Easy Reindeer Noses make an adorable candy treat that is perfect for gifts. These mason jars gifts are easy to make and so fun.

Easy Reindeer noses mason jar gift.

Easy Reindeer Noses

This adorable mason jar gift is so easy to make. These make a great gift idea for teachers, neighbors, coaches, coworkers, and more.

Your kids could even make them for their friends. They are just super cute and a blast to make.

Let’s get started with these fun and festive mason jars. This DIY is so fun to make and turns out so cute.

Supplies needed for Easy Reindeer noses mason jar gift.

Supplies for Reindeer noses candy:

Easy Reindeer noses mason jar gift.

How to make Reindeer Mason Jars:

Step 1. Clean the mason jars with soapy water and allow them to dry. They need to be completely dry before filling. Allow to air dry and wipe with a paper towel.

Mason jar being filled with candy.

Step 2. Make the Reindeer face. Find a portion of the Mason jar that does not have any writing on it. Glue on your googly eyes and gum ball nose so your reindeer has a face.

Step 3. Fill your jar with Whoppers and sporadically add in a red gum ball. This will be perfect to be the Rudolph red noses in the jars.

Step 4. Make the antlers. Take 1 pipe cleaner and cut into 3 equal parts.  Glue one part of the pipe  cleaner onto each side of the lid for his antler. 

Take your remaining piece of pipe cleaner and cut it in half.  Take that small piece and twist it around his antler to make his horns.  Repeat for the other side and make another antler.

Easy Reindeer noses mason jar gift with antlers.

Step 5. Add the finishing touches. Close up the jar and add some cute ribbon around the top of the jar. Top it off with these oh so cute Reindeer Noses labels to complete the look.

Mason jar reindeer free printable

I made some super cute reindeer noses labels. Just click the image below and it will be bigger. You can then save it and print it so you can make several of these very quickly.

Reindeer Noses printables.

Step 6. Attach a label. I simply printed these off and attached them to some brown construction paper to make a gift tag.

How long will reindeer noses last:

Reindeer Noses consist of Whopper candy. Stored properly, this candy will last 4 to 5 months.

The mason jars are air tight and a great way to store Christmas treats.


  • Rolo Candies. Substitute these for Whoppers in the jars.
  • Red M&M. Instead of red gumballs in the jars, you can use red M&M’s.
  • Small Red Pom Poms. Substitute one of these for the gumball noses on the jars.
  • Hershey Kiss. Red seasonal Hershey Kisses can be used in the jars for the red candy.

Make this fun Christmas Mason Jar gift.

We love to make these for a whimsical gift for friends, neighbors, teachers and more. It makes a great Christmas gift to hand out to everyone.

Friends will love receiving one of these Rudolph’s nose. It is such a great gift when you need just a little something to hand out to everyone.

Plus, they are really so much fun to make. Make several of these today for a great gift idea.

Easy Reindeer noses mason jar gift.

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