Save money and make this dollar store fall centerpiece for only $4. It is perfect for Fall or to use as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. The entire project is simple and frugal.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.


Dollar store fall centerpiece

Everything you need for this gorgeous Fall centerpiece can be purchased at the dollar store. You only need 4 items making this very budget friendly. This is a great example of a project that leaves a big impact for very little money.

If you are looking for a project that takes very little time, give this a try. You don’t have to be crafty to make this. Anyone can make this easy DIY project.

I have learned to decorate on a budget over the years. If there is one thing I love to do besides couponing and cooking, it is decorating. This Dollar Store DIY is the way to go because it is a great way to save money and still decorate nicely.

How to make a Fall Candle holder

It is so simple. We used a tall glass vase and filled it with corn kernels. Top it with a candle and it looks amazing.

We added a bow around the candle holder in a pretty color for Fall. You can easily change the ribbon and filler in the vase for other occasions or seasons.

This entire project costs us $4. Can you believe how cheap this DIY for Fall is?

You might even have some of these items at home making your cost even less.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.

Items needed:

  • Small vase – $1 They have have several different sizes so you can choose the one you prefer.
  • white candle – $1 You can get a regular candle or one of the battery operated ones.
  • Popcorn kernels – $1 You won’t need the entire bag.
  • roll of small ribbon  – $1  This roll will be enough for several of these or to use for other projects.


How to make a Fall centerpiece from Dollar Tree:

  • First, wash out your vase. I like to make sure it is free of streaks or any blemishes so it looks pretty sitting on the table.
  • Second, fill up the vase with popcorn kernels about ¼ the way up.
  • Then push down the candle in the vase. Rotate the candle back and forth to get the candle pushed down and the kernels pushed up the side. This will also help to secure the candle.
  • Keep adjusting the candle until you get to the point of where you like it. I liked it about ¾ the way up.
  • Finally, tie your ribbon (we used brown) around it the vase for details.
  • Use it for a centerpiece, add to your fireplace or anywhere where you want to add some fall touches.

I told you this DIY thanksgiving decoration was easy to make.


Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.

The finishing touches are just adorable. We get compliments on these every year. I’ve placed them on my fireplace and on our Thanksgiving table to make a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece.

When you add them with some burlap and fall fabric you can create a really cute Thanksgiving table. In fact, consider making these to go with the burlap placemats.

It is so easy to make a gorgeous Fall table with very little time or money. Get started today making this fun DIY.

Anyone can make this. If you have children that like to do crafts, get them involved.

They will have fun working together to make pretty Fall centerpieces.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY beside a mini pumpkin.


Thanksgiving decoration ideas

I even made some with a bigger vase. The vase, ribbon, and kernels were all from Dollar Tree, but I already had the candle in my house.

I decided to add a bright colored ribbon because I loved the POP of color among all the fall colors. What do you think?

You can even elevate the vase more by putting it on a cake stand. I think height adds such a pretty element to d├ęcor and this is an easy way to accomplish this.

Depending on the size of candle holder, you can also put some on candle sticks. I have several large chunky candle holders that look great holding the smaller vases.

How to make this into a Thanksgiving dinner Centerpiece:

  • First, make several of these Dollar store DIY candles from above.
  • Next, add in a burlap table runner. I also ran some plaid fabric down my table underneath the burlap.
  • Alternate some small real pumpkins (or purchase some from the dollar store) for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece. I like to mix traditional pumpkins with white pumpkins. The kids love to help put a mini pumpkin to help decorate.

It is so simple and easy to decorate your house for Fall. We love making these and they also make great centerpieces for parties and more.

Make this easy Dollar Store Fall Centerpiece.

It is so simple and takes just minutes to make. It will look stunning on your table or mantel for Fall.

The ideas are endless for this easy Fall idea. From the dining room table to decorations around the house, you can make so many pretty things on a budget.

It is important to just have fun and realize that you do not need to spend a fortune to have pretty decorations. I love having a home that is decorated for different seasons without spending a ton.

Variations to centerpiece:

  • Ribbon. We used brown but you can use any color or type of ribbon you prefer. I think raffia would be pretty. You can also change the ribbon color to use this for other seasons, occasions or holidays.
  • Filler. The corn kernels can easily be substituted with other items to make this work year round. Mini Christmas balls, peppermints or cranberries would be pretty at Christmas.
  • Candle. We used white but any color will work that you prefer. You can also use a battery operated candle if you prefer those. My dollar store regularly keeps those in stock.
  • Flowers. Grab some Fall flowers while you are at the dollar store to tuck around the vase. It isn’t necessary but will add a nice touch.

Everything you need for an amazing centerpiece can be purchased at the dollar store on a budget. Shop your house first because you might find much of what you need.

I have all sorts of clear vases in different sizes and any of them would be great for this project. It is a good idea to always see what you have at home first.

It is easy to forget all of the things you have so take a look before you buy anything else. This will save money over time and help to keep your organized.

This is imperative to saving money over time and will help you able to decorate more.

Photo of dollar store Fall candle holder DIY.

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