Learn the quickest and easiest ways on how to store slime. With these methods, you can prolong the slime’s lifespan and extend the fun!

Slime can go bad quickly if not stored correctly. The longer it gets exposed to air and left out in the open, the faster it will lose its quality. 

It is important to store slime properly. Try one of these methods to easily store slime and extend its shelf life.

How to store slime correctly:

1. Ziplock Bags

Just store homemade slime inside a zip lock bag, seal it properly, and you’re done. This is better than plastic wrap because it can be sealed.

2. Air tight plastic containers

Slimes gets dry due to contact with air, but air tight containers with a screw top will fix that issue.

3. Tupperware Containers

To store your slime, just put it inside a clean Tupperware container and seal the lid tightly.

4. Glass Mason Jars

Mason jars are good for long term slime storage. You can use old pickle jars or buy a few at the store.

5. Baby Food Jars

Baby food jars are good containers for small amounts of slime that are similar to mason jars.

6. Keep Away from the Sun

Make sure to store your slime in a place away from the sun. Keep it in a place at room temperature, or even better, refrigerate slime.

7. Inside the Refrigerator

Putting the slime in any of the containers previously mentioned, then putting it inside the refrigerator will keep your slime fresh.

8. Inside the Freezer

There are slime recipes that will last longer if you store them inside the freezer. For example, edible slimes will save better in freezing temperatures.

How long does slime last

Store bought slime will last for around 1 month, but homemade slime may last for only a couple of days. Its lifespan will depend on the ingredients used, food coloring and where you store in an airtight storage container.

Getting your slime exposed to the sun, dirty surfaces, and air will shorten its lifespan. How your kids are playing with slime and whether or not you wash your hands with soap and warm water will also affect how long slime will stay fresh.

If you see your slime science project develop mold, it has gone bad and it’s time to stop playing with it.

Best homemade slime recipes

Now that you know how to store slime, here are some of the best homemade slime recipes you can try out.

1. Glow in the Dark Slime

Glow in the dark slime only needs 3 ingredients and looks fun and cool.

2. Unicorn Slime

This unicorn slime is so glittery and fun to make. Your kids will definitely go crazy over this colorful slime.

3. DIY Chalkboard Slime

DIY chalkboard slime is so cool because, not only is it fluffy and squishy, but you can also write on it!

4. Valentine’s Day Homemade Slime

Change up your Valentine’s Day gift with this Valentine’s Day Homemade Slime.

5. Edible Jello Slime

If you ever fantasized about eating slime, make it a reality with this edible jello slime recipe.

6. Cloud Slime

Cloud slime looks like a fluffy cloud that’s soft, stretchy, and fun to play with.

7. Marshmallow Slime

Everyone loves the idea of marshmallow slime. Marshmallows are already soft and fluffy, and making them into actual slime is such a fun concept.

8. Color Changing Slime

Impress the kids with color changing slime that you can make at home.

9. 4th of July Slime

Making a 4th of July Slime can be a fun activity you can do with the kids during the Holiday.

10. Galaxy Slime

This super cool galaxy slime recipe will give your kids a piece of the universe in the palm of their hands.

11. Birthday Cake Slime

Birthday cake slime is packed with multi-colored styrofoam beads that make it so fun to play with.

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