These Christmas gift ideas for neighbors are perfect to show someone you care. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on Neighbor Christmas gifts. Each of these gift ideas are frugal and sure to be a hit.

Here are good christmas gifts for neighbors. They will love these easy neighbor christmas gifts without breaking budget. Christmas Neighbor gift ideas that any neighbor will love! #onecrazymom #christmas #giftideas #gifts

Christmas gift ideas for neighbors

Giving gifts is one of my favorite Christmastime traditions, and I always like to include the neighbors. We have a tight-knit neighborhood where the kids all like to play together, and we have formed some great relationships with the parents.

Depending how close you are to the family, you might want to keep your gifts on the smaller side. You don’t want people to feel the need to reciprocate. If you have a neighbor who regularly lets out your dog or brings in your mail when you’re on vacation, you might want to do something a little bigger for them.

The Best Neighbor Christmas gifts:

Gifts that Pamper

Moms and dads are busy and don’t take enough time for themselves. They will love getting a gift that helps them relax.

1. Lemon sugar scrub

This scrub is perfect to provide something relaxing that is all natural and works great. Make this easy sugar scrub with just 3 simple ingredients.

2. Homemade Bath Soak

Learn how to make homemade bath salts that are luxurious and will leave your skin so soft and smooth.

Pictures of non food gifts in a jar.

3. Non food gifts in a jar

 Find 15 of the best non food gifts in a jar that are easy to make and budget friendly. These gifts in a jar ideas are perfect for Christmas and neighbors will love them. You can add ribbon and festive greenery to the jars.

4. Cinnamon Homemade Bath Salts 

These are so easy to make and smell heavenly.  Melt all your stress away when you use these decadent bath salts that also make a great gift.

5. DIY Bath Bomb recipe 

This easy DIY makes fantastic bath bombs without the price tag. No need to pay crazy prices when you can make these at home so easily.

6. Kid Friendly Bath Bombs

Learn how to make these Homemade Starfish Bath Bombs with the easiest Bath Bomb Recipe. These are so fun and perfect for kids.

Homemade Lotion in a jar.

7. DIY Lotion

This simple DIY lotion is very easy to make and works great to restore moisture to dry skin. No worries about what all you are putting on your skin with this all natural homemade lotion.

8. Homemade Lip Balm

This Homemade Lip Balm recipe is so easy to make and will have lips moisturized in a matter of seconds. Even better, you only need 3 ingredients and it’s so quick and easy to make.

9. All Natural Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

 It is simple and inexpensive to make while keeping your lips moisturized all year long. Plus, the cocoa butter smells amazing.

Neighbor gifts for Christmas with food

Christmas cookies in a jar.

10. Christmas Cookies in a jar

Christmas is just around the corner and one of my favorite things to give as a gift is food because I love making it and eating it.  I can’t wait to show you how easy this Christmas Cookies in a Jar Recipe is and your kids will love creating them as well.

11. Christmas cookie platter

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? Make several batches of delicious cookies and arrange them on a pretty platter (like an adorably festive platter) or in a festive cookie tin (another great dollar store find).

Need some recipe ideas?

You can also purchase my book for 50 Christmas exchange cookie recipes

12. Brownie Mix in a Jar

Brownies are probably one of my all time favorite desserts and I think the neighbors will agree. Nothing is better than homemade brownies and this easy baking kit is so handy.

Homemade vanilla

13. Homemade Vanilla

It is very simple to make homemade vanilla extract. It definitely enhances baking and neighbors will love this gift idea.

14. Spices and a cookbook.

Does your neighbor love to grill? Grab a set of grilling spices and a grilling-focused cookbook for them – it will be the perfect Christmas gift for neighbors. 

Other fun combinations are a set of hot sauces and a hot sauce cookbook or some artisan caramel sauce and a dessert cookbook.

More Neighbor Christmas gifts:

15. Slow cooker trio

If your neighbors like to entertain, a thoughtful and useful gift is a slow cooker trio. You can pick up this one on Amazon.

naughty but nice coffee mug

16. Holiday mugs 

Coffee cups make an easy neighbor Christmas Gift idea. This time of year, you can find a wide variety of mugs at Dollar Tree, Big Lots, or any other discount or dollar store.

Line a basket with a pretty tea cloth or dishtowel (all of which you can find at the dollar store, too), and then add some fancy tea, coffee, and/or hot cocoa packets. I also think candy canes would be cute.

You can even make your own Homemade Hot Chocolate to add inside gift baskets.

17. A board game

If you get together regularly with your neighbors, a board game makes a fun gift. Family friendly ideas include Telestrations or Cranium. Kids will love this idea.

18. A personalized ornament

Parents love gifts that celebrate their family, and a personalized ornament is a great way to do that. I thought this would be such a simple but perfect idea to add to our list of good Christmas gifts for neighbors.

There are many websites you can turn to for really cute ornaments. I love the options on Amazon. We even have a DIY Chalkboard ornament that is so cute.

What are some of your other Christmas gift ideas for neighbors?

With these gifts, your Christmas exchange will be a big hit. I hope that these Christmas neighbor gift ideas have inspired you to think outside the box and gift a fun gift of thoughtfulness this year.

These fun ideas are perfect for neighbors gifts or friends this holiday season. You can also find a free printable tag that would be cute for the gifts.

Here are good christmas gifts for neighbors. They will love these easy neighbor christmas gifts without breaking budget. Christmas Neighbor gift ideas that any neighbor will love! #onecrazymom #christmas #giftideas #gifts

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Here are good christmas gifts for neighbors. They will love these easy neighbor christmas gifts without breaking budget. Christmas Neighbor gift ideas that any neighbor will love! #onecrazymom #christmas #giftideas #gifts

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