Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas that are eye catching and sure to bring holiday cheer. These 45 outdoor holiday decorations are easy and so festive for outdoors.

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas that are eye catching and sure to bring holiday cheer. These 45 outdoor holiday decorations are easy and so festive for outdoors. From the yard to the front porch, these large DIY ideas are perfect to make the outside festive during the Christmas season. #onecrazymom #christmasyarddecorationideas

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for outdoor Christmas decorations ideas, you are at the right place. We have over 40 diy outdoor Christmas decorations to enjoy this holiday season.

Each of these yard decorating ideas for Christmas are inexpensive to make and beautiful. We even have Christmas Decoration Storage ideas.

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas that are eye catching and sure to bring lots of holiday cheer. These 45 outdoor holiday decorations are easy and so festive for outdoors. From the yard to the front porch, these large DIY ideas are perfect to make the outside festive during the season. #onecrazymom #christmasyarddecorationideas

1. DIY Christmas Burlap Wreath

Spruce up the front door with this easy to make burlap wreath with burlap ribbon. This wreath is the perfect idea for Christmas yard decorations

DIY Christmas Burlap Wreath
It’s that time of year when we want to spruce up our homes for the holidays! We are going to learn how to make a burlap wreath for Christmas and it is so simple to do.
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2. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

We love to have an outdoor Christmas Tree under the covered porch. Add a few of these homemade ornaments for an inexpensive way to decorate.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments
This DIY Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament is quick and easy. The cinnamon scent is festive and your house will smell amazing. 
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3. Mason Jar Ring Wreath Christmas Ornament

Save your mason jar rings and make these festive wreath ornaments. They are perfect for an outdoor tree with mini lights and an easy yard Christmas decor idea.

Mason Jar Ring Wreath Christmas Ornament
You probably have several mason jar lids in your drawer. Learn how to transform them into a festive mason jar lid ornament
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4. Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece

This rustic centerpiece is made with mason jars. I think it would be pretty to add string lights for a warm light glow.

Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece
Are you looking for mason jar centerpiece ideas that are simple but pretty? This rustic Christmas centerpiece is so charming and just perfect for the holiday season.
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5. DIY Christmas Garland 

Spruce up plain garland into this gorgeous DIY garland with ribbon. You can also add warm white lights.

DIY Christmas Garland
Garland makes your home so festive for Christmas. This DIY Christmas garland is perfect for the mantle or anywhere you need a festive touch. Plus, it's so easy to make even the kids can help.
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6. Wine Cork Snowman Ornament

Save your wine corks or pick some up at the craft store to make these darling ornaments.

Wine Cork Snowman Ornament
If you are looking for simple, rustic homemade ornaments to craft this Christmas these fun Wine Cork Snowmen will  do just that. Even if you don’t drink wine, corks are easy to come by and make an excellent base for a variety of crafts- like this cute little snowman. 
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7. Dollar Store String Ornament

These are perfect to hang from the porch and you can make larger ones too.

Dollar Store String Ornament
Learn how to make a string ornament that is simple but gorgeous with this easy tutorial. It is so easy to make DIY Christmas Ornaments and budget friendly when all the supplies are from the Dollar Store!
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8. Homemade Washi Tape Cookie Cutter Ornament

Washi Tape is so versatile and easy to use. Choose your favorite design and color to make these cookie cutter ornaments.

Homemade Washi Tape Cookie Cutter Ornament
Learn how to make the cutest Cookie cutter ornament craft. Get the kids involved making easy cookie cutter Christmas ornaments with washi tape.
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9. Cinnamon Ornaments

Not only do these ornaments look great but they smell amazing. The cinnamon applesauce combination is simply the best.

Cinnamon Ornaments
These Cinnamon Ornaments are so easy to make and they smell amazing. Your family will love making these cinnamon applesauce ornaments each year!
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10. DIY Sock Snowman Craft

Decorate your outdoor living space with a few DIY Sock Snowman. Let the kids choose their favorite colors to use.

DIY Sock Snowman Craft
The kids will love to create this fun and simple DIY Sock Snowman Craft. This easy sock snowman is a blast to make and the results are adorable. 
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11. Plastic Pumpkin Snowman

Turn Halloween buckets into a snowman for winter. You can probably get these on clearance.

Plastic Pumpkin Snowman
 Paint on a face. Glue sticks for the arms with a small cardinal sitting on the branch, and add a scarf! The hat is from a party store she found for 99 cents. You can find more of our dollar plastic pumpkin bucket ideas too!
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12. JOY Outdoor Wreath Sign

It is so much fun to make your porch festive and this rustic wooden sign is perfect for Christmas. The wreath in the center adds the perfect touch.

JOY Outdoor Wreath Sign
Decorating a front porch for the holidays is my favorite this Outdoor Wreath Joy Sign is the perfect complement to any Christmas porch
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13. Christmas Porch Light Decoration

Don’t overlook the porch light and add a touch of greenery from tree branches. Complete the look with a festive bow.

Christmas Porch Light Decoration
How to easily decorate your home’s front entrance or porch lights for Christmas with greenery that will withstand wind and winter weather.
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14. A Snowman Painting on Wood

Transform a piece of wood into a snowman painting perfect to display on the porch. It is great for door decorating to add Christmas cheer.

A Snowman Painting on Wood
DIY Wooden Christmas Signs are easily one of my favorite ways to decorate and this Snowman Painting on wood doesn’t disappoint!
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15. DIY Lighted Gift Box

Arrange several of these transparent gift boxes with outdoor Christmas lights for the perfect glow on the porch.

DIY Lighted Gift Box
This might be the fastest DIY Christmas decoration you ever make! Using a semi transparent plastic container, string lights and Christmas ribbons you can create a lighted gift box perfect for indoors or out.
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16. Christmas Stacked Pot

This layered look is so pretty and it starts with clay pots and foliage. Anyone can easily make these Christmas porch decorations.

Christmas Stacked Pot
While shopping I picked up three plastic planters in size sequence. Red outdoor spray paint. Potting soil. A wooden "Merry Christmas" sign. Some fake Christmas greenery. Couple Christmas solar lights. Some extra trimmings from your Christmas tree, or wreath. 
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17. Christmas Tree on a Wooden Pallet

The next time someone is giving away wooden pallets, pick up a few and make this Christmas Tree for outdoor Christmas décor. Find more Christmas pallet ideas.

Christmas Tree on a Wooden Pallet
This is so simple, it's child's play. I drew a Christmas tree shape on the wooden pallet and then white washed the tree shape only.
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18. Rustic Christmas Porch

With a few special touches, your porch is easy to transform into a Christmas space to welcome guests.

Rustic Christmas Porch
We have been super busy lately so, for Christmas I decorated our little stoop proudly for Christmas & I wanted to come & share it with you guys today so grab your cup of coffee & come visit our little home & our little rustic Christmas porch
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19. Rustic Glam Christmas Ladder

Spruce up the porch with this rustic glam ladder adorned with pinecones and more.

Rustic Glam Christmas Ladder
Rustic Glam is my Christmas theme this year and I incorporated some DIY Rustic Glam Pine Cones in to my porch decor that adds just the perfect little detail too.
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20. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

These buckets take just minutes to make. You can add greenery with lights for a special winter glow.

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets
I have been wanting to do this project for 2 weeks and I just made it a priority to get it to done today. And when I say it took 10 minutes, I really mean it because the sun was going down so fast, I pulled it together in no time and still had time to shoot the pictures.
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21. Giant Christmas Ornaments From Old Tires

If you have a couple of old tires, turn them into giant Christmas ornaments for your lawn.

Giant Christmas Ornaments From Old Tires
Creating a tire project for Christmas is a challenge.  I actually enlisted the help of my two boys (ages 7 and 9) to help me brainstorm ideas.  I was really quite surprised at the ideas they came up with.  We finally agreed and settled on making giant Christmas ornaments.  I love when a challenge like this really makes me think outside the box!
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22. Holiday Garland From Foraged Greenery

Fresh greenery is so pretty and your outdoor space will look charming with this garland.

Holiday Garland From Foraged Greenery
Deck the halls with boughs of fresh greenery sourced right from your own backyard.
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23. Illuminated Grapevine Spheres

Grapevine spears add the perfect touch to empty planters at Christmas.

Illuminated Grapevine Spheres
To create a simple but high impact outdoor holiday display, try these lighted grapevine spheres. They're a great way to fill front porch urns that have been left empty once the summer and fall flowers fade.  
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24. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Your garden or walkway will look absolutely adorable with these fun and festive giant lollipops.

Giant Paper Plate Lollipops
SO many people love this easy DIY Christmas craft! These are giant paper plate lollipops for Christmas. They are super cute as a garden decoration or you can line your driveway with them.
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25. Monogrammed Holiday Doormat

Personalize your porch with a monogrammed doormat. It will set the tone for the entire space.

Monogrammed Holiday Doormat
Bring holiday cheer to every part of the home, including the outdoor entry, by making a personalized doormat
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26. Glittered Mason Jar Lanterns

Glitter makes everything better and these lanterns are inexpensive and easy for pathway lighting by the front porch.

Glittered Mason Jar Lanterns
Craft your own sparkling holiday lanterns on the cheap! Glitter, glue and an empty glass jar are all you need.
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27. Ice Lantern

These inexpensive lanterns are made completely out of ice. You will not believe how easy this is.

Ice Lantern
Use winter's frosty temps to your advantage when decorating your home's outdoors for the holidays. These ice lanterns are pretty, festive and just require water, plastic containers and a chill in the air.
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28. Life-Sized Wreath Snowman

Attach wreaths together to make a giant snowman. This is perfect for the yard.

Life-Sized Wreath Snowman
To amp up your holiday curb appeal designer Dan Faires makes a larger-than-life outdoor snowman from evergreen wreaths and basic lumber.
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29. Advent Calendar With a Ladder

Add some festive cheer to your yard with this ladder transformed into an advent calendar.

Advent Calendar With a Ladder
Light up your front yard and show your Christmas spirit with a homemade Advent calendar constructed by using a ladder and house numbers
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30. Rustic Nail-Head Christmas Trees

These rustic Christmas trees add the perfect amount of charm to your outdoor decor.

Rustic Nail-Head Christmas Trees
To add rustic charm and curb appeal during the holidays designer Dan Faires makes tree silhouettes with plywood and nail heads.
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31. DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls

Grapevine Balls are stunning hanging from trees with lights.

DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls
These little crazed balls may not look like much as you create them, but they are stunners when they are lit at night.  They also look FAB in the garden.  They are organic in nature, so they can definitely take some wind, rain, snow abuse.
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32. Christmas Reindeer and Angel Wooden Yard Decorations DIY

Spruce up the yard for Christmas with these wooden angels and reindeer decorations.

Christmas Reindeer and Angel Wooden Yard Decorations DIY
We started decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. We went to a  Christmas tree farm, got a fresh tree and brought it home to decorate it. The next day we spent decorating the outside of the home. Now for outdoor decorations, I like to use things that you can see both  in the day AND at night.
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33. Fresh Christmas Wreath in 20 Minutes

Gather some greenery outdoors and make a wreath perfect for the front door.

Fresh Christmas Wreath in 20 Minutes
Do you love the smell of cedar, pine, spruce and redwood? This DIY fresh Christmas wreath is something anyone can make in less than an hour using natural evergreen cuttings of conifers and berries!
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34. Oversized Ornament DIY

These oversized ornaments are darling for hanging from the ceiling.

Oversized Ornament DIY
For this Christmas Upcycle, I turned my kid’s deflated toy balls into oversized ornaments to hang on our front porch! It’s an easy and cheap trash-to-treasure story.
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35. Christmas Wreath Trio

Instead of just one wreath, use three wreaths together. Add some lights and your front door is complete.

Christmas Wreath Trio
Our front door is having an identity crisis.  There are pumpkins on the steps and this darling Christmas wreath trio on the front door.
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36. Grapevine Wreath Chandelier

Your porch will look stunning with this chandelier.

Grapevine Wreath Chandelier
This DIY grapevine wreath chandelier is easy to do and makes an enchanting Christmas decoration. I did this project a few years ago and I wanted to share it with you here
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37. Colorful Outdoor Planters

Add some colorful berries and evergreen branches to your pot for the best winter planter.

Colorful Outdoor Planters
How to make colorful outdoor planters for winter & Christmas decorations. Best porch pot decorating ideas with evergreen branches, berries & pine cones!
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38. DIY Wood Reindeer

This wooden reindeer is an easy DIY and absolutely perfect to display.

DIY Wood Reindeer
This year I built a fun DIY Wood Santa Sleigh for my front porch, but what is a sleigh without a reindeer to pull it??? I really like the shape of this wood deer.  My DIY wood reindeer follows that same basic shape with some changes
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39. DIY Christmas Swag Ever

Bundle several different types of greenery for the perfect swag on your front door.

DIY Christmas Swag Ever
A Christmas swag is an easier version of a Christmas wreath. It is, in a nut shell, a bundle of mixed evergreen and / or berry branches tied up in a festive way as Christmas decorations
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40. DIY Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia leaves are stunning and very easy to form into a wreath form.

DIY Magnolia Wreath
How to make an easy DIY magnolia wreath with fresh leaves. Beautiful modern farmhouse, boho, wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations!
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41. Wire Mesh Luminaries

Wire mesh instantly transforms luminaries for the perfect porch glow.

Wire Mesh Luminaries
These easy-to-make wire mesh luminaries will add a soft glow to any wintry outdoor space.
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42. Christmas Reindeer from Logs

Gather some logs and shape them into reindeer complete with a scarf.

Christmas Reindeer from Logs
Learn how to make a Christmas reindeer from logs with this super easy tutorial. It is the perfect natural decoration for your outside spaces!
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43. Whimsical Bottle Brush Tree Wreath

This enchanting wreath is simple to make using basic holiday decorations.

Whimsical Bottle Brush Tree Wreath
This vintage-inspired wreath, complete with miniature ice skaters and frosted bottle brush trees, will captivate people of all ages with its old-school charm and detail.
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44. Log Snowmen Decorations

These snowmen are easy to make using logs. The scarf adds the perfect touch.

Log Snowmen Decorations
Here's a cute outdoor snowman decoration using logs! Thanks to Ashleigh for letting me feature it (and her hubby who made it) I think it would be great for places that don't get snow in the winter.
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45. Fabric and Evergreen Holiday Swag

Instead of a wreath, try a swag for a door. It is simple yet so festive.

Fabric and Evergreen Holiday Swag
Instead of a traditional evergreen Christmas wreath, dress up your front door with a holiday swag made from fresh greenery, fabric branches and glittering pinecones.
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Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas that are eye catching and sure to bring holiday cheer. These 45 outdoor holiday decorations are simple to make and so festive for outdoors. From the yard to the front porch, these large DIY ideas are perfect to make the outside festive during the Christmas season. #onecrazymom #christmasyarddecorationideas

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