Learn how to make mod podge for your craft projects. It is so easy and homemade mod podge will save a ton of money.

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

Homemade Mod Podge

I love being crafty and most of the time those crafty projects require the use of a magical product called Mod Podge. I love Mod Podge and it can be used on so many surfaces making it easy to work with, but it can be quite expensive.

If you do a lot of crafting like we do, you know just how quickly it can add up. It does not take long and you have spent a small fortune on mod podge.

My bottle of Mod Podge was getting low so I decided to try to whip up my own batch of Homemade Mod Podge. It turned out perfect.

How to make mod podge

With the use of glue and water you’ll be on your way to a Homemade Mod Podge that costs $1.00 instead of $9.00. You really can’t get much cheaper than this.

You will not believe how simple this is! I don’t know why they charge so much for this at the craft store.

It literally takes just 2 ingredients to make this homemade mod podge. So easy!

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

What you need for Homemade Mod Podge recipe:

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

Watch my video on how easy mod podge is to make:


How to make homemade mod podge:

1. Grab your ½ pint mason jar and remove the lid. Pour an entire 6 oz. bottle of washable kids glue to fill up the mason jar.

2. Now grab your cup of water and pour it on top of your glue. Apply your lid to the mason jar and shake it for a good minute.

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

3. By shaking it up you’ll be mixing the contents together which is creating our Homemade Mod Podge.

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

4. Remove the lid, dip in your paint brush and get crafty. Enjoy.

  Now you know how to make mod podge!

It is SO easy! I remember the first time I made this and I just could not get over how simple it was to make it.

Plus, I knew how much money I spent buying this at the store. Get started today and save money and time!

It is a win all around.

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

That is it! It really is that easy to make homemade mod podge!

No need to spend a fortune on store bought Mod Podge when you can make it at home. Can I get a woo-hoo? 🙂

Mod podge is so handy and acts almost like an acrylic sealer. This is one of our favorite recipes for homemade mod podge and works just as well as any store bought version.

The only difference is all the money you will be saving from purchasing it at the craft store. Mod podge recipes are easy and you are going to love this homemade version!

Some people call it decoupage glue because modge podge just does so many things. It is great to have on hand if you are a crafty person.


Now that you know how to make homemade mod podge, you will save so much money!

You can also learn how to make glue. We love DIY projects that save us time and money!

We are always experimenting with white glue and making something. 🙂

Learn how to make mod podge. You have to try this easy homemade mod podge recipe with only 2 easy ingredients. So simple!

Get started today making homemade mod podge!

Once you give it a try, I bet you will never buy store bought mod podge again. We always make our own now that we know how simple it is.

Have you tried anything new lately? We love new craft ideas so please share in the comments.

We have so much fun making new things and it is amazing how much money you can save. We safe time and have a good time making these things as well.

It is easy enough for the kids to help. Get the entire family involved and have a blast spending this time together.

We all love craft projects and DIY ideas. The kids have a blast and we are making lasting memories.

The time spent together is so much fun and we love thinking about what our next project will be.

Let us know how your homemade mod podge turns out.

I’m certain that once you make this, you will love it. Make sure to also come back and tell us about the projects you complete using your homemade mod podge.

So fun! Crafting is just the best and when I can save money and make it even more simple, it just makes my day!

Homemade mod podge is one of those things and I can’t believe I waited this long to try it!

Now that you know how to make mod podge at home, it is so quick and easy! 

Get started today and make your own mod podge. The savings will really add up.

You are going to love how easy these home ingredients are to make homemade mod podge.

Once you make this, you will see how easy it is and that it takes just minutes to put make.

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There are tons of fun and frugal activities to do with your kids. Get started today and let us know how everything turns out.

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        1. Does this work well to decoupage furniture like old cedar chests that the veneer has come off? How durable would it be long term on furniture in a very humid environment such as swampy Louisiana? Could I decoupage old furniture with it using fabric instead of paper?

          1. I’m not sure as I haven’t used this recipe on furniture yet. I recommend testing it on a smaller piece to make sure that you’ll get the results that you prefer before using on larger pieces of furniture. Let us know how it works out!

        1. It will last as long as the expiration date on the glue that you use to create it which can be up to 2 years. Thanks!

      1. Just wondering if Elmers clear glue would work? If I use the white Elmers glue does it dry glossy or matte?
        Thank you

        1. You will need a white glue for this recipe. I haven’t tried it with clear glue so I’m not sure if that would work correctly or not. Elmer’s glue will dry with a matte finish. If you try the clear glue, please let me know if it works!

  1. Love Pinterest and all the wonderful things it can teach me.
    I had heard of Modge Podge but as I live in Spain, couldn’t buy it. The I thought I would lookon Pinterest, and Wow I found You. Thank you so much Carrie. x x x

  2. One thing I would do is pour the water in the glue bottle before I add it to the jar and that way get even more glue out of the bottle. Or leave the bottle upside down draining before finishing it off. I am all about getting every last drop out of bottles that I can.

  3. Thanks a lot …I will definitely try this… Supper excited to do this project .. the idea of using mod podge for pictures transfer on woods it’s really awesome ..N innovative…I like it…

  4. Love your low-budget, easy to do diy projects! Wow! The diversity of themes are awesome! Thank you for sharing! God bless ya!

  5. Thx sooo much!!
    I do so much crafting w/ my grand dghtrs..so whenever I can save $$ I’m happy.
    Thk u so very much!!

  6. Well I have put off doing a lot of craft because Mod podge was so expensive, but not anymore . Thank you for the hint.

  7. Hello from switzerland 🙂

    i really like your idea to make homemade mod podge. i got a question about it 🙂

    Did you ever tried to transfer a photo onto wood, done with homemade mod podge? does it work?

    thanx for you answer!!!!

    kindly regards, sandra

  8. I’m going to my local d I.y. store to buy this glue and make it in bulk i make lots of candles and painted wine bottles with napkins on them this great tip will save me a fortune thanks so much😊

  9. Wow, this came along at just the right time! I was down to the last 1/4″ of my Mod Podge, 11 p.m., and needed to finish a project! Thanks for this! So simple and so economical. Now I can make my own Mod Podge any time.

  10. Woo-hoo!! Thank you for this!
    I can’t find it on line here in the UK and this will save me a small fortune!
    I decoupage and get through a ton of glue…thanks!

  11. Hi Carrie. I’m from SouthAfrica and I thank you for showing me how to make home made modge podge. It is very expensive here. Bless you.

  12. My I suggest the water first be put into the empty glue bottle to rince out the remaining glue, then added to the 1/2 pint jar with the glue.

  13. Many woo-hoos!!!! I knew Modge Podge smelled just like white glue, but never thought to try recreating it. You’ve saved us all some big bucks. Kudos!

  14. I have just started making paper beads. Everything has a coat of mod podge on it. Thanks for the receipe.

  15. woo hooo¡¡¡ muchas gracias, en verdad sera de gran ahorro y ademas no es facil estar yendo a las tiendas a conseguirlo.

    1. How did you put the check fabric on the picnic basket? Did you brush the Mod Podge on the lid of the basket and then place the fabric on the top? How did you line the basket , with Mod Podge?

  16. Now i can make my own modpode. As i need it. It coast so much. To buy it. Its $ 10 :99 to buy at hobby Lobby. But they do the 40% percent off though

  17. Put Vaseline around the outside of the jar where the lid goes on and the inside of the lid. It won’t get stuck.

  18. Thanks so much for that awesome tip!!!! Trying to make crafts to sell to pay some bills! I also enjoy this kind of stuff. Your tip will help me a lot! I appreciate that so much!!!

    1. Raya – It’s not dishwasher safe since it’s water base so I would not use this on mugs. Thank you.

  19. Mom did this with us as kids 40+ years ago. Still use it today. If you mix equal parts of white school glue and water, you have the equivalent of Stiffy brand fabric stiffener as well as a thinned Modge Podge as there are times when the Modge Podge is better thin than normal consistency.

  20. For Vacation Bible School, we used to mix Elmers Glue-all and water to do this. We used it to mount posters to foam board or Styrofoam insulation panels for display.

  21. Thank you so much, just finished making photo ornaments with my grand girls. Works just as well as the original and a way lot cheaper.
    Thank you for sharing.

  22. I Love doing crafts when I change decor in different rooms of my home. I recently changed my bedroom and bathroom to Paris themed and have gone through so much modge podge My husband said ” wouldn’t it have been less expensive to just buy the decor than buying that glue stuff”? After adding up what I had already spent on modge podge I was shocked! Thank you for sharing this money saving hack!

  23. I was disappointed…I used it on brown salt dough gingerbread men and it turned them white. Will try acrylic paint to make them brown again.

  24. Morning, I use Mod Podge for fabric for chairs,side tables etc will this work just as well, thanks

  25. Hi from Stockton, Calif. Sonja here, I do all kinds of crafts and I do use a lot of MOD PODGE put pictures on wood and I give them to the homeless just want them to know they are wanted and someone is thinking of them, thank you so much.

  26. Can’t wait to make my batch of Homemade ModPodge. Love doing all kind of craft. I can see many possibilities for this recipe.

    1. I think that you could make this recipe with waterproof glue and it would probably work but I haven’t tried it before. Thanks.

  27. I need to use this for sealing diamond paintings. Does this work for that kind of craft work? I need to know if this dries clear enough to allow the diamonds to sparkle. I live in a real small town and the only way for me to get Mod Podge is buy it online and pay shipping!

    1. I have tried it on diamond painting before. I would test it on a small piece to make sure that it works as you’re wanting and allows the diamonds to keep their sparkle. Thanks.

  28. Does this turn yellow with age? I guess it depends on which glue you use- so I guess I’m wondering if certain brands yellow or stay clear over time?

    1. I haven’t had any issues with it turning yellow and I usually use a name brand glue. I like to stock up on them when they go on sale. Thanks!

  29. Hey Carrie, this is Hariet from Cameroon. Is so difficult to find mod podge in this part of the African continent. Lol! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. Thanks to God for letting me see this on Pinterest. God bless you mightily Carrie