Create a budget-friendly dollar store fall centerpiece costing only $5. It is ideal for Fall or as a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.


Dollar Store Fall Centerpiece

You can find all the necessary items for this beautiful Autumn centerpiece at the dollar store. With just 4 items, it’s a budget-friendly option for Thanksgiving decoration ideas with fall colors.

The dining table would appear breathtaking with these burlap placemats. This DIY project from the Dollar Store is a fantastic option to both save money and achieve a lovely decoration.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.

Items needed:

  • Small vase. There are various sizes available for you to select your preferred one.
  • White candle for the insert. You have the option of choosing between a traditional candle or a battery-powered one.
  • Popcorn kernels for the filler. You won’t need to use the entire bag.
  • Roll of small ribbon for the vase. The ribbon will be more than enough for multiple projects or for other decorations.
Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.


How to make Dollar Store fall centerpiece idea:

  • Step 1. First, wash out your glass vase or jar so you can make this fall decor idea. Mason jars work great too.
  • Step 2. Next, fill up the vase with popcorn kernels about ¼ the way up.
  • Step 3. Next, apply pressure on the candle inside the vase. Move the candle in a back and forth motion to ensure it is firmly pushed down and the kernels are pushed up along the vase’s side. This will also aid in keeping the candle secure.
  • Step 4. Continuously move the candle until it reaches your desired level. Personally, I preferred it when it was approximately three-fourths of the way up.
  • Step 5. Finally, tie your ribbon (we used brown) around the vase for details.
  • Step 6. Use it for a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table, add to your fireplace or anywhere where you want to add some fall touches.

This is perfect for turkey day and you can also add fall leaves to this idea for the best table setting. If you have a covered porch, this Dollar Tree fall idea would be perfect for front porches as well.


Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY beside a mini pumpkin.


How to make this into a Thanksgiving dinner Centerpiece:

  • First, make several of these Dollar store DIY candles from above.
  • Alternate some small real pumpkins or you can use Dollar Tree Pumpkins for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece.

Variations to centerpiece:

  • Ribbon. We used brown but you can use any color or type of ribbon including burlap ribbon or twine. You can also change the ribbon color to use this for other seasons. If it is slipping, use your hot glue gun.
  • Filler. The corn kernels can easily be substituted with other items including acorns, oranges, mini plastic pumpkins and more. Mini Christmas balls, peppermints or berries would be pretty at Christmas. You can also add foam under the filler and insert a flower stem.
  • Candle. We used white pillar candles but any color will work that you prefer for your dĂ©cor in these candle holders.
  • Flowers. Grab some Fall flowers or fall garland while you are at the dollar store to tuck around the vase. You can also add more dollar store pumpkins or maple leaves to dollar tree fall crafts for fall inspiration.

Prioritize shopping in your own home. It’s common to overlook the possessions you already have, so make sure to assess them before making new purchases. This approach will ultimately save you money and contribute to maintaining an organized space when making DIY Fall decor and this easy tutorial.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.

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