wine cork snowman ornament

Who is ready for another fun Homemad Christmas ornament?

If you are looking for simple, rustic homemade ornaments to craft this Christmas these fun Wine Cork Snowmen will  do just that. Even if you don’t drink wine, corks are easy to come by and make an excellent base for a variety of crafts- like this cute little snowman.  Not only are they darling hanging on the branches of your tree but they add just the right touch of whimsy to packages or wreaths.  Use a strong craft glue instead of hot glue and it is also a great project for the kids to do alongside you- create a whole herd? army? posse?  of snowman to brighten up your season.

supplies for wine cork ornament

Supplies Needed:

  • Wine Corks
  • small buttons
  • orange chenille stem
  • ribbon or fabric scrap
  • small twigs
  • black fine tipped paint pen
  • 1 large black button, 3 small black buttons
  • scissor or knife
  • hot glue gun/sticks


1. Cut cork into 3 equal rounds.

wine cork cut in half

2. Stack and glue cork pieces using a generous amount of hot glue to secure.

wine cork line up

3. Cut a ¼” piece of orange pipe cleaner and bend to form a carrot shape, glue to center of face.

4. Add button details, wrap scrap of fabric or ribbon around neck-secure with glue.

5. Cut limbs to about 1”- 1 ½” long glue onto sides.

wine cork snow man - finish

6. Glue large button onto top of corks, add small buttons, gluing each one on top of the other.

7. Finish off your snowman by adding eyes and a mouth. Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of cork head for a hanger.

wine cork diy ornament

It is really that easy to make!!! I’m sure you have most of these items around the house. Go ahead and plan to make some this week with the kids.

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