We have 34 of the cutest quick and easy Easter Desserts. These recipes will be a huge hit this Spring. There are tons of cute Easter desserts for kids to choose from.

We have 34 super easy Easter Desserts. They will be a huge hit this Spring. There are tons of cute Easter desserts to choose from. You will love these festive, cute and easy to make desserts that the entire family will love. #onecrazymom #easterrecipes #easterdesserts #easydesserts

Best Easter Dessert Recipes

I just love making cute Easter desserts that are kid friendly for class parties and family events. There are so many cute Easter themed desserts that you are going to have a hard time deciding which ones to make.

I suggest making a list and get ready for a great time baking. I even spotted a few no bake options!

The kids will have a blast helping to make these! There are so many kid friendly Easter desserts to try!

From class parties to family gatherings, these dessert ideas will not disappoint. There is something for everyone!

We have 34 super easy Easter Desserts. They will be a huge hit this Spring. We have tons of cute Easter desserts to choose from that the family will love. You will love these festive, cute and easy to make desserts that the entire family will love. #onecrazymom #easterrecipes #easterdesserts #easydesserts

Easy Easter Desserts

1.  Easter Pretzel Chicks

 These are adorable and just a few ingredients needed to make! These pretzel chick rods are perfect for any Easter celebration.

Easter Pretzel Chicks
 They are super easy to make, and they are great finger foods for any guests, or even just for the family! 
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2. Rainbow Ring Easter Basket Cake

We love all the spring colors in this gorgeous basket cake. It looks so festive and I bet it’s yummy too.

Rainbow Ring Easter Basket Cake
Unleash your inner artist with this colorful cake that's almost as much fun to make as it is to eat. 
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3. Easter Kit Kat Cake

Kit Kat Cakes are always a hit. They make the most adorable Easter Basket cake!

Easter Kit Kat Cake
Need to entertain the kids this Easter Season? This fun and simple Easter Kit Kat Cake tutorial is the perfect family activity that everyone will love!
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4. Nutter Butter Easter Chicks

These Nutter Butter chicks are perfect for class parties. If you are looking for a no bake treat, this is a great recipe to try.

Nutter Butter Easter Chicks
This easy no bake treat is so fun and easy.
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5. Easy Easter Peeps Cake

This is a fun sheet cake using peeps. They come in pretty pastel colors that you can customize your cake to your liking.

Easter Peeps Cake
Make this festive and fun cake with no decorating skills necessary.
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6. Skateboarding Bunnies

This skateboard bunnie is so cute. It uses cookies and peeps! Kids will love this one!

Skateboarding Bunnies
Kids will love these fun and whimsical skateboarding bunnies.
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7. Easter Bunny Race Cars

This treat is no bake and kids will love these! Grab some peeps and twinkies and have a blast making these fun treats.

Twinkie Bunny Cars
Easy no bake Twinkie bunny cars are the cutes Easter desserts made with Peeps marshmallows and Twinkies!
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8. Funfetti Popcorn (Bunny Bait)

 This is cute if you need something for individual bags. This is great for parties or movie night.

Funfetti Popcorn
Funfetti Popcorn – white chocolate coated popcorn and pretzels tossed with festive M&M’s and finished with sprinkles! Who wouldn’t love it? It’s so easy to make and perfect for parties.
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9. Edible Nests

Kids will have so much fun with this fun recipe. Just make the nest and jelly beans are the eggs. This dessert is so fun and creative.

Edible Nests
The kids are sure to love making (and eating) these very pretty Edible Nests!
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10. Flower Pretzel Bites

These flowers are so easy and quick with mini pretzels. These bite size flowers are adorable.

Spring Flower Pretzel Bites
These Spring Flower Pretzel Bites are sweet, salty, crunchy, and delicious – an easy and fun treat for Easter, Spring and Mother’s Day made with only three ingredients!
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11. Peeps Pudding Smores Pies

Individual desserts are so fun. Easter Peeps make this dessert adorable and tasty too.

Peeps Pudding S’mores Pies
These Peeps Pudding S’mores Pies are a quick, cute, and easy Easter treat. Fun for kids to put together on their own!
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12. Easter Oreo Bark

We love the pretty pastels in this tasty desert. The Easter M&M’s make it even more festive.

Easter Oreo Bark
Easter Oreo Bark is a festive, simple and delicious treat that only takes 5 minutes to put together! It includes vanilla candy coating, Easter m&m’s, oreos, and sprinkles!
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13. Easter Basket Cupcakes

This is a big hit every year! The candy basket handle is so cute and yummy.

Easter Basket Cupcakes Recipe
Easter is just around the corner and I have the cutest Easter Basket Cupcakes Recipe for you! These cupcakes are so adorable and taste delicious too.
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14. Easter Bunny Cake

This gorgeous bunny cake looks even better with a generous layer of coconut around the base to look like grass. It is a fun and whimsical cake.

Easter Bunny Cake
This darling Easter Bunny Cake looks so impressive but is very simple to make! Surprise your kids with this fun bunny cake recipe! It’s so yummy too!
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15. Easy Carrot Cakes Cupcakes Recipe

I love that this recipe can be used for delicious carrot muffins or for iced cupcakes. Yum!

Easy Carrot Cake Cupcakes recipe
You will love this Easy Carrot Cake Cupcakes recipe! These carrot cupcakes are creamy and delicious! I’m sure they will soon be a family favorite.
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16. How to Make Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Peeps make adorable bunny ears on this fun cupcake recipe! Kids will go crazy over this whimsical recipe.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes
These Easter Bunny Cupcakes are so simple to make! Grab the kids and some simple ingredients and create bunny cupcakes for your Easter celebrations or just because!
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17. Peeps Cupcakes 

Everyone loves Peeps so this dessert will be a hit! Top these cupcakes with Easter bunny peeps to make a fun treat.

Peeps Cupcakes
I’m super duper excited to share with you these super quick and easy Peeps Cupcakes.   My kids love these adorable and festive cupcakes and they are simple to make!
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18. Peeps Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods 

This is a yummy treat if you are looking for something besides cake. These pretzel rods look so cute with chocolate and peeps!

PEEPS Chocolate Covered Pretzels Rods
These easy PEEPS Chocolate Covered Pretzels Rods can be made in minutes and they look adorable! They’re the perfect Easter Treat and can also double a super cute centerpiece!
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19. Easter Dirt cups 

The layers in these adorable dirt cups look so pretty. Kids will love how they are topped with peeps for the best dessert.

Easter Dirt cups
Individual Easter Dirt cups make a fun and festive dessert for Spring. The decadent layers not only taste yummy but look great too.
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20. Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Transform plain sugar cookies into these adorable Easter Eggs. They are so fun to decorate in whimsical designs.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies
These Easter Egg Sugar Cookies are so pretty decorated with royal icing. They are yummy and sure to be the star of the dessert table.
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 21. Easter bunny cookies 

It is so fun and easy to decorate these adorable bunny cookies. All of the pastel colors look perfect for Spring.

Easter bunny cookies
These are the cutest Easter bunny cookies and so delicious too. This recipe is a must try for Easter and so easy with step by step instructions.
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22. Crock Pot Easter Candy Clusters

Let the slow cooker do all of the work in this easy recipe for candy clusters. The white chocolate looks so pretty with the pastel M&M candy.

Crock Pot Easter Candy Clusters
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this easy recipe for Crock Pot Easter Candy Clusters. With only 4 ingredients, this festive treat is so easy in the slow cooker.
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23. Homemade Easter Bunny Cupcakes

With a few easy steps, you can easily make these fun bunny cupcakes. They are super cute and kids will love them.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes
Easter Bunny Cupcakes are so fun and easy to make. These adorable cupcakes come together with simple ingredients for a festive treat.
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24. Easter Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Dip pretzels in an assortment of pretty colors for a pretty and tasty treat. It is no bake and so easy to make.

Easter Chocolate Covered Pretzels
We all love the salty and sweet combination of these chocolate covered pretzels. Easily made with only three ingredients depending on how many colors you use.
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25. Easter dirt cake

Rich and creamy dirt cake is always a hit. This fun Easter version is so pretty and will be a hit. You can even add chocolate chips on top for more fun.

Easter dirt cake
Easter dirt cake is an easy and delicious no bake treat perfect for dessert on Easter. It is just like traditional dirt cake but decorated with Easter peeps, candy and more for a festive dessert everyone will go crazy over.
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26. Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats 

Rice Krispie Treats are so easy to make and inexpensive as well. This easy recipe transforms rice krispies into adorable egg shaped treats.

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats
Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats make such a festive and tasty dessert. Try making these for Easter for a treat everyone will enjoy. 
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27. Easter chocolate covered pretzel rods

Top pretzel rods with chocolate and all of your favorite toppings. The pastel colors are perfect for an Easter celebration.

Easter chocolate covered pretzel rods
Spring is around the corner and these Easter chocolate covered pretzel rods are a must try! These are so fun to make and taste delicious. 
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28. Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe

This chocolate bark with only 3 ingredients is a must try dessert. It is effortless but turns out so rich and decadent.

Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe
This 3 Ingredient Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe is great dessert to celebrate Easter. Add your favorite candies and sprinkles and you will have a dessert that everyone will love.
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29. Easter cake mix cookies

Cookies are super easy when you use a cake mix. The pastel Easter candy in these look so pretty and taste even better.

Easter cake mix cookies
You only need 4 simple ingredients to make Easter cake mix cookies that are delicious and festive. This is the perfect dessert for Spring to enjoy a treat in minutes. 
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30. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

This yummy spread of Easter candy and more treats will be a big hit with the kids. It looks so pretty and has a little bit of something for everyone.

Easter Candy Charcuterie Board
Easter Candy Charcuterie Board is a fun and festive way to display all your favorite Easter Candy. Your Easter dinner is complete with this easy candy dessert board.
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31. Italian Easter Cookies

This recipe has the perfect blend of flavors in these soft and delicious cookies. You will love the lemon glaze.

Italian Easter Cookies
Italian Easter Cookies have a hint of sweetness with a delicious lemon glaze. These knot cookies are easy to make and topped with pastel sprinkles.
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32. Carrot Cake Truffles

These darling little truffles are filled with the best carrot cake and taste amazing. They are sweet and decadent.

Carrot cake truffles
Carrot cake truffles are absolutely divine and so easy to make. These tasty truffles are made with decadent cake and dipped in white almond bark. 
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33. Carrot Cake Mix Cookies

Enjoy everything you love about carrot cake in these bite size cookies. They are loaded with flavor and the cream cheese frosting brings it all together.

Carrot Cake Mix Cookies
Enjoy Carrot Cake Mix Cookies with decadent cream cheese icing. The secret is a cake mix and the entire recipe is super easy. 
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34. Carrot cake 

There are so many wonderful layers in this easy to make carrot cake. It is simply amazing and the icing is yummy.

Carrot Cake
Carrot cake is sweet and decadent with layers of cream cheese icing. You can add nuts or omit based on your preference. This is the best carrot cake and so easy to make. 
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Try these Easy desserts for Easter!

There are so many popular Easter desserts to try. From Easter brunch to Easter lunch, there are Easter treats to satisfy everyone.

Kids will love the Easter cupcakes and other festive treats with colorful candies. Chocolate fans will love the mini chocolate dirt cakes and festive Easter cakes.

Make a list and get ready for an amazing Easter dessert everyone will love.

More easy Easter ideas:

We have 34 quick and easy Easter Desserts. They will be a huge hit this Spring. There are tons of cute Easter desserts to choose from. You will love these festive, cute and easy to make desserts that the entire family will love. #onecrazymom #easterrecipes #easterdesserts #easydesserts

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