26 of the best Valentine gifts for him. Choose from budget friendly and easy Valentine’s Day Gifts he will love.

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Valentine Gifts For Him

Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me. Once the holidays are over, life gets back to normal in January and then February is here before we know it.

The next thing I know, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I don’t have anything for my husband. If that sounds familiar, don’t fear because we have lots of great ideas.

I’m here with some easy Valentine’s Day ideas for him that don’t take much advance planning.

These ideas include lots of great gifts for the perfect way to say Happy Valentines Day. Make one of these diy valentine day gifts for a sweet Valentine’s surprise.

Gift box with heart.

What gifts do guys like for Valentine’s Day?

Gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. It’s the thought that counts and these are great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. 

From candy boxes and food gifts to an overnight getaway, guys don’t need much to be happy. You can also opt for gifts that don’t cost a thing with ideas including Why I love you jars and A to Z affirmations.

Let’s get started finding the perfect gift for your guy!

1. “Why I Love You” jar.

What makes someone feel more special than being reminded of all the ways you love them? Choose a special number – perhaps you’ve been married 20 years, so do 20 reasons. Or even just 14 for February 14th.

2. Dinner and a movie – at home.

Getting out of the house for a date can be a challenge. Stay put and make a special evening out of it once the kids are in bed.

Pick up sushi or get delivery from your favorite pizza joint, and pick up a Redbox or rent something from Netflix. Just be purposeful and schedule it!

3. Overnight getaway.

You do not need to go out of town to have a special night “away.” Pick a nice hotel in the area and arrange for the kids to spend the night with the grandparents.

Spend the night just the two of you.

Heart made out of puzzle pieces on a frame.

4. I Love you to Pieces Craft

Utilize a puzzle to form a heart on this adorable craft using a picture frame and simple supplies. This is an easy heart shaped idea and could also double as a cute DIY Valentines Day Card or wall art.

5. Hot towel shave.

Who says pampering is just for women? An old-fashioned hot towel shave is a nice luxury that shows how much you care.

Check with your local barber shop to see if this is a service they offer.

6. Couples massage.

This relaxing idea includes a bonus because you also get to join in. Couples massages aren’t only reserved for beach vacations.

Spend some time together relaxing and enjoying each other’s presence.

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7. A night with the guys.

Email or text your husband’s friends’ wives to coordinate a night away for all of them. Chances are good they’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift as well.

You could be a hero as you also hep them out. Play where they will go and take all the work out of it for him. Some ideas include a sporting event, the casino, or even to see a movie.

The key is to take care of the details so they don’t have to.

Sore Muscle cream in a mason jar.

8. Sore muscle Cream

Do away with sore muscles with this easy to make sore muscle cream. It makes a great gift and will melt away aches and pains. This is easy to make and can easily be stored in mason jars.

9. Clothing subscription.

Does your guy like to dress well? Clothing subscriptions are big for women, but many people don’t know they are also available for men.

If swanky clothes aren’t his thing, look into fun socks. Or just grab them on Amazon.

10. Chocolate

If your husband likes sweets, chocolates are a great way to get the best of both worlds! You can choose from a variety of chocolate they will love.

11. Be a tourist.

Take a day and be a tourist in your own town. Visit museums, eat at the touristy restaurants, and soak in the sights. You might just see your city (and each other) in an entirely different way.

Photo block with photo.

12. DIY Photo Block

Create this personalized photo block with one of your favorite pictures. It is easy to make and makes a darling keepsake.

13. Easy DIY Love Mug

Skip the pricey gifts and make this fun and easy mug. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day and so cute.

14. Pop Up Photo Box

Make a pop up photo box full of special pictures to make the day memorable.

15. Zip Bag

Upcycle an old tie into a fun and useful zip bag. It is a great way to repurpose ties you no longer need or want. Wrap in a cute gift box and you are set.

Hair pomade in tin.

16. Homemade Hair Pomade

Good hair products often come with a high price tag. Learn how to make this hair pomade for a useful and pampering gift.

17. Insulated Beverage Holders

Keep your drink cold with one of these cute koozies. Choose from any design or fabric to personalize each beverage holder for a great gift.

18. What I love About You Mini Book

This book includes A to Z affirmations for you to include all of your favorites. There isn’t any need to spend a bunch of money on fancy gifts. This is so meaningful and special.

19. DIY Beard Balm

Pamper the special guy in your life with this beard balm. It is easy to make and works great.

Brown Sugar Scrub in jar.

20. Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Dry skin will be a thing of the past with this luxurious body scrub. It comes together in minutes and costs significantly less than store bought.

21. Painted Wood Slice Coasters

These hand painted gifts are made from real wood and look rustic and amazing. Follow the easy step by step instructions to make these stunning coasters.

22. Homemade bath salts

Your skin will be soft and well moisturized after using these homemade bath salts. With just a few ingredients, anyone can easily make these.

23. Hand Cream

Dry winter skin can be hard to manage. This homemade hand cream is the perfect gift.

Candy wreath with a variety of candy.

24. Candy Wreath

Choose from a variety of candy in your sweetie’s favorite treats to make a candy wreath. This idea is so cute and the candy will most definitely be a hit.

25. DIY Body Butter

Slather dry skin with this thick and luxurious body butter. It makes a great gift and takes little time to make.

26. Candy Bouquet DIY

Learn how to make this candy bouquet instead of flowers. It is the perfect gift to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

Which one of these ideas do you plan to choose? These handmade Valentine gifts and frugal store bought ideas take very little time to make.

Get started on these Valentine Day crafts for a gift sure to be a hit. These are all great ideas and examples that you do not need to spend a bunch of money for the perfect gift.

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