money inside. When they open the umbrella, they will get a surprise when they see the dollar bills dangling from the umbrella.

Money jar with cash and candy.

15. Money Jar

Make this DIY Stache Jar full of cash and candy. It is so clever.

Money maze with cash.

16. Money Maze

Solve the maze puzzle and find the money. This is a really cute gift idea and so much fun.

Bath bombs with cash.

17. Cash Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are relaxing and luxurious. Now, enjoy them even more with cash inside.

Money tree with cash and gift cards.

18. Money Tree

Clip cash or gift cards on the branches of this money tree. It is so fun and unique.

Soda tree with cash around it.

19. Soda Cash Tree

Learn how to make a layer cake out of soda that is decorated in cash. This is the cutest idea for any occasion.

Money Book with cash on the pages.

20. Book of Money

Book lovers will enjoy receiving this book with cash tucked in the pages. It is very easy to make a money book.

Christmas character envelopes for cash.

21. Printable Christmas Envelopes

These whimsical envelopes will look festive under the tree. Tuck money inside for a cute gift.

Cereal boxes with cash inside.

22. Funny Gift Ideas

Choose from several gift ideas sure to bring a laugh. Each idea is a great way to give money as a gift.

We have over 15 cute ideas for giving money. Some people are hard to shop for and you need creative Money Gift Ideas to make giving cash special. 

Try one of these money gift ideas.

There are so many creative ways to gift money and these ideas would work for gift cards too. Try one of these fun creative money gifts for college students, teens, young children and more.

I love a fun idea and these gift ideas definitely make giving cash gifts even more fun. Let us know which cute idea you plan to try!

We have over 15 cute ideas for giving money. Some people are hard to shop for and you need creative Money Gift Ideas to make giving cash special. 

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