Learn how to clean ceiling fans in a few easy steps. Once you know how to clean ceiling fan blades, it is simple to do.

Ceiling fan in a room.

How to clean ceiling fans easily

I don’t know anyone that enjoys cleaning their ceiling fan. It is one of those tasks that often gets overlooked. I know it does at my house.

If you seem to be in the same boat as me, check out these easy tips. These tips and tricks will make cleaning yours a little more easy.

How often should you clean your ceiling fan?

Most people suggest cleaning your fan quarterly to keep dust at bay. Cleaning this on a regular basis will prevent excess dust and grime building up.

However, if your environment is dusty, you need to clean your celling fan monthly to prevent dust from circulating.

Regardless, they will collect dust and need a regular cleaning. When you are cleaning the blades, this is also a good time to clean the glass globe covering the light bulb.

Ceiling fan in a room.

How to clean ceiling fan blades?

1. The old fashioned way.

Some things are better done the most practical way – climb a step ladder and wipe down the blades. This might not seem like a good tip but wait, there’s more.

Instead of just dusting the blades with a regular ole’ duster, use Pledge (or other dust repelling spray). This will not only dust your blades, but help prevent dust build up as quickly next time.

Another idea is to use a baby wipe to clean each blade. You can also use an all purpose cleaner. Also, don’t forget the benefits of using just warm soapy water.

Pillowcase cleaning a fan.

2. Use a pillowcase.

Use an old pillow case to clean ceiling fans. This is genius, especially if you tend to wait too long to clean it.

Just slide a pillowcase around one blade at a time and gently wipe/slide off. All of the dust stays inside the pillowcase. You don’t have to worry about dust falling all over as you clean.

This is really a game changer I think.

Paint roller cleaning a fan.

3. Paint roller.

Wait, what? Yes, I said paint roller.

You can attach a dryer sheet around a clean paint roller to dust your ceiling fan using rubber bands. Add extensions to the roller handle and you should be able to reach your fan blades easily.

I love using things around the house and not having to buy anything special to do this. Family Handyman has a great tutorial for this. No need to buy special fan dusters with this simple DIY.

DIY duster.

4. Blind lobsters.

Huh? Don’t freak out, that is just the name of the cleaning cloth.

Head over to Snappy Tots and make your very own blind lobsters. These slide on to a pair of barbecue tongs and can be washed in the washing machine.

Slide on, wipe your ceiling fan blades, slide off and throw in the wash. If you can’t crochet, buy something similar like this.

It is convenient to be able to clean the top and bottom at the same time.

5. Dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets have an anti-static quality. This means when you dust your ceiling fan blades with them, they hold on to those dust bunnies and help prevent dust build up in the future. Fabric softener sheets are very inexpensive and a great cleaning tool for fans.

Car wash mitt cleaning the fan.

6. Car washing mitt.

You can spray a microfiber car wash mitt with dusting spray and gently wipe your fan blades. These car wash mitts are perfect for trapping dust. I love the microfiber mitts the best because they don’t leave lint or other fibers behind.

Sometimes you can also spot these mitts at the dollar store.

6 Ceiling fan cleaning tips

Which of these tips do you plan to try? They all work great and will help make cleaning your ceiling fan much easier.

Now, if you’re like me, cleaning the ceiling fans isn’t your favorite job on the to do list. However, with these tips, you can get the job done well and maybe save some time doing it. How do you clean your ceiling fans?

Get started today and your fans will be dust free in no time at all.

Ceiling fan in a room.

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