50 Fun and Frugal Plastic Easter Egg Fillers that your children will love. These ideas include lots of fun non candy alternatives everyone will love.

Plastic Easter Eggs in grass.

Non Candy Easter Egg Stuffers

Filling Easter eggs can be a lot of fun. However, those can all add up if you are not careful.

This list will help to fill those eggs with frugal fillers that your kids will enjoy! You don’t even have to leave your house to fill your child’s Easter eggs for less.

Scroll through this list and snag a few that you know your child will love. While we do have a few candy options, this list is mostly non candy alternatives.

This fun Easter egg filler list has both candy and non candy ideas to please everyone.

Plastic Easter Eggs in grass.

50 Plastic Easter Egg Stuffers 

Assorted toys for Easter Eggs.

1. Fun Express Assorted Sticky Stretchy Toys

This is a fun Easter idea that includes 100 really cool stretchy toys. They all come in different shapes!

2. Flashing LED Light Up Toys

Glow in the dark rings will be hit with everyone. Kid’s will love finding these in Easter baskets.

3. Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs

Dinosaur fans will love finding one of these mini toys for Easter eggs!

4. Mini Pull Back and Go Fast Racing Car

Racing cars are a great idea for Easter eggs! They come in an assortment of colors too.

5. Toy Assortment

You will find slap bracelets, key chains and more in this cool assortment.

6. Plastic Glitter Rings

This huge pack of glitter rings is sure to make a lot of kids happy. They come in a big assortment of colors.

7. Mini Easter Eraser Assortment

Kids love fun shaped erasers. Get a huge pack of Easter shaped erasers!

8. Assorted Plastic Stamps

Get a fun assortment of stamps to hide in Easter eggs.

9. Vinyl Glitter Sticky Hands

Sticky hands are even more fun when they have fun glitter on them! These come in an assortment of colors.

10. Haribo Happy Hoppers Gummi Candy

Bunny Gummi Candy is perfect for Easter egg hunts!

11. Assorted Easter Theme Stickers

500 Easter stickers should last awhile and be perfect to hide in Easter eggs.

12. Stretchable Flying Frogs

Flying frogs will be a hit at Easter and a blast to play with! Kids can see how far their flying frogs will go.

13. Smile Face Bouncing Balls

Everyone loves Bouncy Balls and these have bright vibrant colors.

Assorted toys for Easter eggs.

14. Easter Stickers

There are over 1000 stickers to choose from in this delightful Easter assortment.

15. Carnival Prizes

These Easter egg treats have everything you need to fill the eggs.

16. Mini Dinosaur Figures

Dinosaur fans will love this selection of miniature dinosaur toys.

17. Easter “He Lives” Roll of Stickers

Kids love stickers and this is a great assortment.

18. Slap Bracelets

Get a pack of 50 slap bracelets in an assortment of fun colors!

19. Tie-Dyed Slap Bracelets

You can get tie-dyed bracelets to hide in eggs that kids will go crazy over.

20. Wind-Up Colorful Butterflies

These whimsical wind up butterflies make adorable little toys for Easter! These are so cute.

21. Slingshot Animals

Kid’s will have a blast seeing how far their flying animals will go.

22. Glow In The Dark Bouncing Balls

These bouncing balls glow in the dark!

23. Jelly Belly Chocolate Eggs

Everyone loves chocolate! Mini eggs are the perfect size for Easter baskets.

24. Glitter Easter Tattoos

Get a huge selection of tattoos in pretty Easter designs.

25. Assorted Wind-up Toys

Get wind up toys in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes!

Plastic eggs in baskets.

26. Jumping Frogs

Get a box of jumping frogs in several different colors.

27. Zoo Theme Finger Puppets

Fun animal shaped puppets are so cute for Easter!

28.Toy Filled Eggs

If you are in a time crunch, grab these fun eggs that already come stuffed with little toys! It is so fun and easy!

29. Velvet Animal Finger Puppets

These soft finger puppets will provide hours or fun after the egg hunt! Kid’s can use their imagination for lots of fun.

30. Play-Doh Party Bag

Mini cans of play-doh are perfect for Easter eggs! The colors are so pretty too.

31. Dinosaur High Bounce Balls

Kid’s will love how fun these Dinosaur Bounce Balls look.

32. Mini Activity Coloring Books

Get a pack of 20 mini activity sets with puzzles, games and more!

33. Hershey Chocolate Easter Assortment

Grab a bag of assorted chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth.

34. Mini Bubbles

This pack of mini bubbles comes in several different colors.

Assorted plastic toys for Easter eggs.

35. Chocolate Easter Candy Eggs

Chocolate Eggs are a must have for Easter. These pastel colored wrappers are perfect for Easter.

36. Skittles and Starbursts Fun Size Candy

Get an assortment of candy in this huge bag of skittles and starburst.

37. Starburst Fruit Chews

Get 7 lbs of Starbursts to hide in Easter eggs. You will get all sorts of different flavors.

38. Stretchable Candy Bunny Bracelets

These stretchy candy bracelets will fit perfectly inside an Easter egg.

39. Sour Patch Kids Candy

Individually wrapped Sour Patch kids candy is perfect for hiding in eggs.

40. Air Heads

Mini air heads are the perfect size to stuff into Easter eggs. You will be set with this 80 count bag.

41. Sour Balls Hard Candy

This bag of Sour Balls hard candy will not disappoint.

42. Salt Water Taffy

Get this large bag of Taffy that is perfect for Easter eggs.

43. Assorted Candy Mix

Get all your favorite candy in this huge assortment.

44. Yo Yo

We love yo-yo’s! Such a classic and fun toy for kids to play with.

45. Easter Finger Puppets

Get a pack of 24 Easter puppets for a fun activity.

46. Pencil Erasers

Get a variety of fun erasers for Easter egg hunts.

47. Vinyl Mini Easter Flying Disks

These look like a really fun toy. Kids will love these flying disks.

48. Plastic Jumping Frogs

Flying frogs are the perfect size for eggs. This assortment will be a hit.

49. Easter Magic Scratch Shapes

These fun shapes are so fun to design and create a fun shape! The Easter shapes are perfect.

50. Iconic Easter Roll Stickers

Get a huge pack of stickers that are perfect to hand out for Easter or hide in Eggs. This huge roll will last and last!

Kids will love Easter these egg toys and more.

These are the best Easter egg filler ideas. With so many ideas to put in Easter eggs, you will be set.

These small toys and candy ideas will be great for kids of all ages. From younger toddler kids to older children, these ideas are sure to impress.

You might also check the dollar store for craft supplies or larger eggs.

Plastic Easter Eggs in basket.

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