Perler bead crafts are so much fun and we have over 23 easy perler bead ideas. Choose from picture frames, magnets and so much more. There is something for everyone!

Collage of perler bead ideas.

Easy perler bead ideas

We are always on the lookout for easy perler bead ideas to do at home. My kids have a blast crafting with perler beads and the ideas are truly endless.

All of the kiddos had so much fun learning how to make Perler Beads Bracelets that I wanted to try something new. I found all sorts of fun projects to try.

What can you make with Perler Beads?

There are so many cool ideas that involve perler beads. We are going to have so much fun for days with these easy ideas.

From coasters and bookmarks to jewelry and more, there are tons of super easy and cool ideas to try.

The instructions are simple and the supplies are inexpensive. These beads are so colorful and the kids will love choosing their own colors.

What are Perler Beads?

They are plastic fusible beads. These fuse beads can be made into perler bead art using heat from a iron and a few other craft supplies.

These perler bead designs are simple to make using pegboards.

Do you melt both sides of Perler beads?

Yes, both sides of the beads require ironing.

Do you have to use parchment paper for Perler beads?

It is necessary to use parchment paper on each side before using the iron to melt. Do not substitute with wax paper or you will have a sticky mess.

What should I make with my Perler beads?

This fun kids craft is a blast for everyone. You might want to start with something simple like a bead keychain.

These melty beads are so fun and make a great gift idea. Another fun idea to try is coasters. There are numerous super cute ideas.

Let’s get started with these perler bead ideas easy and fun.

Collage of perler bead projects.


Supplies needed for cute perler bead ideas:

The supplies will vary based on the project you choose. However, there are some basic supplies that you will most likely need.

  • Perler Beads. Of course you need a bunch of perler beads. I have one of the large Perler Bead sets that come with tons of perler beads.
  • Ironing paper. This is so handy to have for projects.
  • Containers. It’s so nice to have all the beads sorted by color. I like this case that stacks. It’s very easy to find all the beads you need without having to sift through a ton of colors.
  • Iron. It is a must for this project. You will definitely need an iron to make these projects.

Let’s get started with these perler bead ideas.

Perler bead bracelets on a jar.

1. How to make Perler Beads Bracelets

Kids will have a blast making this DIY Perler Beads Bracelet. They are so fun and colorful.

Perler Bead lollipops together.

2. Lollipop Beads Craft

Perler beads are so fun and this Lollipop Perler Beads Craft is the perfect activity for the kiddos. The craft idea is simple and inexpensive but a blast to make.

Perler Bead cup tops.

3. Cup tops

Jazz up plain cups with these fun and whimsical cup tops made with perler beads. This is also great for keeping bugs out of drinks if you are using them outside.

Pac Man Coasters grouped together.

4. Pac Man Coaster

Pac man fans will go crazy over this coaster. Make all of your favorite characters for coasters that are fun to make and use.

Bead trap with flowers.

5. Perler Bead Tray

Create a tray with perler beads that is perfect to store jewelry or other special trinkets. This would make a great gift for Mother’s Day and more.

Mini Bookmarks in an assortment of colors.

6. Mini Bookmarks

Make reading even more fun with these fun and colorful bookmarks. Everyone can make their favorite designs and choose their favorite colors.

Emjoi keychain on bookbag.

7. Emoji Keychain

Make an emoji keychain that is perfect to use as a bookbag or tote bag tag. Kids will love to choose an emoji and make these fun keychains.

Stretchy bracelet on arm.

8. Stretchy Perler Bead Bracelet

Bracelets are always fun to make.  Make one of these stretchy bracelets in lots of cool colors and designs. 

Backpack tags in various shapes.

9. Backpack Tags

From sports and dance to fruit and rainbows, the ideas are endless for the backpack tags. Let the kids make some for their friends and everyone can enjoy.

Dreamcatcher with beads.

10. Dreamcatcher

You can easily make one of these small dreamcatcher DIY projects. These are a ton of fun and so creative.

License plate for bike.

11. Bike License Plates

Spruce up your child’s bike with a custom license plate. Add a name, saying or anything you like when you make a license plate.

Buttons on a sweater.

12. Buttons

Jazz up a plain outfit with these pretty buttons. Choose any color and design and make a great outfit with these fun accessories.

Pink heart earrings on ear.

13. Heart Perler Earrings

Accessorize with these gorgeous heart earrings. It is hard to believe they are made out of perler beads!

Pair of Cactus Earrings.

14. Cactus Earrings

Learn how to make these adorable cactus earrings for a fun accessory.

Perler bead necklaces and bracelets on a woman.

15. DIY Perler Bead Jewelry

From necklaces to bracelets, the ideas are easy and fun to make in this tutorial.

Rainbow key chain surrounded by beans.

16. Rainbow Key Chain

This colorful rainbow key chain is perfect to adorn a child’s notebook.

Cacti and Succulents in pots.

17. Perler Bead Cacti and Succulents

Turn beads into faux succulents and a 3D cactus. This is so creative.

Baby Yoda made out of beads.

18. Baby Yoda and Mandalorian

Star Wars fans will love these patterns for Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian.

Camper keychain with key.

19. Retro Camper Keychain

Get the free pattern to make this retro camper. It is such a fun keychain.

Bubble wands dipped in bubbles.

20. DIY Bubble Wand

Jazz up a bubble wand with perler beads. This is a fun and easy DIY.

Gift tags with perler beads.

21. Gift Tags

Transform Christmas gifts with these creative and festive gift tags.

Dream catcher with beads.

22. Dreamcatchers

You only need a few basic supplies to make one of these fun dreamcatchers.

Spinning toys grouped together.

23. Spinning Tops

The lost art of spinning tops is so fun to make using perler peads.

Collage of perler bead projects.

There are so many easy perler bead patterns for beginners.

Collage of perler bead projects.

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