Make a DIY Sharpie Mug for the perfect gift idea. DIY Sharpie mugs are so fun to make. Learn how to personalize mugs with a sharpie.

Try one of these easy sharpie mug tutorials for a homemade gift idea. These DIY custom mugs are perfect for teachers, friends, couples, kids and family. Learn how to make a washable sharpie mug with these easy DIY instructions.  #onecrazymom #DIY #crafts #homemadegifts

DIY sharpie mug

There are two things that most everyone loves:  coffee and homemade gifts.  Combine both passions into one by creating a Sharpie Mug to give as gifts this season.  

All of these ideas are great examples of gifts that require very little time or money. However, the outcome is stunning.

Photos of sharpie mugs.

How to personalize mugs with a sharpie?

It is actually very easy to do.

  • First, make sure your mug is clean by washing with soap and water. I like to use rubbing alcohol to make sure there isn’t any oil on the cup.

    Even a trace can prevent the cup from setting correctly. Then dry the cup thoroughly.
  • Next, use Sharpie paint markers to draw your design. You can use a stencil first if you need to.
  • Complete your drawing with any colors you want.
  • Bake the mug in the oven at 350 degrees so the paint can set. This takes about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Allow the mug to sit until it cools completely. As the mug cools, the paint will seal.
  • I suggest that you hand wash these cups but after baking, they are dishwasher safe.

Keep reading to see specific details on each of these mug projects.

Will they last?

Yes, they will. The baking process seals the paint and makes these very durable.


  • For results that last the longest, use oil based sharpie paint instead of regular sharpie. Sharpie markers can rub off over time. Oil based will hold up best.
  • If you mess up and need to remove some of the paint, use nail polish remover before baking.
  • Place the mugs in the oven before you heat it up. Also, leave it in the oven until it cools completely. Both of these tips will prevent the mugs from cracking.
  • Matte mugs that are less shiny do better than the really glossy mugs.
  • If you are drawing with oil based sharpies, they need to dry for 24 hours before baking.

Check out each of these DIY Custom Mugs.

 Here are six of my favorite Sharpie Mug ideas.

Mug Love cup with Merry Christmas sign.

1. Muga Love Art Sharpie Mug

Give a mug full of love, or a Mug A Love, this Christmas.  Simply decorate the mug and customize it how you want it.

You can add small items to the mug for a gift. Ideas include: hot cocoa, candy canes or anything small that will fit inside the mug,

Put the mug in a gift bag and you are set.

Dot art mug with printable.

2. Dotted Initial Sharpie Mug

Everyone loves a monogramed present, so try creating a Dotted Initial Sharpie Mug.  This project is easy enough for even the preschoolers to make.  

You can even add the free printable if you are giving this as a teacher gift. It is so cute and is perfect to go with this mug.

Photo of tall and short mug with sharpie art.

3. Simple Kid Craft : Personalized Sharpie Mug

Capture your child’s creativity with a Kid Craft Sharpie Mug.  All that you’ll need is a mug, a Sharpie, an oven, and a kid who loves to draw or write.  

This would be a nice gift for a parent or a grandparent, or another relative who lives far away.

Photo of 3 mugs with sharpie art.

4.  Easy DIY Sharpie Mugs

Put your favorite quote or mantra on a coffee mug.  This easy DIY tutorial is simple to follow in this DIY Sharpies Mugs post. Once you start making these mugs, you will want to make one for everyone this year.

His and her mugs on a blanket.

5. His and Hers Sharpie Mugs

Get crafty during your next date night and make these His and Hers Coffee Mugs.  These would also be adorable to give to a newlywed couple or a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary.

You can give a really special gift without much expense or time.

6. Tips for Successful DIY Sharpie Mugs

DIY Sharpie Mugs are pretty easy to make. However, it is important that you use the correct supplies and follow the instructions. Learn about how to make successful DIY Sharpie Mugs before starting your first one.

It is really helpful to read these tips. You will see a huge difference in the outcome of the cups if you use the correct supplies and such.

Make a DIY mug today.

Get started on a diy project today. The cups are going to turn out great. You can easily make these for any occasion.

They make great gifts year round. If you are looking for something to make that is special but frugal, try one of these cups.

Try one of these easy sharpie mug tutorials for a homemade gift idea. These DIY custom mugs are perfect for teachers, friends, couples, kids and family. Learn how to make a washable sharpie mug with these easy DIY instructions.  #onecrazymom #DIY #crafts #homemadegifts

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