35 Baby Boy Halloween Costumes that are absolutely adorable. These easy costume ideas are perfect for babies, newborns and toddlers.

35 Baby Boy Halloween Costumes that are absolutely adorable. These easy costume ideas are perfect for babies, newborns and toddlers. Each idea is so fun and unique. These costumes are perfect for babies first Halloween. #onecrazymom #babyboyhalloweencostumes #halloweencostumesdiy

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

There are so many great costume choices that will be perfect for your baby boy. These ideas range from newborn Halloween costumes and baby Halloween costumes to toddler ideas. There is truly something for everyone to choose from.

If you are looking for easy ideas that do not cost a lot or take a ton of time, this list is for you. We keep it simple and provide baby costume ideas that are effortless but so cute!

We also have Baby Girl Halloween Costumes if you need more Halloween costume ideas. October is just around the corner.

35 Baby Boy Halloween Costumes that are absolutely adorable. These easy costume ideas are perfect for babies, newborns and toddlers. Each idea is so fun and unique. These costumes are perfect for babies first Halloween and more. #onecrazymom #babyboyhalloweencostumes #halloweencostumesdiy

Halloween Costumes for Baby Boy

These are the best baby Halloween costumes for boys. The hardest part will be deciding which one to choose because they are all so festive and fun.

Child in spider costume.

1. DIY Spider Costume

If you are looking for an easy DIY costume that is also festive, make this spider costume. It is very cheap to make and a comfortable options for kids. The costume base is a shirt and pants so it is a very simple outfit.

Boys in crayon costumes.

2. Crayon Costume

For just a few dollars, you can make this fun Crayon Costume. Choose any color you prefer and you can even coordinate a family costume for siblings. This idea is great for baby boy and the entire family.

Child in baby shark costume crawling.

3. Baby Shark Costume

Everyone loves Baby Shark and this costume will look fabulous on your little one.

Baby in fox costume.

4. Baby Fox Costume

This darling fox costume is the perfect choice for an infant with its easy to use romper. It is an absolutely precious jumpsuit.

Baby in a bat costume laying on a rug.

5. Bat Costume

Dress your baby boy in this spooky Bat Costume. It is a comfy romper that baby will not fuss over wearing. This is a bit more lightweight if you need something cooler.

Baby in skunk costume.

6. Skunk Hooded Costume

Dress up your little one in this fun and festive Skunk Costume. It is soft and plush for such a great costume. That hood is just too cute and completes the look.

Baby in lion cub costume sitting up.

7. Lion Cub

This easy to pull on lion costume has easy open and closures for diaper changes. It is so adorable and will be a hit for babies of all stages.

Infant in ghost costume.

8. Ghost Romper

It will be so much fun to dress baby as a Ghost. This romper makes it easy for parents and baby. It’s a great way to stay warm and not have to worry about a lot of complicated layers.

Pumpkin costume on child with tights.

9. Pumpkin Costume

It is the season for pumpkins and this Pumpkin Costume will be a hit. It has a zipper for easy pull on and soft material. You could also add little booties to complete the look.

Lion costume on baby sitting up.

10. Lion Costume

Everyone will think this Lion Costume is so precious. This is a fun idea if you want to do a family halloween costume theme. Your little one will look so cute dressed as a lion.

Cow costume on baby sitting up.

11. Cow Costume

If you are doing with a farm theme, this Cow Costume is sure to be a hit. It is soft material and easy to get on and off as well. Try this option for cooler environments or when you plan to be outside and need extra layers.

Chicken costume on children.

12. Chicken Costume

With a few feathers and simple supplies, transform your baby into the cutest little chicken around. This easy DIY is budget friendly and comes together in a few steps.

Duck costumes on kids on floor.

13. Duck Costume

This darling little duck costume is so fun with various shades of yellow and orange. It looks extra comfy while still being so festive for Halloween.

Child in pig costume on floor.

14. Pig Costume

If you are going for a farm or animal theme, this pig costume would be a fun idea for baby. Get the entire family involved and dress as different animals or a farmer.

Cloud costume on child standing up.

15. Cloud Costume

Your baby will look precious in this soft cloud costume. It is simple but so adorable. This easy theme is simple to wear and so cute.

Child in Luigi costume sitting on the floor.

16. Luigi

Mario fans will love this Luigi costume. This cute bodysuit and hat is simple and comfy for babies. Keep things simple for baby’s sensitive skin.

Spiderman onesie and matching hat.

17. Spiderman

This costume is perfect for babies that might not tolerate a full costume. The onesie is decked out in spiderman with a hat and is adorable without much fuss.

Baby jack jack costume on a baby boy.

18. Baby Jack Jack

If you love the Incredibles, this Baby Jack Jack costume will be a fun option for Halloween. The costume and mask will be a hit! The entire family can dress up in this fun theme if desired for older kids.

Child dressed as baby lamb.

19. Lamb Costume

Anyone can quickly make this Lamb costume for an easy but clever idea for your baby boy to dress up as. It is super easy and will look amazing without blowing your budget. This is cuteness overload!

Baby in a koala costume and mom in tree costume.

20. Koala and a Tree

Dress baby in this easy to make Koala costume. Mom can dress up too as a tree! This is a darling concept if your preference is to dress up with your baby boy.

Baby in burger costume crawling.

21. Cheeseburger

What could be cuter than a cheeseburger that crawls! This costume is precious.

Baby in Elvis costume sitting on the couch.

22. Baby Elvis

This bedazzled Elvis Costume is easy to make and will be a hit on baby.

Baby in a bear costume.

23. Bear Costume

Create this Infant Bear Costume for a soft and fluffy costume baby will love.

Fisher price stacking toy costume on child beside a stool.

24. Fisher Price Stacking Toy Costume

Everyone loves this popular stacking toy and it makes a clever costume idea for baby. It easily snaps at the bottom to make for easy diaper changes.

Baby dressed as sock monkey sitting up.

25. Sock Monkey Baby Costume

You might already have what you need to make this costume at home. This adorable sock monkey is frugal and easy to make.

Baby in overalls dressed as train conductor.

26. Train Conductor

Round up some overalls and a bandana for a super fun costume idea. This train conductor costume is so easy and you probably already have these items. If you are looking for easy changes, this is a simple costume idea to try.

Mom holding baby dressed as popcorn in baby carrier.

27. Popcorn Costume

Turn a baby carrier into a bag of popcorn with this fun and whimsical DIY. It is so easy and a great idea for newborns that you want to carry.

Baby in gumball costume sitting up.

28. Gumball Machine

With a few comfy clothing items, this easy to make Gumball Machine costume is so adorable. This is the cutest idea and so colorful with only a few easy steps.

Baby wrapped in burrito blanket.

29. Burrito

This is probably the simplest idea yet. Wrap baby in this burrito blanket for an instant costume. We love this idea for babies that might be resistant to wearing full costumes. If you are looking for funny baby costumes, this is so clever without any work.

Bodysuit with pineapple design.

30. Pineapple

Transform a bright yellow onesie into this cute pineapple costume. With a little bit of time, you can easily make this for very little expense.

Baby in pooh costume sitting up.

31. Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is always a cute costume and this one is no exception. Baby will look adorable in this Pool Halloween costume.

Baby in a game boy costume.

32. Baby Game Boy

A plain onesie is so easy to turn into this Game boy with an assortment of felt.

Babies laying down dressed as coke, diet coke and coke zero.

33. Coke Zero

Your baby will be extremely comfy in this Coke Zero costume that starts with simple pajamas.

Mom holding a baby dressed as a croissant.

34. Croissant Baby Costume

If you are looking for an adorable mom and baby costume, try this Croissant costume. It is one of the cutest infant costumes.

Kangaroo costume with mom.

35. Baby Kangaroo

Baby wearing is so easy with this Baby Kangaroo costume. You will love how simple this DIY is for the one of the easiest infant Halloween costumes.

35 Baby Boy Halloween Costumes that are absolutely adorable. These simple costume ideas are perfect for babies, newborns and toddlers. Each idea is so fun and unique for your baby boy. These costumes are perfect for babies first Halloween. #onecrazymom #babyboyhalloweencostumes #halloweencostumesdiy

Which one of these cute baby Halloween costumes do you plan to try? Baby’s first Halloween will be so special and tons of fun!

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