Do you need to clean your blinds but keep putting the task off? Learn how to clean blinds quickly and easily with these easy tips.

Window with blinds open.

How to clean blinds easily

Do you have blinds in your windows? We used to have them all throughout our house and I loved the look of them, but I hated cleaning them!

I never could find a good way to really clean them well. If you struggle with what I used to struggle with, you are going to love this post on how to clean blinds.

I have a handful of helpful tips that will aid you in keeping those blinds looking clean and new. Once you try some of these tips, you will no longer dread this task.

What is the best way to wash blinds?

There are several different methods for cleaning blinds. You can clean them while they are hanging or take them off to clean them. Regular cleaning of blinds will help to keep them from getting extremely dirty.

The technique also depends on what type of blinds you have. Whether you are cleaning wood blinds or plastic blinds will make a difference in how to clean them.

In the end, it comes down to preference. Some people prefer to use the vacuum brush attachments and a damp cloth. Whereas others prefer to take them down and soak them in water and dish soap.

The best method for one may not be the preferred method for someone else. Learn how to clean window blinds for the best outcome.

Window blinds up close.

Let’s get started learning how to clean blinds.

Are you curious how to clean blinds? Find the top house cleaning tips and tricks for blinds:

Blinds in the bathtub.

1. How to clean wooden blinds.

Now this is a method I never actually tried myself, but if you have aluminum blinds, plastic or faux wood blinds, this may be the best option for you. The Thrifty Couple suggests you can soak them completely in the tub.

Fill your tub with several inches of plain water and fully immerse your blinds in the water. I have heard of some people adding just a drop of two of Dawn to the water, but you can try without soap, too.

You can use a soft cloth to rub down both sides of your vertical blinds. Drain the water and refill the tub with clean water to rinse the dirt (and possibly soap) off of the blinds.

Let them air dry outside and then rehang. Once you learn how to clean blinds in bathtub, it so easy!

If they are really soiled and dirty, you may want to learn to clean blinds in the bathtub with bleach. The bleach may be what you need to remove tough stains and really deep clean them.

Blinds hanging up outside.

2. How to clean mini blinds:

Spray them down. If you are not too keen on fully immersing your blinds, you can try spraying them down. French Knots has a tutorial for hanging your blinds outside.

You’ll basically just want to spray them with your favorite cleaner and then hose them off. Make sure you get both sides of the blinds.

Once clean dry them by hanging until completely dry.

Blinds being cleaned.

Best way to clean blinds without taking them down:

Try some of these ideas if you would rather not take your blinds down.

3. Clean blinds with vinegar

Sometimes, the best way to clean blinds is to get your hands dirty. Keep Home Simple suggests making a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water.

Slip your hand into an old clean sock and dip it into your water/vinegar mixture. Simply rub your hand all along each slat of your blinds.

Every few slats, re-dip your socked hand into the cleaning mixture. I have also heard it is helpful to have a second dry sock or dry cloth on your other hand to dry the cleaned blind slats as you go.

Blinds being cleaned with a cleaning wand.

4. Make your own cleaning wand.

If none of these ideas of how to clean blinds appeal to you yet, you might like this one! All you need is a spatula, a lint free dusting cloth like microfiber cloths and a rubber band to clean blinds.

Simply rub between each of your slats with your handy dandy cleaning tool. You may even try spraying your cloth with dusting spray to help prevent dust build up in the future on the mini blind.

Cleaning blinds with a cleaning wand.

5. Double duty cleaning wand.

If you don’t have a spatula to spare, or you want to be able to scrub those blinds a little more, try this double duty technique.

You’ll need a pair of tongs, 4 rubber bands and a lint free cloth. Cut your cloth in half and rubber band half of the cloth to one tong and the other piece of cloth to the other tong.

Spray your new cleaning tool with your favorite cleaner and clean those blinds by hand and dip with more solution when needed. You’ll be done in a fraction of the time because you are cleaning both sides of each slat all at once.

Get started with your favorite method.

There are numerous methods to try that will have all of your blinds sparkling clean.

Close up photo of blinds on a window.

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