Learn how to make easy Christmas Crafts for Kids. These are perfect for kids of all ages and really simple to make. Over 20 of the best Christmas crafts for children.

Find Easy Christmas Crafts for kids that are easy to do. They will love these Christmas crafts for kids. 20 Christmas craft ideas for kids that are frugal and great for gifts or ornaments. These fun projects are great for toddlers and older kids too. Perfect for school or for Christmas decorations! #onecrazymom #christmascrafts #kidcrafts

Easy Christmas crafts for kids

As the holiday season quickly approaches, my kids can’t wait to start making winter and Christmas themed crafts.

I am always looking for easy Christmas crafts for kids to make. The easier the better and they get a plus in my book if it uses things I already have at home.

You can also make some of these for children’s Christmas tree decorations. I love the idea of making ornaments and being able to keep them year after year. The kids will have so much fun making these and it will be a special memory.

Learn how to make these cute and easy Christmas Crafts for Kids. These are perfect for kids of all ages and really simple to make. Over 20 fun ideas. These Easy DIY craft ideas are great for kids or for toddles to make or to give as gifts too.  You’ll love this simple yet adorable Christmas craft ideas. #onecrazymom #christmascrafts #craftideas

What supplies do I need?

Each craft idea calls for various items and many use things you can just grab around the house.

However, a few common items you might want to pick up include:

Let’s get started with ideas for Christmas crafts.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids

Let’s get started with these fun craft ideas.

Glitter pen star ornaments in various colors.

1. Glitter Pen Stars

Make sparkly stars using glitter pens and then use them as Christmas tree ornaments.

Ribbon tree ornament.

2. Ribbon Tree

The pretty ornament is made with ribbon and cinnamon sticks! It will smell amazing on your tree and look adorable too.

Glitter snowflake hanging on tree.

3. Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Use popsicle sticks to make this pretty star! Paint and glitter add the finishing touches and make the snowflake complete.

Santa hat ornament on tree.

4. Santa Hat Ornament

This Santa hat ornament is so cute. ! It’s amazing what popsicle sticks and cotton balls can make!

Paper plate Christmas tree with decorations.

5. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Make adorable 3D Christmas trees out of paper plates. These little trees are precious and can be used as decorations.

Clothespin Snowman clipped on wire.

6. Clothespin Snowman Craft

Gather your clothespins to make these festive snowmen! I think these would also be cute to use on goody bags.

Foam snowman cups in various colors.

7. Foam Cup Snowmen

Learn how to make snowmen bundled up with paper cups. Such a cool idea and festive too.

Clothespin wreath in red and green.

8. Clothespin Christmas Wreath

Mini clothespins come together to make a Christmas wreath ornament for your tree! Sparkly and green, this is perfect for the holidays.

Christmas wreath painting with bow.

9. Christmas Wreath Painting

Think outside the box and use household items to make art! This Christmas Wreath is such a fun idea and the final product is gorgeous on construction paper.

Gingerbread playdough with a cookie cutter.

10. Gingerbread Playdough

Kid’s love playdough and gingerbread playdough is perfect for Christmas! This is easy to make and would also make a fun gift.

Paper roll turned into a snowman.

11. Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Use leftover paper rolls to make a snowman! I love crafts that use stuff we already have and the kid’s will love making snowmen.

Christmas lights stenciled on art.

12. Christmas Light Stencil Art

Use stencils to make this pretty display of Christmas lights. All the colors are gorgeous and would make beautiful decorations for Christmas.

Egg carton transformed into a reindeer.

13. Egg Carton Reindeer Craft

Save your egg cartons and pom poms! Each individual egg holder can be used to make a reindeer for a fun craft for Christmas.

Star Cinnamon Ornament hanging on a tree.

14. Cinnamon Ornaments

Make ornaments from cinnamon applesauce in an assortment of shapes! The color is perfect and they smell amazing on your tree.

Tissue paper wreath with berries.

15. Tissue Paper Wreath

Use tissue paper to make a gorgeous Christmas wreath. Pom Poms make the perfect “berries” and add a festive touch.

Candy cane made out of beads.

16. Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

This is a fun idea and kids will have a special ornament. Layer red and white beads on a pipe cleaner to make a festive candy cane!

Stained glass ornaments on window.

17. Glass Stained Window Ornaments

Decorate your windows with these pretty glass stained decorations! Kid’s will love selecting all the different colors for the stained ornaments.

Angels made out of plates.

18. Paper Plate Angel Craft

Glitter glue and paper plates come together to make an angel! This Christmas craft is darling and kid’s will love using the glitter glue.

String ornament hanging on tree.

19. Dollar Store String Ornament

It’s amazing what a little string and glue can make! These ornaments can be made in any color you choose.

Chalkboard ornament with teacher's name.

20. Chalkboard Ornament

Turn a plain ornament into this fun chalkboard ornament. You can customize it anyway you prefer.

Wine cork ornament hanging on tree.

21. Wine Cork Snowman Ornament

Save old wine corks to make Snowman Christmas ornaments.

Christmas garland on mantle.

22. DIY Christmas garland

Kids can easily make this garland for decoration that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Cookie Cutter ornament with washi tape.

23. Cookie cutter ornament

This holiday craft transforms plain cookie cutters using washi tape.

Christmas Potpourri in a dish.

24. Homemade Christmas Potpourri

This easy craft doubles as Christmas decor that also smells great.

Hot Cocoa in an ornament with a bow.

25. Hot Chocolate Gift Idea

This easy ornament craft is the perfect way to give the gift of hot cocoa.

Salt Dough ornaments hanging on tree.

26. Salt Dough Ornaments

Get creative with these fun salt dough ornaments in various shapes.

Sock snowman with scarves.

27. DIY Sock Snowman Craft

Learn how to turn a sock into this fun Snowman Craft.

Handprint ornament decorated as elves, snowman and Santa.

28. Handprint Ornament

Not only is this handprint ornament fun to make but it is a special keepsake.

Santa on a paper plate.

29. Paper Plate Santa

With just a paper plate and a few supplies, you can make this fun Santa.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree with decorations.

30. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Choose your favorite color and make this Christmas Tree out of popsicle sticks.

Wooden spoons decorated as Santa, reindeer and elves.

31. Wooden Spoon Christmas Craft

The kids will be amazed at the fun craft they can make using wooden spoons and a few supplies.

Glittery snowflake on tree.

32. Snowflake Ornament

Make this glittery snowflake ornament with just a few supplies.

Make these craft ideas for Christmas.

They are all so cute and will keep the kids busy over Christmas break. These crafts also make great ideas for school parties, children’s church and more.

Everyone will have a blast with these fun Christmas crafts.

More Easy Christmas Ideas

Learn how to make easy Christmas Crafts for Kids. These are perfect for kids of all ages and really simple to make. Over 20 fun ideas. These Easy DIY craft ideas are great for kids or for toddles to make or to give as gifts too.  You’ll love this simple yet adorable Christmas craft ideas. #onecrazymom #christmascrafts #craftideas

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