These easy Christmas activities for kids are perfect for your children and so much fun. Keep the kids busy and create lasting memories with 35 budget friendly ideas.

Collage of Christmas crafts.

35 Christmas Activities for kids to make.

These are all so fun and the kids are sure to love these festive activities. They are perfect to keep them busy but also fun for the entire family to do together.

Most of these crafts use what you probably already have at home. No need to spend tons of money or time.

These crafts are simple and easy. Everyone will have a blast!

Each craft idea calls for various items. However, there are a few common items you might want to pick up. Gather the family for crafts and the Best Christmas books for kids.

Collage of Christmas gifts.

These Christmas activities for kids at home

If you help with any parties at school, many of these would be the perfect Christmas activities for school. From crafts to Christmas games for kids, there are so many fun ideas.

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft on paper.

1. Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

It’s amazing what cotton balls can make! Kid’s will love making this snowman craft.

Snowman made out of snow dough.

2. Snow Dough

You have heard about moon dough but have you heard about snow dough? This is the perfect winter activity to keep little ones busy.

Christmas tree ball sorting activity.

3. Christmas Tree Ball Sorting Activity

Kid’s can learn about shapes and colors with this fun activity. They will have so much fun with this Christmas tree shaped activity.

Child holding paper snowflake.

4. DIY Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are always fun! Don’t overlook this classic winter activity. Kid’s of all ages will love it!

Salt dough ornament in hand.

5. Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are such a special part of Christmas. Make them every year using this salt dough recipe. It is a special Christmas tradition.

Popsicle stick reindeer ornaments.

6. Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornament

Popsicle sticks turn into really fun reindeer ornaments! This craft is simple and really fun.

Jingle bell necklace.

7. Jingle Bell Necklace

A few beads and a bell make this fantastic jingle bell necklace. Kid’s will be so festive.

Pom Pom ornament for Christmas tree.

8. Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments

Pom Pom’s in a variety of Christmas colors make a gorgeous Christmas ornament. Surround your ornament with these cut pom pom’s for a little picture frame.

Peppermint Candy ornaments on tree.

9. Melted Peppermint Candy Ornaments

Make ornaments from peppermint candies! Once melted they make a beautiful swirl of red and green colors.

Roll a reindeer game on table.

10. Roll a Reindeer Christmas Game

If your kids like Bingo, they will like this reindeer game. It’s a Christmas version of Bingo.

Christmas wreath made out of pasta on paper.

11. Bow Tie Noodle Wreath

Dye pasta green to make a festive wreath. Tie a pretty red bow and you are set!

Snowflake craft with handprints on paper.

12. Snowflake Craft

Make memories to cherish with this fun hand print craft! It will look like snow for the perfect craft this holiday season.

Popsicle tree craft.

13. Glittering Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Bedazzle popsicle sticks to make a sparkling Christmas tree! This is a budget friendly but fun craft to make.

Snowman bowling game with cups.

14. Snowman Slam

Use paper cups to make a fun game that is similar to bowling. The snowmen cups are just darling.

Would you rather Christmas game printables.

15. Would you Rather Christmas Kids Addition

What a good conversation starter! This Christmas version of Would you Rather is such a cool idea to get kids talking!

Wreath made out of buttons on paper.

16. Button Christmas Wreath

Kids will have fun using leftover buttons to make a Christmas wreath! I love the rustic look.

Punch a present game standing.

17. Punch A Present Game

Use cardboard and different colors in the circles for this Punch a Present Game! Kid’s will have a blast.

Stars made from popsicle sticks.

18. Easy Craft Stick Stars

Make Christmas Ornament Stars even more sparkly by using glitter pens! Let kids choose the color they want.

Gingerbread Playdough ready to play with.

19. Gingerbread Play Dough

Kid’s love play dough and this gingerbread version is perfect for Christmas. Plus, it smells amazing and you can make a gingerbread house too.

Reindeer finger puppet being played with.

20. Reindeer Finger Puppets

Make a finger puppet with this reindeer craft! This is precious and a fun craft to make!

Christmas garland on mantle.

21. DIY Christmas garland

This festive garland is so pretty and easy to make as well. You can even add Christmas lights.

Sock Snowmen beside each other.

22. DIY Sock Snowman Craft

Kids of all ages can make this darling snowman craft. It is perfect for decor or gifts.

Washi tape cookie cutter on tree.

23. Cookie cutter ornament

Jazz up plain cookie cutters with washi tape. This is one of our favorite holiday crafts to make.

Roll a snowman printable.

24. Roll a snowman printable

Grab this free printable to play Roll a Snowman. This would be fun to play while enjoying hot cocoa.

Ornament with hot cocoa topped with a bow.

25. Hot Chocolate Gift Idea

These ornaments are perfect to fill with hot cocoa. This easy DIY makes a great gift.

Cinnamon ornament on tree.

26. Cinnamon Ornaments

The aroma of cinnamon will smell amazing as your family makes these Cinnamon Ornaments.

Salt dough ornaments on tree.

27. Salt Dough Ornaments

Not only is this a fun activity but Salt Dough Ornaments will make a great keepsake for years to come.

DIY Snow Globe on pedestal.

28. DIY Snow Globe

Learn how to make your very own snow globe. This is so cool.

Christmas tree tape activity on wall.

29. Tape Christmas Trees

This fun art activity is great for the holidays. Kids will love using tape to make a Christmas tree.

Snowman made out of snow paint on paper.

30. Snow Paint Recipe

Learn how to make snow paint with this easy tutorial. This is super fun.

Colorful Christmas trees made out of twigs and twine.

31. Yarn and Stick Christmas Tree Craft

Create a fun Christmas tree using items you probably already have at home.

Jingle Bell Toss game with child playing.

32. Jingle Bell Toss

If you are looking for a fun holiday game, try this easy Jingle Bell Toss. Kids will have a blast.

Child holding ornament made from a paper plate.

33. Paper Plate Christmas Craft

Turn paper plates into a fun ornament for your Christmas tree.

Santa and Elf Hat made from paper plates.

34. Santa and Elf Hat

Grab some paper plates and make Santa and Elf Hats. This is frugal and so fun.

Clay pots decorated as Christmas ornaments.

35. Clay Pot Christmas Tree Ornaments

Paint little clay pots for a gorgeous ornament for your tree.

Collage of Christmas crafts.

Try these fun Christmas ideas for kids.

Not only are these great for Christmas break but also for fun family traditions. You might put on a Christmas movie, read a Christmas book and play board games and make crafts.

If you are also looking for festive Christmas Eve ideas, try these easy crafts.

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