Are you going camping? Check out these camp activities for kids that are fun and frugal. 24 kids camping activities sure to be a blast.

The best camp activities for kids. 24 fun ideas that the entire family will enjoy including scavenger hunts, free printables, nature walks, crafts. games and more.  24 kids camping activities sure to be a blast. #onecrazymom #campingactivitiesforkids #kidscampingactivities

Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Camping is one of my favorite memories as a child and now we are making new ones with our family. Kids of all ages love to camp and these fun activities make it even more exciting.

Camping games don’t have to be expensive or time consuming. These ideas for kids include easy ideas such as nature scavenger hunts, camping charades, ring toss and making friendship bracelets and so many other fun summer camp activities.

The best camp activities for kids. 24 fun ideas that everyone  will enjoy including scavenger hunts, free printables, nature walks, crafts. games and more.  24 kids camping activities sure to be a blast. #onecrazymom #campingactivitiesforkids #kidscampingactivities

We have even included rainy day activities for camping with kids just in case. These summer camp activities for kids include activities for the entire family. From younger kids to older kids, everyone will love these fun ideas.

Gather around the picnic table or campsite and get ready for so much fun. You might want to take a look at these 5 tips for camping with kids.

Campfire with kids around it.

1. Campfire Stories

Play the camping version of Tell me a Story and other fun games. Choose from 5 camping games for kids that don’t cost anything to play. No need to spend a bunch of money when these free and frugal games provide so much entertainment.

milk cartons hanging on tree.

2. Bird Feeder

Learn how to make this cute bird feeder using a milk carton. If you make it the beginning of the camping trip, you can hang it up and the birds can use it all week. Don’t forget the bird seed if you plan to use it while camping.

Glow in the dark bottles for bowling.

3. Glow in the Dark Bowling

Use glow sticks in bottles for a fun game of nighttime bowling. Not only does it look cool but it is so much fun too. The entire family will enjoy playing a game of glow bowling.

Neighborhood scavenger hunt printable for bingo.

4. Scavenger Hunt

This neighborhood scavenger hunt can easily be used camping. Kids will love looking for items in nature and in surrounding areas. Everyone can race to see who spots the most items first.

Charades print out for camping.

5. Camping Charades

The game of charades is sure to provide lots of laughter and fun. This free printable for camping themed charades is a blast to play. Just print out the cards and pack them in a ziplock bag for the trip.

camping Pictionary print out.

6. Camping Pictionary

Get this free printable and be prepared for tons of laughs and fun with Camping Pictionary. This themed version is perfect to add to your camping adventures and completely free.

Ring toss with glow sticks.

7. Ring Toss

Transform the classic ring toss game into this super fun glow in the dark version. You can purchase everything you need at the dollar store this game that provides fun for kids of all ages.

Friendship bracelets grouped together.

8. Friendship Bracelets

Gather everyone around and make these gorgeous Friendship Bracelets. Everyone can choose their favorite colors and make lots of pretty bracelets for themselves and to give to friends.


9. S’mores

Let everyone make s’mores for a popular camping activity. I feel like S’mores and Camping go hand in hand.

Shadow puppets on a tent.

10. Shadow Charades

When it’s time to settle down for the night, gather everyone around for a found of shadow charades. Kids will love to play with the flashlights and see who can guess the shapes.

Fireflies in a jar.

11. Catch Fireflies

The timeless activity of catching fireflies never gets old for kids of all ages. Give the kids a jar and see who can catch the most and then let them all loose so they continue to light up the backyard.

Kids playing flashlight hide and seek.

12. Flashlight Hide and Seek

If the kids start to get bored when the sun goes down, it is time for a round of flashlight hide and seek. Make sure everyone has a flashlight and get ready for lots of excitement. This activity gets the kids moving and everyone always loves this game.

Squirt gun races with string.

13. Squirt Gun Race

String plastic cups between trees or other posts around the campsite. Give the kids a water gun and see who can squire their cup the fastest across the strings. Squirt Gun Races are so simple but results in hours of fun.

Child with binoculars playing I Spy.

14. I Spy Camping Version

Children can take turn using binoculars and look for objects in this special I Spy Camping edition. This is also a great way to teach kids about nature and it is so much more fun using binoculars.

Painted rocks in hand.

15. Paint Rocks

Gather rocks around the campsite and kids can paint lots of fun designs and colors. They can also hide the rocks around the area and other campers can find them when they go camping next. This is the perfect activity to do outdoors because you don’t have to worry about getting paint everywhere.

Wheelbarrow Race with kids in field.

16. Wheelbarrow Race

Teach the kids how to do a wheelbarrow race for endless fun. This is a classic game that surpasses generations and still provides so much fun.

Paper airplane in hands.

17. Paper Airplanes

Make paper airplanes and then see how far they can go. Everyone can race their airplanes and the kids will be entertained.

Camping bingo printables.

18. Camping Bingo

Get this free Camping Bingo printable and get ready to loads of bingo fun. This is a great game to play if starts to rain or you just want them kids to settle down at the picnic table.

Stone stacked together.

19. Stone Stacking

Balance rocks around the campsite to see who can make the tallest stack without crashing. It is nature’s version of Jenga. It is fun for kids of all ages.

Balloon ping pong ready to use.

20. Balloon Ping Pong

Grab some paper plates and blow up some balloons for an exciting game of balloon ping pong. There is something exciting about games with balloons and the kids never get tired of it.

Bubble wands beside bubbles.

21. Bubbles

You can buy bubble solution or make this easy homemade bubble solution for endless fun. Kids might also like to make their own DIY bubble wands.

Tic Tac Toe using nature items.

22. Camping Tic Tac Toe

Everyone can enjoy a game of Tic Tac Toe with sticks and other items found in nature such as rocks, pinecones and more. This game cost absolutely nothing and all supplies can be found in nature.

Nature scavenger hunt printable.

23. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Kids can learn about nature and keep themselves busy completing this fun Natural Scavenger Hunt. Get the free printable.

Child playing with water and sponges.

24. Sponge and Water Play

Cool off during the hot days and bring out the water and sponges. Everyone will want to get involved in the sponge and water fun.

Kids Camping Activities

There are so many fun and interesting activities to do with the entire family while camping. Kids will have a blast playing outdoors and enjoying time with friends and family.

We always look forward to this time of bonding and lack of screen time. It is nice for the phones, tablets and tv’s to be put away and replaced with so many fun games. The memories created during this time will be forever remembered.

Which of these activities do you plan to try on your camping trip? Please share any ideas or special activities you love to do while camping in the comment section.

The best camp activities for kids. 24 fun ideas that the entire family will enjoy including scavenger hunts, free printables, nature walks, crafts. games and more.  24 kids camping activities sure to be a ton of fun. #onecrazymom #campingactivitiesforkids #kidscampingactivities

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