This easy DIY Heart Shaped Wreath is a breeze to make and inexpensive. Get your home ready for Valentine’s Day with this Valentine Day wreath.

Heart shaped wreath.

Easy DIY Heart Shaped Wreath

It’s so fun to decorate the house for each season and all the holidays. It can get expensive though and who has time to spend hours!

This heart wreath is the perfect solution for Valentine’s Day. It’s inexpensive and simple to make!

The outcome is so pretty with all the pink, red and white. Your house will look so festive with this easy Valentine’s day decoration on the front door.

Plus, the kids can help. The wreath is made with crepe paper so the kids can help roll each section. They will love helping!

Even better, most of these items can be found around the house. All you really need to buy is crepe paper from the dollar tree. I had leftover red ribbon from Christmas that is perfect to hang this diy Valentine wreath.

Heart shaped wreath.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect and each wreath will vary. Just have fun and it will turn out great! This really is a great project to do with the entire family.

Not only will you have a great wreath but get to spend time with your family while making it.

Supplies needed for wreath.


Heart shaped wreath.

How to make Heart Shaped Wreath:

  • Step 1. Measure each piece of crepe paper to be 36″ or 3′ in length and cut. Fold paper in half lengthwise and begin to roll the end. Continue to roll the paper into a flower shape.

    Do not pull tightly, Just use enough tension and tightness to keep the flower shape. Secure the end with hot glue.

    Repeat until you have about 13 flowers per color. This may need to be modified if your wreath is not full enough or has any gaps.
Measuring crepe paper.
Folding crepe paper.
Rolling crepe paper.
Rolling crepe paper.
Crepe paper rolled.
  • Step 2. Fold a scrap piece of paper in half and cut out a heart. Place 2 of your flowers next to each other and measure how wide they are. Next, use that measurement to cut a wide center piece out of the cardboard heart.
Cardboard with scissors.
Heart cut on cardboard.
Cardboard heart cut out.
Heart cut out.
Heart drawn on cardboard.
  • Step 3. Place the cardboard heart onto a flat, protected surface. I like to use wax paper. Place the flowers on the cardboard in a pattern that works for the size flowers you have.

    Adhere the hearts by adding a dab of hot glue to the flower or onto the cardboard and pressing the flower firmly on the cardboard. Continue until the entire cardboard heart shape is covered all the way to the bottom of the heart.
Crepe paper on heart cut outs.
Crepe paper rolled up.
Heart with crepe paper glued.
Finished wreath with crepe paper.
  • Step 4. Cut a piece of ribbon and affix it to the back of the cardboard with hot glue for hanging. Now, you have the cutest Valentine’s Day craft for your door.

Tips for heart shaped valentine wreath:

  • Wreath form. This should be completely covered. Sometimes it can vary how much material you will need.  You want the wreath to be nice and full without any gaps in between.

    I used just less than 1 roll of each color and I made about 20 flowers of each color.  However, I only used 12-13 of each color on the heart shape. The color combination can be changed based on your preference.
  • Cardboard. We used a cereal box to make the heart shape for the wreath. You can use anything you have at home as long as it is sturdy enough. If you do not have any, feel free to use poster board from the dollar store.

Variation ideas

  • Flowers. The heart cardboard shape measures 7″x8″. Substitute flowers instead of crepe paper.

    Obviously the flowers extend a bit beyond the outside of the cardboard. So, you’ll need 12-13 flowers of each color to create this project.
  • Pom Poms. This is not necessary but would make a nice filler item if needed. Feel free to add pom poms around the wreath if there are gaps. I think it would also add nice layers and dimension to the wreath.
  • Ribbon. You do not need much ribbon to hang the wreath. Scrap ribbon from other projects is sufficient to hang the wreath.

Make this DIY Heart shaped wreath.

It is such a nice wreath and comes together without much work or expense. The supplies are easily available and simple. You won’t have to spend hours making this fun DIY.

Gather the kids and get ready for a fun craft project that also makes a great decoration. We used pink, red and white but you can easily change the colors.

Feel free to just use pink and red or red and white. The options are endless for this festive wreath. You are going to have so much fun creating this wreath that you might want to make two.

Let us know how your wreath turns out. I know it will be great and make the perfect décor for Valentine’s Day without much expense.

Heart shaped wreath hanging with ribbon.


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